To access the latest and strongest HIARCS Chess Opening Books please Customers who wish to use the CTG format book will need a GUI. Hi, what kind of book is it? Is it an official release from Chessbase or any other kind of commercial or free book? Is it self made? Thanks! AG. Tuning Books CTG: By goldminer_ Here is one way to hand tune the book that I have found very successful although it takes some time.

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Sollerman I just found here some openings books in CTG format which you can opening book in Shredder Classic GUI *.bkt format - opening book in Chessbase GUI *.ctg format - opening book in Polyglot *.bin format. Additional information. 3 Quotes; 4 Formats; 5 Classification of Chess Openings; 6 Book Issues . My new book is out: by Jeroen Noomen, CCC, May

In my opinion,its a nice to see engines to play many popular openings! Regards, By Equidistance Date Edited This is very interesting statement.

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Do you really think you can simply "optimise" your book to play at level at Playchess? I think those who are between - have top hardware and world's best books.

Since few weeks, also players have Quads and if you want to reach over , your book must be one of best. Anyway, I'm looking forward to check your lines, I will give it some time tommorow and may get you some feedback here. Update: I see your account SedatChess is doing range now. Last 70 games you are on about I like to run a book with non optimized lines sometimes because you can get some very very good lines. Ofcourse you will lose a lot of games but you will also gain a few gems that can be saved to another database to be used on another day.

To reach you have to have very strong hardware and ofcourse a very strong book. But I think you also have to get a good luck on a run of good wins against strong opponents which will happen every once in a while.

It is almost impossible to reach and stay there Also to keep such a high rating you would have to selectively manually choose only strong opponents to avoid a server override Personally I think Playchess has revolutionized opening line theory These lines are getting continuously improved I don't believe that theoretical innovations are had thanks to the PC. The analyses of the GM are always best and more accurate.

Following the books of paper, playing as centaur, I have never had problems in opening against engine, and I have never been amazed. To my chess club, one day a boy asked to a teacher of the east : "is this move good in opening? All the moves are good , it depends only on the idea of game that you want to develop later ". I would like to suggest to look you at you the game between Rybka and Shredder to the last championship PC of the world.

Rybka to beaten Shredder without going out of the book! The idea of a light book with incredibly powerful lines came into my mind then.

My vision wasn't wrong: during the time of betatesting Goi 6 got rid time after time of any other opponent. I had in mind to select the games of the best players , and create a base matrix, in which to lay down any other powerful game I selected.

Create a new mini-book and merge it with the base prototype, then modify the lines where the errors lie. This for something like more than one hundred times.

Goi 6 opening book

It was amazing but it required times, as you may have noticed. Many lines used by best players were improvable or even wrong, and this was inherited in my first beta version, so I had to manually correct them and test them myself both in books tournament and in the battlefield.

I had the idea to start a betatesting made not only by me, having few time, but anyone wanting to help me Clearly I couldn't allow the book to leak out so easily otherwise all my efforts would have been vane , so I decided to set up a reduced price for the betatesters to try it. This testing thing didn't work, though, as people just "bought the book" without giving me almost any feedback or lost game, exception made for my partner Deiby L.

I then tuned the CTG book with wins and losses and corrected the lost games using Cfish or asmfish on my dear night hawk machine on the Fritz Cloud room or ducu7, but mostly night hawk. Last but not least, since the stupid Fritz bug to play sometimes moves outside the book and making lose the game, I had to use an unconventional and syntactically wrong way to mark the moves on the lines I have analyzed!

The fact that I forced the moves allowed me to vary the book parameters: variety of play is not anymore the minimum, but In this way I got rid of infinitely drawing against Vitamin. Learning strength is different now too, the maximum , in the hope the book can learn from its evencutal losses. I recommend you to NOT use Houdini, Komodo or Lc0 with this book as they are very weak compared to the Stockfish clones, unless you have a very, very powerful hardware and Lc0.Lets get rid of all games with less than 35 moves.

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With the upcoming of Attacker Pro and the growth of Vitamin in strength plus the Playchess best players private books I've realized the Goi 5 technique wasn't enough anymore to be on the top again.

Book subscribers should refer to the subscribers download page for our full tournament book in HBG format.

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The first option is probably easier to implement, while the second has some important advantages. Prices are subject to change without notice.

I had the idea to start a betatesting made not only by me, having few time, but anyone wanting to help me It take some time and patients to get the search depth to an effective level. Mar 26, , pm This post was last modified: Mar 26, , pm by..

This should leave you with the games that you lost and a few that you won.