army in the game (behind Daemons) and while the 8th edition book has balanced things a bit, they remain a powerhouse army. Dark Elves. Dark Elves 8th Edition Warhammer Army Book - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Dark Elves 8th Edition Warhammer Army Book. kaz-news.info - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Warhammer Fantasy Battles Armybook - Beastmen - 7th edition. Uploaded by. Laura Marx.

Dark Elves 8th Edition Army Book

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Warhammer 4th Edition Dark Elves - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File ( .txt) or read online for free. Dark Elf Army Book. Warhammer Armies book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. For Thousands of years, the Dark Elves have plundered the riches of the w. Short-link; Link; Embed nhigh extended embed settings nhigh BOOK REVIEW ESSAYS BOOK rEViEWS. 8th Edition Dark Elves Army Book: chomikuj Vampire.

A flaming banner works well for monster hunting. Did I mention that the cold one gets 2 S4 attacks? This unit can grind down S3 infantry over time.

I wouldn't risk it against S4. Never take this unit deep with ranks because the amount of S4 cold one attacks you lose is saddening. Verdict: An amazing cavalry unit that really puts out the pain on the charge and because of the cold ones can do damage off the charge.

Dark Elves 8th Edition Warhammer Army Book

Never forget stupidity. It has shafted me a couple of times even though they are Ld9.

Don't forget fear either because you might get the advantage on a unit of chaos warriors. They die really easy. But, they have 2 S4 attacks at WS5 that always reroll failed hit rolls via eternal hatred. They are also stubborn and ItP on Ld9. I like to field this unit in a 5x5 or pushing the cauldron of blood.

The 5x5 is a reliable block that I know for a fact that they are not breaking or fleeing.

Throw this unit against S3 goblins and chop away while losing too many of your men. This unit is slightly over-costed, but are heavily reliable. I also think that spearmen do their job better by being cheaper and getting steadfast. Verdict: A reliable unit to hold an area but are too easily killed for their points value. They are scouts that have all the dark elf goodness with the option for great weapons.

Who doesn't like striking at I5 with great weapons against helpless dwarf crewmen? Just be very careful where you decide to deploy them because they are 2 points less than a knight errant with NO armor save or ward save. If you deploy badly with them, they will be blasted off of the table by shooting. This hybrid unit is also your elite archers by being skirmishers with BS5 repeating crossbows! Stuff will die by these accurate bolts without a doubt.

Having these guys in your opponent's backfield will ruin his day as he diverts effort into killing these guys while leaving his main line weakened. Verdict: A strong skirmishing scout unit that will kick warmachine crews' asses and put the hurt down at long range. Your opponent's will underestimate this unit and be utterly raped by them. Or they'll just shoot them off of the table.

Every list should have a unit of these just as every bretonnian list features pegasus knights. These guys will get shot to hell and back like black guard, but are not ItP and may panic, but ar Ld 9 so they probably won't.

I would always take one steadfast block of these guys in every game to counter monstrous cavalry and heavy cavalry or heavy infantry. Just beware that after they strike at I5 no rerolls to hit , they will take a beating. They will also make all of their to wound rolls by being S6 with Murderous Prowess. Try to avoid shooting the best you can as it will decimate their numbers quite quickly. Verdict: A unit much needed within the Dark Elf army.

Forget about high elf chariots right now. The survivability of this is enough reason to take it. On top of this, it is pulled by two cold ones that get two S4 attacks a piece.

It also causes fear and has stupidity which I think will rarely hinder it. They are currently one of the cheapest armies of 40k and they have great kits that you can convert with relative ease. In addition, causes a leadership test with a -2 modifier. If passed nothing happens. If failed, the wielder has -5 to their weapon skill to a minimum of 1 but gains the Heroic Killing Blow rule until the end of the round.


At points, it takes your full magic item allowance and isn't worth it. Mathwise it's only marginally better than the Sword of Bloodshed and it doesn't fix the main problem most Elves have, they don't have too little attacks, they have too little strength not to mention HKB isn't likely to happen even at the Ld8 you'll be testing at, and isn't worth it when it does. Chillblade Now wounds automatically.

Any unsaved wounds cause a toughness check which, if failed, cause -3 to the attacks characteristic of the model. Costs the same. Better against high toughness opponents than the previous version, but worse against low toughness opponents. It is, in theory, a very versatile weapon and could be incredibly useful because one of your key weaknesses is strength, and if they are a low toughness highly offensive character, then there's a good chance that they will completely lose offensive power, and generally you will be going first so you can just DOMINATE.

The Black Amulet Same as the previous version, except it only rebounds wounds in a challenge and costs 60 points. Use only on a character intended for challenges. Ring of Hotek Now costs 50 points. Grants Magic Resistance 3 , makes any enemy wizard casting spells at the wearer or a unit within 6' miscast on a double 1 as well as a double 6 without making the double 1 Irresistible force.

Surprisingly not as cheesy or prone to backfiring as the previous version. Worth taking if you can spare the points. Black Dragon Egg Similar to the previous version, except it's 50 points, now grants S6 as well and the breath weapon is S2 with no armor saves.

Still good, but pricey. Gives the wearer Killing Blow and Multiple wounds D3 in the first round of any close combat. For 50 points, a good item, but make sure it's used to its fullest potential on a combat character, preferably a Dreadlord or an Assassin. Putting it on a model with the Chillblade is downright cruel, and capable of killing a Dragon in one turn as even though you won't be using Killing Blow, auto-wounding at D3 Wounds is pretty much guaranteed to kill the opponent anyway.

The Gem of Spite Inflicts a S6 hit on every enemy wizard in 12 when the bearer miscasts. Any wounds can be mitigated but your opponent must sacrifice a dispel dice for each wound.

A good item for a close-range Sorceress, especially a Supreme Sorceress. Same points cost and quite a nice boost to help pimpslap the enemy with dark magic not to mention more chance of the dark magic lore attribute kicking in , just be careful you don't go overboard on sacrifices and hamper the unit's effectiveness.

For max use have a sorceress in a large squad - this will provide plenty of corpses and will also help keep her even more safe from harm. For 25 points, a wizard can choose one of their spells instead of rolling for them if they're using the Lore of Dark Magic.

If you're taking a wizard who's using Dark Magic, don't leave Naggaroth without it. Banner of Nagarythe Makes all models in the unit with it and any Shadow Warriors including Alith within 12' unbreakable. Now costs only points, though the previous version was still better.

Giant Blade: Note that despite it sounding like a slow weapon that would negate your ASF, it doesn't. Sword of Bloodshed: Too expensive for what it does.

While it can put the hurt on hordes, a Dreadlord should not be fighting chaff and it lacks the punch to hurt the rare hordes of elites. Obsidian Blade: Ogre Blade: Take if it you already took the Chillblade, Giant Blade or if you needed the 20 points you'd spend on the Giant Blade for something else. Sword of Strife: Once again, you don't need more attacks you need stronger ones.

Fencer's Blades: WS 10 and an extra attack for 35 points. The Dreadlord already has WS7, and thus this isn't that great when you could bump up his Strength or even his Attacks. Sword of Anti-Heroes: Could be good, could be great in a tailored list.

Spellthieving Sword: For each wound a caster receives from this weapon, they lose a random spell. Generally speaking facing a wizard in close combat means a dead wizard.

It can really shine on an Assassin if they can take it. Otherwise, not really worth it. Sword of Swift Slaying: Grants Always Strikes First. Ever since the 8th edition Dark Elves army book this is useless. Berserker Sword: Bearer has Frenzy and cannot lose it.

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Sword of Might: Gold Sigil Sword: Makes your attacks 10 Initiative in close combat. Maybe for a cheap buff if you have the points to spare. Sword of Striking: Relic Sword: Not worth your time. Shrieking Blade: Bearer causes Fear. Unnecessary as characters can just take a fear-causing mount, and most would need a weapon to help them kill things. Sorceresses and the lord version can get some mileage from this if they have to be on foot.

Tormentor Sword: Grants Stupidity to a monster or character hit by it. Only really useful against armies loaded up on those options, so it's a tailoring list option that's questionable otherwise.

Warrior Bane: Whatever gets hit by it loses an Attack to a minimum of one. Armour of Destiny: Not a bad selection and a cheaper way to get heavy armour with a nice benefit. Trickster's Helm: Just no, you're Toughness 3, nobody has problems wounding you, focus on armour and wards, not whatever the hell you think you can pull off, and it costs 50 points.

Just no. Armour of Silvered Steel: Redundant when any Dark Elf character who needs it can get the same from mundane means for much less points.

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Armour of Fortune: A good all-comers choice. Helm of Discord: Your character will dominate challenges.

Nice if that's your plan or if challenges are your fear. Glittering Scales: Light Armor, causes -1 to hit the wearer in close combat. Surprisingly good.

Shield of Ptolos: Pair it with the Sea Dragon Cloak and you have nothing to fear from ranged combat. Not bad if you think you'll face it. Gambler's Armor: Combines well with a Sea Dragon Cloak and good for Masters.

Enchanted Shield: It's a shield, it grants 2 armor instead of the 1 armor a normal shield gives. It's a great option. Charmed Shield: Not bad, not great.

Talisman of Preservation: Very nice option, but it limits your offensive choices due to its 45 point cost. Obsidian Lodestone: Magic Resistance 3. Pricry, though it has potential. Re-roll failed Armor Saves. Talisman of Protection: Not bad as a way of finishing off those last 15 points. Seed of Rebirth: Again, not a bad way of using up those last points on survivability. Otherwise, no go. Dragonbane Gem: Leo rated it it was ok Mar 16, Matthew Smale rated it really liked it Jul 10, Alex rated it really liked it Aug 23, John Somers rated it really liked it Jan 20, Adrian Roua rated it it was amazing Apr 04, Evan rated it really liked it Dec 22, Reggie Schildmeijer rated it really liked it Dec 29, Brian Janeczek added it Sep 18, Kellen marked it as to-read Jan 25, Karl Mai marked it as to-read Feb 24, Billy Candelaria marked it as to-read Aug 19, Kyle Bridge added it Oct 06, Jesper Tvenge added it Jun 08, Alex Groskopf marked it as to-read Jul 01, Michael Richards marked it as to-read Oct 24, Nathan marked it as to-read Nov 01, Srka added it Nov 10, Hohoo added it Dec 09, Com marked it as to-read Apr 03, Damian Raponi marked it as to-read Apr 08, Troll added it Jun 26, Lexy marked it as to-read Aug 01, Michael marked it as to-read Aug 02, Edward Tout marked it as to-read Aug 04, Manolis Avramakis marked it as to-read Aug 23, Nikita marked it as to-read Sep 25, James Nunu added it Nov 16, Frank Salanter added it Jan 04, Sky Cressy marked it as to-read Jan 23, The two anti-armour spells - Searing Doom and Golden Hounds of Ghenna - can be used against the one or two high armour saving throw enemies that most armies have, including monsters with scaly skin saves also meaning Lizardmen aren't safe from this lore.

Given that Strength tests are the worst nightmare for most Dark Elf units, it can be worth making sure your sorceress is casting from a little way away from the rest of your army if you are going to give this spell a go. Curse of the Midnight Wind is fun, a good 'fuck you' button to an elite unit, but I recommend using it on something you're charging Witch Elves into, as it help your elves get through it's armour save, and Witch Elves getting hit and wounded less is fantastic. While it can put the hurt on hordes, a Dreadlord should not be fighting chaff and it lacks the punch to hurt the rare hordes of elites.

Run the unit with only 2 Sisters champ and banner and the shrine in the front rank.