Below is a full list of the sound effects in the database so far. There are unique effects and effects overall. If you're looking for a simpler list (for. The Comic Book Sound Effect Database is a searchable index and gallery of sound effects from comic books. 16 results The Comic Book Sound Effect Database is a searchable index and gallery of sound effects from comic books.

Comic Book Sound Effects

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Sound effects have been a part of comic books since the very beginning. Which sound effects, though, are the all-time most iconic? Find out!. Onomatopoeia is a staple part of comic book lore. Large, bold, printed words to describe the sounds made (usually during fight scenes) have. Comics are in the peculiar position of needing to imply sounds through Using a sound effect to inform the very structure of the comic is the.

Advertisement They may not be perfect representations, but considering we can no longer hear any other sound in our heads when picturing these words, we'd say they pretty much nailed it.

Breaking the Silence:

Take a second to think about all the variables a sound designer has to contend with and you begin to see why. Not only do you have the initial emergent squirting sound, but there's the sound of the web traveling through the air, and finally connecting with something else. What does the web eventually hit?

Human flesh, a lamp, a brick wall?

Free Cartoon and Comic Sound Effects

How far does it travel? At what velocity.?

All these things matter to a sound designer. Stephen Flick initially prepared two demos of that first Spiderman scene, where Spidey chases a cab through the city to catch Uncle Ben's killer. While there's no uniform "THWIP" in the Spider-Man films, there are, in some cases, combinations of more than 40 elements to produce one sound. Unfortunately, Sony Pictures wasn't eager to share that pure sound file with us, so you'll have to settle for the instances in the trailer. Your ears may gravitate toward those metallic shings, but there are nuances to Wolverine's "SNIKT" that only become apparent when you really listen to the sound effect.

First comic book appearance: Giant Size X-Men 1, First movie appearance: X-Men, Number of elements: Advertisement "For the claw sound, essentially there were two main elements I was working on. One was the metallic blade sound, as it goes in or out.

The other was the actual physical sound of something going through flesh and retracting. Berkey and his team tore apart chicken and turkey carcasses and also layered in the sound of cracking nuts to give a sense of metal protruding through flesh.

I'm also already halfway done with the following month's books, so they'll be posted soon as well! We're back with the addition of 11 Marvel Comics from May , including the first issue of Sgt.

These books add sound effects, bringing the total to a nice round 2, from comics. There were no sound effects in Love Romances I'm planning to moderately increase the number of updates over the next six months. Stay tuned!

Another complete month from the Marvel Silver Age is done with April ! There are 62 new sound effects from the 10 comics this month -- including some rare comics work by the legendary Jack Davis on Rawhide Kid -- bringing our total to 2, sound effects from comics. Did you know this website also has a Tumblr blog?

The Bolland depiction of the Joker emerging from the chemical process for the first time and busting into laughter is one of the most famous moments in DC Comics history. She died and Spider-Man ended up almost killing Osborn, but then Osborn ended up seemingly dying at his own hand when he sent his Goblin Glider after Spider-Man; when Spidey ducked, it impaled Obsorn.

The trick, though, is that little tiny sound effect where it says "snap. Thus, while Osborn was ultimately responsible for her death by the whole "throwing her off of a bridge" deal, Spider-Man might have literally caused her death with his webs.

That's some dark stuff right there.

Comic, Sound Effects Fonts

DeMatteis re-launched "Justice League" following the crossover "Legends" which re-situated the superheroes of Earth following "Crisis on Infinite Earths" , their initial idea for the team was to do something similar to what Grant Morrison later did with "JLA. However, one by one, they were turned down when it came to using most of the more famous superheroes, like Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Aquaman.

Therefore, Giffen and DeMatteis pivoted and turned the book into more of a sitcom about a superhero team. Since many of their characters did not have their own title, they were given more freedom to do whatever they wanted with them, characterization-wise.

Thus, Blue Beetle and Booster Gold began to be used more as a comic relief than anything else. One of them was the Mother Box, but perhaps his best known new invention was the teleportation device used by the New Gods called the "Boom Tube. When we mentioned the earlier pact between New Genesis and Apokolips, there was another pact made between Darkseid and the brilliant New God known as Metron, where Darkseid would supply Metron with the materials needed to make his special Mobius Chair in exchange for giving Darkseid the Boom Tube technology.

Years later, Walter Simonson would also use a number of "boom" sound effects during his run on "Thor," as John Workman was as good at coming up with cool "boom" fonts as he was with coming up with cool "doom" fonts. Nightcrawler was a sweet, sensitive and fun-loving guy, who was also a man of great faith.

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He just happened to also look just like a demon, complete with blue skin, fangs and a tail with a sharpened point at the end of it. When he teleported, he would make a "bamf" noise, and the teleportation would be accompanied by the smell of sulfur.

Basically everything outside of Nightcrawler's personality was highly unpleasant. Over the years, Bamf also became the name of these adorable little creatures that looked like Nightcrawler that would often follow him around this was following Kitty Pryde telling a fairy tale where Nightcrawler's name was Bamf in the story, and he looked just like what the later Bamf creatures would look like.

The "bamf" sound effect continues to this day.

In fact, before Steve Ditko left "Amazing Spider-Man" following "Amazing Spider-Man" 38, the webs really did not actually have a consistent sound that went with them.

In fact, in the earliest days of Spider-Man, his webshooters did not make noise at all. However, in the months leading up to his departure, Steve Ditko began to use some new sound effects and one of them was "twhip" for the sound of Spider-Man's webshooters.

It didn't seem to be a dedicated thing, but it was there.Yet when an artist embraces the flashiness of onomatopoeia, its true storytelling potential can be realized. We are the Heroes of Earth-Prime: Thus, Blue Beetle and Booster Gold began to be used more as a comic relief than anything else. As it turned out, though, Batman eventually won out in their game of torture and took Desaad's place until he could make a move against Darkseid.

Skip to content. Not one of them was actually present in the character's first appearance in the comic world.