“A bear?” repeated Mrs Brown. “On Paddington Station? Don't be silly, “We'll call him Paddington – after the station.” “Paddington!” The bear tested it several. advantage of being a very small bear in a large bed was that there was so much room. Bird‟s voice called out, “Are you awake, young Paddington?” “Only just . The very first book in which the Browns meet Paddington on a railway station and discover that ordinary things like having a bath or travelling on the underground can soon become quite extraordinary if a small bear is involved. Mr. and Mrs. Brown first meet Paddington on a railway.

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Our mascot Paddington Bear™ would like you to pick a day and get everyone Read 'A Bear Called Paddington' to the children; Hold a teddy. found you on Paddington station so we'll call you Padding ton!” “Paddington!” The bear repeated it several times to make sure. “It seems a very long name.”. The classic novel about Paddington—who's now a major movie star!Paddington Bear had traveled all the way from Peru when the Browns first met him in.

He claims, "I came all the way in a lifeboat, and ate marmalade. Bears like marmalade.

Paddington's Peruvian name is ultimately revealed to be "Pastuso" [12] not to be confused with his "Uncle Pastuzo". Bond originally wanted Paddington to have "travelled all the way from darkest Africa", but his agent advised him that there were no bears in Africa, and thus it was amended to Peru, home of the spectacled bear. While there is a real Windsor Gardens off Harrow Road between Notting Hill and Maida Vale close to the location as described in the books the Windsor Gardens in the book is fictitious and does not resemble the real road.

When he gets annoyed with someone, he often gives them one of his special "hard stares" taught to him by Aunt Lucy , which causes them to become flushed and embarrassed. Paddington's adventures usually arise from him misunderstanding something and trying to right what he perceives to be unfair or unjust situations.

This typically ends with him messing things up in some way. But in all his adventures, he ends up on top and everyone involved can laugh about it.

A notable exception to this rule is the Browns' next-door neighbour Mr Curry, who, in every adventure, ends up in trouble. The stories follow Paddington's adventures and mishaps in England, along with some snippets of information about his past. For instance, in one story, we learn that Paddington was orphaned in an earthquake, [12] before being taken in and raised by his Aunt Lucy.

Paddington Bear

Characters[ edit ] There is a recurring cast of characters, all of whom are in some way entangled in Paddington's misadventures. Paddington was taken in by Aunt Lucy and Uncle Pastuzo after his parents died in an earthquake when he was very young. Paddington is usually in some sort of trouble. Paddington's given name is hard to pronounce the film establishes that it is basically a series of roars, and Mr Brown's attempt to imitate it apparently produces something offensive.

Mrs Brown names him after Paddington Station when they're picking Judy up from boarding school.

In the film Mr Brown initially refuses to let Paddington move in with his family, but he eventually warms to Paddington and builds him a bedroom in their attic. Mrs Mary Brown: Mr.

Brown's more serious-minded yet exceptionally friendly wife. In the animated series Mrs. Brown and her husband have a 12 year old American nephew named David Russell.

Jonathan and Judy Brown: The energetic and friendly Brown children. It is never established if one is older than the other, leading to the possibility that they might be twins. It is when they are meeting Judy off the train from boarding school that the Browns meet Paddington.

In the series and Paddington film , Judy is older. In the animated series and the animated series Jonathan is the elder. In the movie Judy and Jonathan are with their parents when they first meet him at Paddington Station, giving him his iconic name.

Mrs Bird: The Browns' strict but kindly housekeeper. Whereas she is often annoyed by Paddington's antics and mishaps, she is protective of him. Her first name has never been mentioned.

Please Look After This Bear

Mr Samuel Gruber: Paddington's best friend. The friendly owner of an antique shop on the Portobello Road , with whom Paddington has his elevenses every day. He regularly takes Paddington and the Brown children on outings. He is a Hungarian immigrant. He addresses Paddington as "Mr Brown". He addresses Paddington simply as "Bear!

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He tends to invite himself to many of the Browns' special occasions just to sample the snacks. In most of the stories, he gets his comeuppance as a frequent victim of Paddington's misadventures; however, he does sometimes benefit from Paddington's mistakes and has even rewarded him for them on occasion. Aunt Lucy: Paddington's aunt from Darkest Peru the film establishes that she and Pastuzo just rescued Paddington rather than being biologically related to him.

Why she had to do this was never made clear, until the movie when she informs Paddington that she's too old to travel to London with him. Uncle Pastuzo: Paddington's wealthy globe-trotting uncle. In the film adaptation, Uncle Pastuzo dies from his injuries in an earthquake. Although the books are divided into chapters and each book has a time frame, the stories all work as stand alone stories, and many of them were used like this in the TV series.

A Bear in Hot Water — Paddington's first attempt at having a bath is a disaster. Paddington Goes Underground — Paddington's first journey on the Underground causes chaos. A Shopping Expedition — Paddington gets lost during a shopping trip. After hearing Mr Gruber talk about painting, Paddington decides to try his hand at it himself.

Thank You'.


After a sticky adventure with some cream buns in the station buffet, they take him in a taxi to stay with them in their home at Number 32 Windsor Gardens.

Bird, the Browns' housekeeper, who decides Paddington is badly in need of a bath. The only problem is that he has never experienced taps or plugs before and Jonathan and Judy soon need to go to his rescue when water starts dripping through the sitting room ceiling. In an effort to be quick, he puts the remains of his breakfast bacon in his suitcase with the result that even before they've reached the underground, they are followed by a large number of dogs.

Things become even more complicated when Paddington encounters escalators for the first time.

Brown takes Paddington to Barkridges where she downloads him a duffel coat with a large hood. When it falls over his eyes, Paddington becomes disoriented and enters the wrong door.

He is as surprised as the crowd outside when he discovers he's part of the store window display.

However, far from being displeased with the chaos he causes, the manager is delighted at the large number of people who flock to see the 'show'. Anxious to discover one for himself, Paddington soon sets to work on a picture that he finds. Unfortunately it turns out to be one Mr.

Brown had painted to enter in an art competition. Realising his mistake, Paddington sets about repainting it and is almost as surprised as Mr.This suspicion is particularly pronounced with respect to those who wish to move from the global economic periphery into the core Steimel ; Khosravinik Actually, all the previous sheepdogs - most of which were border collies - were excellent.

Bring Your Bear

For a young child, the book may be fun, reading about a world they recognize. The only problem is that he has never experienced taps or plugs before and Jonathan and Judy soon need to go to his rescue when water starts dripping through the sitting room ceiling. Political dynamics in these understandings are said to—in part—shape our subject positions, who we believe are, those who we consider to be a part of our community, and means we may use to delimit and enforce separation through bordering practices e.

And bring a jar of marmalade.

Spicuiri din recenzia finala care se gaseste pe blogul meu A useful read for people of today, as it tells the story of how Paddington comes to live in a foreign country not understanding how things work, but is taken in and shown great kindness by the Brown family.

In an old generation way. So that's what I think about when I think of Paddington Bear.