Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging () is a young adult novel by Louise Rennison. The book is the first of ten books in the Confessions of Georgia . Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. There are six things very wrong with my. Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging (Confessions of Georgia Nicolson, #1), On the Book 3. Knocked Out by My Nunga-Nungas. by Louise Rennison.

Angus Thongs And Perfect Snogging Book

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The Confessions of Georgia Nicolson book series by Louise Rennison includes books Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging, It's OK, I'm wearing really big. Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging is a book by English author Louise Rennison. It was published in It is the first book of ten in the Confessions of . ALA Best Fiction for Young Adults; IRA/CBC Young Adults' Choice; Michael L. Printz Honor Book; New York Public Library Books for the Teen Age; Not Just for .

"angus- thongs and perfect snogging"

And why was it in the film? But she does, actually. The ones from Hamburger-a-go-go land. The Hamburgese. The ones we are supposed to share a language with. Common-or-garden comedy words.

Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging changed our lives.

That everyone knows! Even the Germans. It is… erm… contrari-wise to our readership, moral-wise.

Baby Jesus knows I tried. You know what I mean — those little TVs on bendy things that are on the side of the bath so that you can sit on the loo and watch it.

At Katie's party, Peter is there, sees Georgia and takes her outside to kiss her more.

Knickers? Snogging? Can we really transport humour across the pond?

However, Georgia loses her balance and pulls Peter down with her as she falls. To make matters worse for her, Georgia falls in front of Robbie and his girlfriend, Lindsay, a girl in sixth form at Georgia's school.

Robbie is annoyed and tells them to take it inside. And to make matters even worse, Georgia's skirt rides up when she falls, exposing her knickers to Robbie and Lindsay. Peter, on the other hand, becomes attracted to Georgia, and asks her out. She accepts, but regrets it when she goes on the date and all Peter wants to do is snog.

What makes it worse is that he snogs with too much saliva. Georgia gets Jas to dump Peter for her. When Peter asks why, Jas says it's because Georgia's a lesbian.

Georgia causes more trouble when she convinces Jas to break up with Tom. She tells Jas that she shouldn't go out with someone who works at a greengrocer's because it's not good enough for her. When Robbie gives Georgia a horrible look as she's leaving school, Jas says it's because he knows Georgia convinced Jas to break up with Tom.

At Bonfire Night, Georgia meets a boy who lives up the street from her named Mark.

How well do you remember the Confessions of Georgia Nicolson?

He has a huge mouth and looks like Mick Jagger. During one of her encounters with Mark, he puts her hand on her breast for no reason. Mark asks Georgia out to the Stiff Dylans' gig.

Georgia accepts, but at the last minute wants to turn him down, but before she can, he sends her a note saying that she should meet him at the clock tower. At the gig, Mark causes a riot when he and his mates get in a fight with the band. A few days later, Georgia decides to dump Mark, but he dumps her before she has the chance.

Jools calls Georgia the day after the gig and tells her, "Someone said they noticed that Lindsay wears an engagement ring when she's at school. He decides to take the job and fly out there by himself and stay there to see how it is before the rest of the family comes over.

While Georgia's dad is out, Georgia's mum calls a decorator named Jem over to redo the living room. Jem is quite fit and Georgia's mum always dolls herself up when he comes over. After a while, Georgia becomes suspicious that her mum is having an affair with Jem. Robbie asks Jas out for coffee. Georgia tells Jas that if they are mates that Jas shouldn't go for coffee with him.

I do not think there is any point for me to sing this novel any more praise to convince you to give it a try, rather, I will list some quotes here for you to see if Louise Rennison 's humor is your cup of tea.

Wednesday, December 2nd. Dashing out of the house, Jas and I almost fell into Mark, waiting by the corner.

Jas big pal said she had to run to her house first and she would see me at school. I went a bit red and walked on with him walking beside me.

He said, "Have you got a boyfriend? What is the right answer to that question?

I tell you what the right answer is So I said, "I've just come out of a heavy thing and I'm giving myself a bit of space.We were lucky to get home. That everyone knows!

I went a bit red and walked on with him walking beside me. Jas big pal said she had to run to her house first and she would see me at school. I tell you what the right answer is Industry Reviews "Bridget Jones for teenagers - but funnier. Does it mean he has a megahorn?