Contents. Multidimensional Modeling (Adventure Works Tutorial). name, Adventure. Works DW , and then click Finish to create the new data source. Configure the AdventureWorks sample data for use with Excel, Excel Copy to your default database. Dataedo. AdventureWorks. Data Dictionary. Generated with. Page 2. Table of Contents. 1. AdventureWorks.

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AdventureWorks AdventureWorks Sample OLTP Database Audit table tracking all DDL changes made to the AdventureWorks. 4. Download Adventure Works DW Databases – or higher. Choose Either SQL Server DW / or SQL Server OLAP / Adventure Works Cycles is a large multinational bicycle manufacturer, with headquarters located Adventure Works (DW version) for SQL Server /

In this process, we will select the tables to be included in the cube. These dimensions include information about sales regions and currencies: Once the wizard is completed, press finish: As you can see, the fact table and the dimensions have a relationship.


If the common columns are equal, the relationships are detected automatically: To create a cube, we will add dimensions to the cube. In the Solution Explorer, right click and select New Dimension: You can create a dimension based on templates, time tables or based on existing tables. Select the option Use an existing table: Select DimCurrency as the main table. By default, the key column is currency key: In available attributes, select currency name: In the Completing the Wizard step, press finish: Now, you will have a dimension created like this one.

Drag and drop the Currency Name from the attributes pane to Hierarchy: Once that you have the first dimension created, Currency name, we will create the sales territory dimension. In solution explorer, right click Dimensions and select New dimension: Select the option use an existing table: Select the table dimsalesterritory: Select the attributes that you want to be browsable in the reports: Once that the wizard is completed, press finish: In the new dimension created, click the process icon to process the dimension.

The process will generate the structure and load data to the dimension from the SQL Server table: Press run to process the dimension: In the Process Progress, close the process once that the process is succeed: You can refresh the dimension to view the dimension just processed: Process the Dim currency dimension also: Once processed, you can verify in the Browser tab: We will now create the cube.

Measure group tables are used to include the table with data to measure. A measure can be the number of sales, amount sold, freight, etc. We will uncheck the keys and check the other attributes to measure: Select the dimensions that you want to add to the cube: You can also add the fact table as a dimension degenerate dimension.

In this example, we will not add it: Once that the cube is created, press finish: You will have the cube created with the fact table in yellow and the dimensions in blue. Press the process icon to process the cube: In Process Cube, press run to process the cube: Once processed, go to the browser: Press the refresh icon: Drag and drop some measures from the Measure Group to the design pane: Now drag and drop the currency name to the graph pane, you will be able to see the measures grouped by currency: Drag and drop the Sales Territory Country.

You will now be able to see the measures grouped by currency and territory: Conclusion In this article, we learned how to create a cube in SSAS. We first need to create a data source to connect to our database. In this example, we connected to a data warehouse already created. SpecialOffer combination One Production. TransactionHistoryArchive row for each Production. TransactionID One Person. BusinessEntityAddress row for each Person. Address row Some tables grow or shrink according to technical linkages: There should be at least one Person.

AdventureWorks (OLTP) full database backups

Password row per Person as long as a password is required by the application inserting Person rows. This is also the case with PersonPhone and EmailAddress. But nowdays most people have several phone numbers and email addresses.

downloadOrderDetail rows per downloading. downloadOrderHeader row downloading.

downloadOrderHeader rows per downloading. Vendor row Sales.

AdventureWorks Installation and configuration

PersonCreditCard row Sales. SalesOrderHeader rows per BusinessEntityID value in table BusinessEntity Some changes in table size reflect management-directed activity -- causitive items which cause other ratios to change: When hiring occurs, the number of Employee and Salesperson rows increase.

When wage increases or decreases occur, the number of EmployeePayHistory rows per Employee increase more. Whenever there is a reorganization, the number of Department and EmployeeDepartmentHistory rows multiply.

When store openings are planned, the number of Store rows increase.

Whenever there is a sales territory change, the number of SalesTerritory rows may change. But the number of SalesTerritoryHistory rows would multiply. With each sales quota change, the number of SalesPersonQuotaHistory rows will muliply.

When new products are added, the number of Product and ProductModel rows increase. Whenever there is a product re-categorization, the number of ProductCategory and Production. ProductSubCategory rows per Product would change.

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As the organization expands internationally into more cultures or withdraws from them the number of Production. ProductDescription and Production. Management desire to achieve lower total product support costs with more customer self-service would likely increase the number of Production. Document and Production.

SQL Server for Beginners: Part IV – The AdventureWorks Database

Illustration rows per product. Changes in floor layout may impact the number of Production.Submit feedback.

This enhanced project will enable you to continue learning how to add functionality to your business intelligence application without having to repeat the skills you have already learned. The currency and sales territory dimensions. Changes in floor layout may impact the number of Production.

This will cause data that is related to non-leaf level members in the parent-child hierarchy to be hidden.

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The path will be shown at the bottom under the Database default locations section. A progress bar will appear at the top of the window. Modifying Measures In this task. Click an open area of the Hierarchies pane. You can then add tables and views from a secondary data source.