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That's why this book is such a breath of fresh air; Cal Newport counters this "Passion Hypothesis" with what he calls the Craftsman Mindset, which focuses on getting really good at something. Not only will this help you build the career capital you'll need to get hired, but it'll also often lead to true enjoyment in your work.

Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain I firmly believe that a solid foundation of nutrition, exercise, and sleep will help you succeed in college better than any study hack, which is why I recommend this book. Reading it will educate you on how exercise affects your brain, which in turn will give you more mental ammunition that you can use to shoot down excuses when you're feeling lazy or "busy", and don't want to work out.

By the way, how much exercise have you gotten today? He doesn't really subscribe to the whole, "willpower is a limited resource" ideal - instead, he looks for ways to summon massive amounts of motivation so he can achieve anything.

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How to Win at College It's 12 years old now, but Cal Newport's How to Win at Collegeis still one of the best primers for college success I've ever read - especially when it comes to things beyond your grades. It's a short read I read it in about four hours , split into 75 "tips" that each take up pages. I read this book as a freshman, and it's one of the biggest reasons I was so focused on success in college; the book provides a great foundation for becoming a remarkable student and doesn't weigh you down with idle words.

How to Become a Straight-A Student Whereas How to Win at College is a general, tip-based overview on ways you can become successful in college, this book gets its hands dirty by giving you an in-depth, well thought out method for pulling epic grades in all of your classes. The book is based around that fact that there are many college students who get straight A's, yet don't study for more than a couple hours a day and still have plenty of other things going on in their lives.

It lays out effective strategies for note-taking, quizzing yourself, writing papers, and more. If you want to be like one of the aforementioned students, get this book. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People I listened to this book during a six-hour drive to a friend's hometown a few years ago, and I honestly think it changed my life. The habits Covey describes here seem obvious at first, but you'll probably notice that you aren't following all of them.

I know I wasn't.

Before reading this book, I would always think very selfishly in my conversations. Whenever I'd listen to someone else speak, I'd listen - but I'd also be actively formulating my usually self-serving response and looking for the perfect moment to throw it in. It's not because the concepts within are revolutionary or any more detailed than those of any other book - it's because this book is so complete.

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It is absolutely the place to start when learning about business. Every important aspect of business is covered here - selling, accounting, working with others, individual work strategies, business development, and lots of others.

Even if you're not a business major, I'd recommend reading this; you'll get a great overview of how business works and, as a result, become much more valuable to any company you work for. Your Money: The Missing Manual Learning to effectively manage your money should be priority 1 if you haven't done it already.

You're most likely in college so you can get a degree and gain access to jobs with greater earning potential; make sure your degree goes as far as it should by learning what to do with the money once you have it. Your Money: The Missing Manual is a fantastic general overview of personal finance, and it'll show you just how to keep those bills in the bank rather than blowing them on random crap.

Brain Rules If you know how the brain works, you'll be better equipped to manage your own and understand the ones contained inside the heads of the people you know and meet.

In Brain Rules, John Medina expertly shows us how the brain does things, and lays out 12 rules that form a basis for using that pile of mush more effectively. It's not just an excellent brain book - it's an excellent business book and an excellent college success book as well.

Confessions of a Public Speaker Companies aren't blowing smoke when they list Communication Skills as the 1 desired quality in college grads - and public speaking is a huge part of that. Confessions of a Public Speakeris a great read if you're looking to increase those vital public speaking skills.


Berkun goes over lots of related topics, like gaining confidence as well as using certain tools to help you out like confidence monitors. Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less I struggle with having too many interests - and I often fall prey to the temptation to try and tackle them all at once.

Of course, this doesn't work; it's as if 15 hamsters in one big hamster ball were all trying to run in their own separate directions.

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What's more useful is to adopt a philosophy of "Less, but better. The Productivity Project This is the best overall introduction to productivity that I've ever read.

Other books that you'll see on this list go deeper on specific topics - such as habits or procrastination - but The Productivity Project does an awesome job at giving you practical tips and advice on pretty much all of them. It's a great starting point for becoming more productive.

Often fall within the New Adult genre. New Releases Tagged "College". More new releases tagged "college" Most Read This Week. More most read this week Popular College Books. More popular college books Related Genres. Nonfiction Academic. The rest get it after they get out. Groups Tagged "College". NKU Reads. College Student Readers Book Club. I've always wanted to create an online "book of the month" book club and I've finally done it!Is this just bad luck, or is something more sinister going on in the halls of Providence?

Social Justice.

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Ok, maybe that's a bit hyperbolic - I'm not cooking dinner for it if it suddenly becomes sentient and tells me it's hungry. They take testing very seriously, have rigorous athletic programs, and nearly everyone who attends has families with very deep pockets.

Yep, this book is just a big collection of quotes.