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Aranyadeb Out of all heroes, there is a singular appeal to Aranyadeb Phantom. Was it the African jungle or the Khuli-guha skull cave? Aranyadeb was an extremely strong character whose personality and behavior left an indelible print in his readers.

Tintin Foreign Language

Though it came out originally in Hindi, it was equally popular in Bengali translation. Chacha Choudhury was not only a favourite among children but also among grownups. Download App Contact Contests.

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Brilliant filmmaker learns to shoot films on his own and wins…. They have ridiculed every race on earth without ever being considered racist.

And those random encounters, those ridiculous lines and incredible characters have ensured that no one can ever fall out of love with the members of the Gaulish village. The Footnotes In the world of Asterix, the number of races and languages present is directly proportional to the degree of confusion and mayhem caused! From the unforgettable description of the ancient Gaulish signage for hitchhiking and the importance of the direction of the thumb, except when heading to Rome, since all roads lead to Rome, silly!

Fanonomix How can you not love something with a huge, fat man who screams when called fat, a tiny guy who is brilliant and smart, a tone-deaf bard and an environmentally-conscious dog?

Asterix is awesome. I think it is far better than any other comic book. Its humour is dry and witty, the artwork is crisp and brilliant and I love the way it is a complete re-telling of history.

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Just reading about the Gauls and their escapades makes me happy. I absolutely love Obelix, who, though not considered the real hero, is so much cooler. And oh, those feasts that are depicted in the comics: how I have drooled over those roasted wild boars with an apple in the mouth! Shawan Sur, IT employee Chandreyee Chatterjee and Madhurima Chatterjee Asterix resides in the details Anurag Hira on his discovery and rediscovery of the gaul Down what is Elliot Road, resided Rightways, a lending library as it called itself, run by three brothers.

Alas, my skinny brother was no menhir-toting Obelix, but his best friend and protector at school, Lawrence Lobo, came pretty close in shape and spirit. And remains so, even today, with every single comic of the odd series still voraciously devoured by my nephew and niece in Gurgaon.

From Gaul to Gurgaon, what an epic journey it has been!

Every classic — and undoubtedly, Goscinny and Uderzo have created a timeless set of characters — compels a reader to return and discover new facets. The aim was not to digitize the material which came out in book form from the beginning such as ACK, Bahadur, Chacha Chaudhary but the material which first appeared in magazines, either serially or in its entirety.

Though the project is yet to be completed, we have been able to find an extraordinarily diverse body of work, and one which gives us a somewhat different understanding of the beginnings of the comic book in India.

Take, for example, the history of the comic book in Bengali. The first stage in its history was largely imitative, a relatively straightforward rendering of some of the more accessible protocols of Western comic art. One of the key examples of this was the figure of Narayan Debnath—the grand old man of Indian comics, still going strong— who indigenized Laurel-Hardy for the Indian audience in the s, and then launched his hugely successful and long-running superhero series Baantool the Great in the magazine Shuktara.

In the late s, ACK began to loom large over the Indian comic book scene, and not just in one or two languages. But while ACK was heavily preoccupied with relatively static narratives drawn from history and mythology, it was the magazines which engaged with an incipient modernity, and tried to compose their own distinctive iconography.

Shuktara also carried the work of the versatile Mayukh Chaudhuri, who ranged over a wide territory in both style and genre, and whose finest work, Agantook The Stranger , is one of the most interesting examples of early Bengali science fiction. The other Bengali magazine for children which carried comic book art was Kishore Bharati, published by the house of Patra Bharati. Kishore Bharati was even more experimental in its choice of material, moving effortlessly from adaptations of Bengali classics Domru-charit , to a highly Eisner-inflected detective series Black Diamond to the street violence of the Naxalite era Palabar Path Nei.

The quality of such work was sometimes uneven, but there was enough to gesture towards a robust engagement with an emerging visual aesthetics which borrowed substantially from allied forms such as cinema, advertising and the billboard.

Anandamelawas the first Indian periodical to syndicate series such as Tintin and Asterix. They were also the first to translate these comics into any Indian language, in this case Bengali.

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Anandamela soon captured much of the market of Shuktara and Kishore Bharati, and local artists found their work unsaleable in the pages of Anandamela.Brave,hot-tempered and having an acute aversion to taking baths, he has no fear… except that the sky may fall on his head tomorrow!

Witblix Obelix's best friend contrasts starkly with his stout master. People may not read a book but they will never say no to a comic book. Modes of payment that are available: There has been a recent resurgence of Bengali material in the same Anandamela but these are mostly adaptations of literary classics.

Jana's peaceful life is interrupted, when a plane carrying a group of adventurers some of them being drug smugglers crash-lands in her jungle. Uncomplicated, innocent and hilarious, Batul is our most beloved superhero. Chacha Choudhury was not only a favourite among children but also among grownups.

In the late s, ACK began to loom large over the Indian comic book scene, and not just in one or two languages.