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Bagh E Jannat Book

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Home /; (Urdu) Islamic Books > /; Hadith / Sunnah /; Bagh-e-Jannat - (Urdu) - (PB) Picture of Muhammad Rasulullah (S.A.W) Ke Halaat-e-Zindagi - (Urdu. BOOKS. Urdu · English · Turkish · Malay · Hindi · Arabic · Spanish · Telgu · French · Japanese · German · Marathi · Audio. wimpy kid books reading level free kindle ebook cover creator fundamentals of machine elements hamrock pdf free download russell blake how to sell loads of.

Ilaje Kibr - Urdu - PB.

Bagh e Jannat

This book is directed towards people who possess a sense of arrogance and superiority complex. This book provides warnings, reminders, suggestions for the same so that the person gets a clear perspective in order to understand the repercussions of being arrogant.

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Josh in this marsia describes this event. He treats this as the epitome of how even death with all its ugliness is more beautiful than life. The lamp of wisdom that you lit had such brilliance that it still glows like soothing moonlight in the fierce sun of Karbala. This is not a head at the tip of the lance, but the crown of your being.

Karbala is the epitome of your of thought. He who is the exemplar of martyrdom, that Husain. He who was the pinnacle of the nobility of thought, that Husain.

He who personified the courage of your message, that Husain. He who kept the light of humanity lit, that Husain.

He who gives life to the will of god, that Husain. He who still reigns over hearts, that Husain. He in whose eyes death was comforting, that Husain.

He who drank the full draught of life from thirst, that Husain.

He who turned red hot embers to dust. He who tore up the institutions of the state.

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Safarnama Ghair Mulki Asfar Vol.You granted flame to ice and dew the ability to set fire. This book provides warnings, reminders, suggestions for the same so that the person gets a clear perspective in order to understand the repercussions of being angry. On one side pearls of victory, on the other scars on our bosom. Hearts are drowned in lament while the mind is proud of your sacrifice.

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