Chasing Vermeer by Blue Balliett; 1 edition; First published in ; DAISY for print-disabled Download ebook for print-disabled (DAISY). This bewitching first novel is a puzzle, wrapped in a mystery, disguised as an adventure, and delivered as a work of art. When a book of unexplainable occurences brings Petra and Calder together, strange things start to happen: Seemingly unrelated events connect; an eccentric old. No eBook available Chasing Vermeer (Scholastic Gold) Her first children's book, Chasing Vermeer, won the Edgar Award in the Best Juvenile.

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Chasing Vermeer joins the Scholastic Gold line, which features award-winning and beloved novels. Includes exclusive bonus content!When a book of. Get this from a library! Chasing Vermeer. [Blue Balliett; Brett Helquist] -- When strange and seemingly unrelated events start to happen and a precious Vermeer . Seemingly unrelated events connect, a sharpold woman seeks their company - and a priceless Vermeer they know it, the two.

On paper this sounds fine.

But in the story it leads to the overuse of intuition and the merely random as a means to provide clues. We are not in Hogwarts here, and yet Calder constantly consults a set of pentominoes as if they are runes or tarot cards; his method is to look at the letter he pulls out of his pocket, think of a word that starts with that letter, and then try to use that word as a guide to conduct.

Petra, on the other hand, has a psychic connection with a woman in a Vermeer painting who encourages and guides her. At one point they try to derive clues from a series of random words uttered by the crusty but sympathetic old lady. More hints are seen everywhere, to the point where they seem to crawl almost literally out of the woodwork.


Again, I really wanted to like this book. It's up to you to deduce which paintings are real and which are fakes.

From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E.

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And if this were a Harry Potter novel, it might fly. When a book of unexplainable occurences brings Petra and Calder together, strange things start to happen: Seemingly unrelated events connect; an eccentric old woman seeks their company; an invaluable Vermeer painting disappears. This book relies heavily on interest or knowledge about Vermeer.

We read this book at school and loved every bit of it!