ANNEXURE 'I'. DECLARATION BY APPLICANT GENETIC PARENT(S) FOR ISSUE OF PASSPORT TO THE. CHILD BORN THROUGH SURROGACY. (On Plain. Date of Birth being an applicant for issue of passport, do hereby solemnly affirm and state the following: 1. That the names of my parents and. Passport applicants can download annexures and affidavits required to Tatkaal Appointment Opening Time · Instructions Booklet; All India Network of Declaration of Parent/Guardian for Minor Passports (Annexure "D").

Annexure I For Tatkal Passport Pdf

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ANNEXURE 'B'. SPECIMEN VERIFICATION CERTIFICATE (FOR PASSPORT UNDER TATKAAL ONLY). (On official letter head of verifying authority). Reference. SPECIMEN VERIFICATION CERTIFICATE (FOR PASSPORT UNDER TATKAAL ONLY) (To be given in Duplicate* along with Standard Affidavit as at Annexure “I”) and that after having read the provisions of Section 6(2) of the Passports. State how and when the passport was lost/ damaged and when FIR was lodged at which Police Station and how many passports were lost/ damaged earlier? 2.

[UPDATED] Tatkal Passport: Story Of Annexure F (Now Annexure B)

Damaged Passport Q. What is the definition of damaged passport? Damaged passport is classified further based on the extent of damage, i. What is the procedure to apply for duplicate passport in case of damaged passport?

To apply for a duplicate passport in case of damaged passport, you will have to apply for "Re-issue" of passport.

Loss of passport Q. What do I do if I lose my passport? Loss of passport should be immediately reported to the nearest Police Station and an FIR to be filed.


You can apply for "Re-issue" of passport at IVS Passport application center and submit the required documents including the FIR along with your passport application form. What can I do if I have lost my passport and have to travel to India urgently due to an emergency like serious illness or death in the family?

You need to contact the Indian Embassy to apply for issuance of another Passport. I am an Indian.

I lost my Indian passport but I do not have a photocopy of the same. What should I do? A photocopy of your old passport should be produced, if it is available. If the passport photocopy is not available, you will be required to produce the previous passport details such as the Passport number, Date of Issue, Date of Expiry and Place of Issue while filling the passport application form at IVS.

Change of Appearance Q. My appearance has changed.

Hm Are You a Human?

To change the photograph in the passport, you have to apply for "Re-issue" of passport. Change of Name Q.

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My name has changed. Can I travel in my previous name? Otherwise, how do I change the name on my passport? Once you have changed your name, it is advisable to have your name changed on your passport as well. You must have a court order duly certified by the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi to change your name in the passport and apply for a "Re-issue" of passport. What documents are required when there is a change in name on account of divorce?

You are required to produce a Notarized copy of your Divorce Decree duly certified by the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi and apply for a "Re-issue" of passport.

There is a mistake in the spelling of my name in the passport. Signature ……………………. Office Seal passport. IamJoe Anne Lawho. Aryan Classes. Raghavendra Babu.

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Annexure F-verification certificate for Tatkal only

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Wild Hog's.Once you have changed your name, it is advisable to have your name changed on your passport as well. She can mention her hostel address as her current address and put in your home address as permanent address. While applying in person for minor, both parents have to present themselves at the counter.

Raghavendra Babu. As opposed to a normal passport application, a tatkal passport application ensures quick verification and faster processing.

On the homepage, you will find a red button on the top left corner titled, "New User? Once you do this, you will get an automated SMS confirming your appointment and an email carrying the slip that will give you access to the PSK on the given date and time.

What is the process to add the surname to my passport? And trust me when I say this--you can get this done only when you personally know a central government employee. If it is over a month, you may reach out to passport office and then check for status.