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All Four Engines Have Failed by Betty Tootell, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. All Four Engines Have Failed: The True and Triumphant Story of Flight BA and the Jakarta Incident [Betty Tootell] on *FREE* shipping on. [Doc] All Four Engines Have Failed: True and Triumphant Story of Flight . Incident FUll, PDF ePub Mobi [Doc] All Four Engines Have Failed.

As they performed the engine restart procedure, engine number four finally started, and at UTC Jakarta time , Moody used its power to reduce the rate of descent.

Shortly thereafter, engine three restarted, allowing him to climb slowly. Shortly after that, engines one and two successfully restarted as well. Elmo's fire effect on the windscreen returned.

Moody throttled back; however, engine number two surged again and was shut down. As Flight 9 approached Jakarta, the crew found it difficult to see anything through the windscreen, and made the approach almost entirely on instruments, despite reports of good visibility.

All Four Engines Have Failed : True and Triumphant Story of Flight BA and the Jakarta Incident

The crew decided to fly the instrument landing system ILS ; however, the vertical guidance system was inoperative, so they were forced to fly with only the lateral guidance as the first officer monitored the airport's distance measuring equipment DME. He then called out how high they should be at each DME step along the final approach to the runway, creating a virtual glide slope for them to follow.

Moody described it as "a bit like negotiating one's way up a badger 's arse.

After landing, the flight crew found it impossible to taxi, due to glare from apron floodlights which made the already sandblasted windscreen opaque. Investigation[ edit ] Damaged engine parts from BA 9 on display at Auckland Museum Post-flight investigation revealed that City of Edinburgh's problems had been caused by flying through a cloud of volcanic ash from the eruption of Mount Galunggung.

Because the ash cloud was dry, it did not appear on the weather radar, which was designed to detect the moisture in clouds. The cloud sandblasted the windscreen and landing light covers and clogged the engines. As the ash entered the engines, it melted in the combustion chambers and adhered to the inside of the power-plant.

As the engine cooled from inactivity, and as the aircraft descended out of the ash cloud, the molten ash solidified and enough of it broke off for air to again flow smoothly through the engine, allowing a successful restart.

[PDF Download] All Four Engines Have Failed: The True and Triumphant Story of Flight BA

The engines had enough electrical power to restart because one generator and the on-board batteries were still operating; electrical power was required for ignition of the engines. Aftermath[ edit ] Engines one, two and three were replaced at Jakarta, as well as the windscreen, and the fuel tanks were cleared of the ash that had entered them through the pressurisation ducts, contaminating the fuel and requiring that it be disposed of. After the aircraft was ferried back to London, engine number four was replaced and major work was undertaken to return the to service.

Although the airspace around Mount Galunggung was closed temporarily after the accident, it was reopened days later. It was only after a Singapore Airlines was forced to shut down three of its engines while flying through the same area nineteen days later 13 July that Indonesian authorities closed the airspace permanently and rerouted airways to avoid the area; a watch was set up to monitor clouds of ash.

Following the accident, the crew and passengers formed the Galunggung Gliding Club as a means to keep in contact. One of the passengers, Betty Tootell, wrote a book about the accident, All Four Engines Have Failed, having managed to trace some of the passengers on the flight.

In , Tootell married fellow passenger James Ferguson, who had been seated in the row in front of her. She later noted: "The 28th December marks the start of our 14th year of honeymoon, and on the 24th June many passengers and crew will no doubt gather to celebrate the 25th anniversary of our mid-air adventure.

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The aircraft was taken out of service in February and in July the then year-old aircraft was broken up at a breaking facility at Bournemouth International Airport BOH. Despite a BBC report of this, the remains of the fuselage had been removed from the facility by that time.

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