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The protagonist, the titular character, Asterix, along with his friend Obelix have various adventures. The “ix” suffix of both names echoes the. Mar 5, ASTERIX AND OBELIX COMICS COMPLETE COLLECTION PDF Download. Asterix and the Roman Agent. July 2, → · Asterix and the Cauldron. July 2, → · Asterix and the Chieftain's Shield Obelix and Co .

Julius Caesar has conquered nearly all of Gaul for the Roman Republic. The little Armorican village, however, has held out because the villagers can gain temporary superhuman strength by drinking a magic potion brewed by the local village druid, Getafix.

His chief is Vitalstatistix. The main protagonist and hero of the village is Asterix , who, because of his shrewdness, is usually entrusted with the most important affairs of the village. He is aided in his adventures by his rather corpulent and slower thinking friend, Obelix, who, because he fell into the druid's cauldron of the potion as a baby, has permanent superhuman strength because of this, Getafix steadily refuses to allow Obelix to drink the potion, as doing so would have a dangerous and unpredictable result.

Obelix is usually accompanied by Dogmatix , his little dog. Except for Asterix and Obelix, the names of the characters change with the language. Asterix and Obelix and sometimes other members of the village go on various adventures both within the village and in far away lands.

Places visited in the series include parts of Gaul Lutetia , Corsica etc. Humour[ edit ] The humour encountered in the Asterix comics often centers around puns , caricatures , and tongue-in-cheek stereotypes of contemporary European nations and French regions. Much of the humour in the initial Asterix books was French-specific, which delayed the translation of the books into other languages for fear of losing the jokes and the spirit of the story.

Some translations have actually added local humour: In the Italian translation, the Roman legionaries are made to speak in 20th-century Roman dialect, and Obelix's famous Ils sont fous ces romains "These Romans are crazy" is translated as Sono pazzi questi romani, humourously alluding to the Roman abbreviation SPQR.

In another example: Hiccups are written onomatopoeically in French as hips, but in English as "hic", allowing Roman legionaries in more than one of the English translations to decline their hiccups absurdly in Latin hic, haec, hoc. The newer albums share a more universal humour, both written and visual. Certain rules are followed most of the time such as Gauls and their neighbours having an "-ix" suffix for the men and ending in "-a" for the women; for example, Chief Vitalstatistix so called due to his portly stature and his wife Impedimenta often at odds with the chief.

The male Roman names end in "-us", echoing Latin nominitive male singular form, as in Gluteus Maximus , a muscle-bound athlete whose name is literally the butt of the joke. Gothic names present-day Germany end in "-ic", after Gothic chiefs such as Alaric and Theoderic ; for example Rhetoric the interpreter.

Greek names end in "-os" or "-es"; for example, Thermos the restaurateur. British names end in "-ax" and are often puns on the taxation associated with the later United Kingdom ; examples include Valuaddedtax the druid, and Selectivemploymentax the mercenary. Other nationalities are treated to Pidgin translations from their language, like Huevos y Bacon, a Spanish chieftain whose name, meaning eggs and bacon , is often guidebook Spanish for tourists , or literary and other popular media references, like Dubbelosix a sly reference to James Bond 's codename "".

Most of these jokes, and hence the names of the characters, are specific to the translation; for example, the druid named Getafix in English translation is Panoramix in the original French and Miraculix in German.

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His name is usually left unchanged in translations, aside from accents and the use of local alphabets. For explanations of some of the other names, see List of Asterix characters. Ethnic stereotypes[ edit ] Many of the Asterix adventures take place in other countries away from their homeland in Gaul. In every album that takes place abroad, the characters meet usually modern-day stereotypes for each country, as seen by the French. Italics Italians are the inhabitants of Italy.

Asterix in Spain. Asterix and the Roman Agent.

Asterix in Switzerland. The Mansions of the Gods. Asterix and the Laurel Wreath. Asterix and the Soothsayer. Asterix in Corsica.

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Asterix and Caesar's Gift. Asterix and the Great Crossing. Obelix and Co. Asterix in Belgium.

Asterix and the Great Divide. Asterix and the Black Gold.

Asterix and Son. Asterix and the Magic Carpet. Asterix and the Secret Weapon. They stop for Tea every day making it with hot water and a drop of milk until Asterix brings them actual tea leaves , drink lukewarm beer Bitter , eat tasteless foods with mint sauce Rosbif , and live in streets containing rows of identical houses.

Hibernians Irish are the inhabitants of Hibernia, the Latin name of Ireland.

They fight against the Romans alongside the Britons to defend the British Isles. Hispania Spain is overrun with tourists , the country where people of northern Europe go on vacation, ask to eat the same food they eat at their homelands, and cause tremendous traffic jams on the Roman roads.

Other recurring topics are flamenco , bullfighting , and olive oil. Reference is also made to the famous literary character Don Quixote. The warrior first hallucinates American-style emblematic eagles ; the second time, he sees stars in the formation of the Stars and Stripes ; the third time, he sees stars shaped like the United States Air Force roundel.

Asterix's inspired idea for getting the attention of a nearby Viking ship which could take them back to Gaul is to hold up a torch; this refers to the Statue of Liberty which was a gift from France. Corsicans are proud, patriotic, and easily aroused but lazy, making decisions by using pre-filled ballot boxes.

They harbour vendettas against each other, and always take their siesta. Greeks are chauvinists and consider Romans, Gauls, and all others to be barbarians. They eat stuffed grape leaves , drink retsina , and are hospitable to tourists. Most seem to be related by blood, and often suggest some cousin appropriate for a job.

Normans Vikings drink endlessly, they don't know what fear is which they're trying to discover , and in their home territory Scandinavia , the night lasts for 6 months. Cimbres Danes are very similar to the Normans.

But while Asterix and Obelix were unable to communicate with them, they are perfectly able to understand the Cimbres. Their names end in "-ten", perhaps similar to those of the Normans, whose names end in "-sen". Belgians speak with a funny accent, snub the Gauls, and always eat sliced roots deep-fried in bear fat. They also tell Belgian jokes.

Asterix (Collection) ()

Lusitanians Portuguese are short in stature and polite Uderzo said all the Portuguese who he had met were like that. Sumerians , Assyrians , Hittites , Akkadians , and Babylonians are perpetually at war with each other and attack strangers because they confuse them with their enemies, but they later apologize when they realize that the strangers are not their enemies.

This is likely a criticism of the constant conflicts among the Middle Eastern peoples. The Jews are all depicted as Yemenite Jews , with dark skin, black eyes, and beards, a tribute to Marc Chagall , the famous painter whose painting of King David hangs at the Knesset Israeli Parliament.

Asterix's and Obelix's visit to Jerusalem is full of references to the Bible. Numidians , contrary to the Berber inhabitants of ancient Numidia located in North Africa , are obviously Africans from sub-Saharan Africa. The names end in "-tha", similar to the historical king Jugurtha of Numidia.Asterix and the Class Act. Unknown 14 March at Asterix and Obelix All at Sea. Cimbres Danes are very similar to the Normans.

Im gonna pass this legacy down to my nephews and nieces. Normans Vikings drink endlessly, they don't know what fear is which they're trying to discover , and in their home territory Scandinavia , the night lasts for 6 months. The only English translations ever to be published were in the Asterix Annual and never an English standalone volume.

The "ix" ending of both names as well as all the other pseudo-Gaulish "ix" names in the series alludes to the "rix" suffix meaning "king" present in the names of many real Gaulish chieftains such as Vercingetorix, Orgetorix, and Dumnorix. Asterix the Gladiator. The Twelve Tasks of Asterix.