Products 1 - 20 of 28 The Cold Deck is a collection of deck-switching techniques by Daniel Madison. The ebook teaches six techniques for secretly and invisibly. where can i get daniel madison's ebooks but not in ebook format. i want them in actual book format. The Daniel Madison Download Bundle contains all 7 of Daniel Madison's Instant Download effects in the one special package, saving you $10 off the individual.

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SKU: Categories: New Arrivals, ebooks, Exclusive Tags: ), Advocate, anthology, Burn, card magic, casino, cheat, Collateral, Daniel Madison. Thoughtsis the first collaboration from Randall Freeman and Daniel Madison. This ebook focuses on sleight of hand and flourish-based moves. kaz-news.info PDF Ebook The Cold Deck by Daniel Madison ( Download) [download] - Instant Download! Please give me your email when you.

Packed with 22 different concepts and effects that will guide you through methods for creating your own unique tools and gaffs and teach you step-by-step the techniques and mechanics for achieving the impossible. Wrath Following the success of the Burn series, Wrath is an ebook and video package that teaches one of Daniel's most incredible creations. The deck burns and the selected card restores, all in the spectators hands. Collateral Collateral is a follow-up to one of Daniel's best selling ebooks Identity.

It hosts a mixture of close-up deceptions with sleight of hand and gimmicks; each effect designed to pack more of a punch than the last.

M On the verge of Daniel's exit from the magic industry he took one final pop at close-up deception with playing cards, specifically designed for magic, and he went out with a bang, leaving some of his most adored and closely guarded secrets in what has become his best selling magic book - M.

Pariah Pariah is an ingenious device created by Daniel Madison in , designed to hide in plain view and achieve two major ambitions of very magician One, to instantly know a freely thought of card.

The Score: playing card marking system

Two, a freely selected and signed card, returned to the deck and the deck returned to the box by the spectator is not only instantly known but can instantly be revealed anywhere the performer desires. Primer Primer is a trick deck that has existed in Daniel Madison's repertoire for over a decade.

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Designed more for the beginner in the art of magic, the deck eliminates the sleight's that the budding magician may at first find difficult. Changes The Cold Deck How to Cheat at Cards If you find anything wrong with this product listing, perhaps the description is wrong, the author is incorrect, or it is listed in the wrong category, then please contact us.

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Login Checkout Cart Topic. Write your own review. Click to leave a voice review. Search All. A spectator is on the street is asked to name a card. They do so and you pull that card from the deck.

A random spectator is stopped and shown the back of a playing card, they are asked to name which playing card it is with near perfect accuracy. I have performed this and it generates a tremendous response from the spectator.

It is not difficult to do and when done correctly is an unexplaniable miracle. It is highly recommended. The cards are mixed and the magician chooses a card from one deck and the spectator from another--they are the same card.


I would rate this as average. I know similar methods to accomplish this effect that I prefer over this one.

If you don't know a method to accomplish this effect--the trick is a good one. The deck is then closed and the spectator is asked to think of a card that they did NOT see. Once named the deck is spread face up with the card named gone.

This effect involves knowledge of several slight of hand moves and I would categorize it as advanced just my opinion. At this point, I doubt I have the confidence to pull this trick off.

If someone does have the skill to pull it off--obvioulsy it would be impressive. You state that you can't use it, you need a full deck. You return the deck and take out your own.

You then take back the borrowed deck and weight it. You announce two cards are missing.Finding Your Way.

Mario Milosevic. Two, a freely selected and signed card, returned to the deck and the deck returned to the box by the spectator is not only instantly known but can instantly be revealed anywhere the performer desires. This ebook takes a close look at deception with playing cards with the use of gaffs and gimmicks.

The Cold Deck

Deb CarverOwens. Life's Like That. A collection of ten for Daniel Madison - Anthology: - Daniel Madison from to the Decade of the collection works. Some of his PDF's are password protected from printing though Daniel Madison - Moves. These notes offer a way of thinking and a refreshing approach to the art of using psychological suggestion as both a tool and an illusion within itself.