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They thought the hunt for 39 Clues leading to the source of that power was over. Now Amy and Dan have only days to fulfill a bizarre ransom request or their captured Vespers Day of Doom Vespers, EPUB, Solidfiles. The 39 Clues: Cahills vs. Vespers has 12 entries in the series. Vespers (Series ). Book 5. Linda Sue Park Author (). cover image of Day of Doom. Search. Advanced. Title details for Day of Doom by David Baldacci - Wait list. Day of Doom. The 39 Clues: Cahills vs. Vespers Series, Book 6. by David Baldacci.

Juvenile Fiction Mystery Suspense. Also in This Series. Similar Titles From NoveList. Similar Series From NoveList. Similar Authors From NoveList. Published Reviews. Reviews from GoodReads. Loading GoodReads Reviews. Copy Details. Citation formats are based on standards as of July Citations contain only title, author, edition, publisher, and year published.

Citations should be used as a guideline and should be double checked for accuracy. Staff View. Grouped Work ID:. OverDrive Product Record images cover: ISBN value: ASIN value: Kindle Book id: OverDrive Read id: Author name: Vespers subtitle The 39 Clues: Vespers Series, Book 6 id 6adfdbbbafeb starRating 4. DayofDoom partCount: Copying value: Printing value: Lending value: ReadAloud value: ExpirationRights value: From the book formatType: Author fileAs: Baldacci, David name: David Baldacci publishDate T A shadowy organization known only as the Vespers snatched seven members of the Cahill family and demanded a series of bizarre ransoms from around the world.

Thirteen-year-old Dan Cahill and his older sister Amy began a global treasure hunt, determined to bring back whatever Vesper One needed, so long as it kept the hostages safe. But when they deliver the last ransom, Amy and Dan discover Vesper One's terrifying endgame.

The objects he demanded are vital pieces in a Vesper plot that will harm millions of innocent people. Now the two siblings and their friends are in an all-out sprint to stop Vesper One. Grade 3 popularity links self: English subjects value: Juvenile Fiction value: Mystery value: Vespers Series, Book 6 publisher Scholastic Inc. Works on all eReaders except Kindles , desktop computers and mobile devices with with reading apps installed.

Kindle Book. Works on Kindles and devices with a Kindle app installed. OverDrive Read. I mean, there are lots of other places Isabel could be traveling to in DC. Amy gazed at him, not longingly this time, but sternly. Yeah, I really do.

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She looked at everyone. Start packing. Were outta here. Everybody scattered to get ready for the trip. When he was alone, Dan got down on his knees and reached under the couch. He pulled out a silver flask. Inside it was a second dose of the serum.

He had made two as a precaution. Not because he thought Amy would sabotage what he had done, but because it was always good to have a Plan B. It wouldnt do anything to adversely affect the serum, but it might make it taste better. He put the flask away in his knapsack. As he finished packing, Dans intentions were clear. If it came to it, he would still take the serum. If there was no other way for the Cahills to stop the Vespers, he would die trying. It was just. Sacrifice for the greater good was part of who he was, and who his sister was, too.

And next time, Dan would make sure that neither Amy nor anyone else would be able to stop him. He was going to beat the Vespers, even if it killed him.

He grabbed his bags, joined Amy and the others, and off they trudged to the train station to catch a ride to DC. And a possible confrontation with one of the deadliest, and meanest, people Dan had ever met. Youre going down this time, Isabel Kabra, thought Dan as he got in the cab. The breaths still came hard and fast for some. And the tears were still falling.

Alistair Oh had been dead only a short time and the grief still lay heavy and hurtful over all the remaining hostages. Understanding death was always hard. Premature death in close proximity was harder still to comprehend. Nellie Gomez rubbed her healing but still painful shoulder and brushed her. It felt like years had passed since she had been snatched off the streets of Paris.

She wasnt sure exactly how much time had elapsed, but she had a sinking feeling that the odds of their ending up as Alistair had were growing by the minute. She looked around at the other hostages. Reagan Holt, normally the Energizer Bunny of the Tomas clan, was sitting on her haunches staring at her dirty sneakers. It looked like her batteries had finally run out. Natalie Kabra, the fashion queen of the Lucian branch, sat looking equally moody and depressed.

Nellie sort of blamed Natalie for her wound. After all, it had appeared the. Vespers were going to shoot Natalie first, but a voice ordered them not to. So they had shot Nellie instead. Thanks a lot, Nellie thought as she gazed with unfriendly eyes at Natalie. But then again, Isabel had also shot Natalie in the foot when they were all after the 39 Clues. And Natalie had managed to get the bullet out of Nellies shoulder when Phoenix had failed to do so.

Okay, she had been able to do it because she was a great eyebrow-plucker and could wield tweezers like nobodys business. And her eyes had been closed the entire time shed searched for the bullet because shed been totally grossed out by the gunshot wound. But still, she had gotten the bullet out. And shes probably missing her brother, Ian, thought Nellie. But Im. Nellies gaze moved to the spot that Phoenix Wizard normally would have occupied.

Phoenix had died while attempting to escape. At least he was free from the Vespers, but Nellie missed him a lot. She next looked at Ted Starling.

The teenager gazed at nothing, literally. Badly injured during an explosion when looking for the 39 Clues, Ted could see only light and dark, nothing else. But he was plucky and had held up as well as any of the hostages. The only other adult hostage Nellie worried about was Fiske Cahill.

He and Nellie were the guardians of Amy and Dan, and Fiske was the de facto head of the Madrigal branch and nearly seventy. Long known as the Man in Black, and a tough, tenacious dude, he looked, to Nellie, defeated.

I suppose I look beaten to everyone else, she thought. Nellie was about to say something to Fiske when they heard the footsteps approach. Like wounded animals, each of the hostages instinctively hunkered down and slid as deeply into the shadows as they could.

None of them ever took it as a good sign when that door opened. All of them probably had the same thoughts running through their minds: Is this it? Is today the day we die? The door swung open. A voice called out, Were moving you. Get up!

The hostages all slowly rose together as though tethered by rope. Fiske Cahill said, Where are we going? The voice said condescendingly, What does it matter to you, old man? Come close enough and Ill show you how well an old man can kick your butt.

Day of Doom

Nellie smiled. Now that was the Fiske Cahill she hoped still existed. The voice said, But before we leave, you have one more thing to do. You get to say good-bye to your little friends, Amy and Dan Cahill.

This statement sent chills through all the hostages. Were they going to die? Or were Amy and Dan? But one of them, Ted, saw an opportunity, even with his very bad. The hostages trudged out of their prison, unsure of what the future would hold.

As Fiske Cahill passed one of the guards, the man said, You talk big for an old fart. It was the same man who had told them they were moving. Big talk this, replied Fiske as he whipped around and landed a side kick right into the guards gut, sending him flying back against the wall and slumping to the floor. Fiske bent down and whispered to the battered man, That was for Alistair.

As other guards converged on him, Fiske straightened and said simply, Terribly sorry about that. Lost my balance. Happens to old farts all the. The command center in Attleboro was a lonely place. Only Ian Kabra and Evan Tolliver were there presently. They were both working hard, but they also felt disconnected from the action.

And Ian was particularly gloomy because his sister was a hostage, and it didnt seem like there was any way to get her back. Has my mother won?

Evan pounded his keyboard like. He kept stopping to adjust his Coke-bottle glasses, which partially obscured his deep blue eyes. Evan lived for computers. In fact, he could not live without them. He looked up. Hacked Sineads e-mail account. Think I hit the jackpot. Well, at least its something we didnt know before. Ian looked over Evans shoulder at the string of e-mails on the screen. He read quickly.

Well now, shes emailed back and forth with this Riley McGrath chap. Ian read some more of the e-mails. Hes a park ranger. Looks like she had a bit of a romantic thing for him. However, Im not interested in Sineads love life. And I dont quite see how that. While Ian had been reading, Evan had switched over to another computer. Heres how. I looked up Riley McGrath. Pretty difficult for him to be emailing Sinead. Whys that? Because hes been dead for ten years. As Ian stared quizzically at him, the cell phone they kept at the command center buzzed.

Ian looked at it. I dont recognize that number. Better answer it, said Evan. The only people who know this number are people we probably need to hear from. Ian answered the phone.

Who is this? Is this Attleboro? Exactly who would like to know that information? This is Phoenix Wizard.

Ian and Evan gaped at each other. Could this really be Jonahs little cousin? It certainly sounded like him. Phoenix, Ian and Evan here, said Ian. Can you tell us exactly where you are? Evan chimed in, But first, are you all right? When Phoenix next spoke his voice was shaky and both Evan and Ian could. I almost got killed when I was escaping, Phoenix said. It was really scary. I dont know how I made it through. I thought I was going to die. Now both Ian and Evan could hear the little boy sniffling.

Next a small sob escaped his lips. Right, Phoenix. This is Ian. I want you to take two deep breaths for me. Can you do that? I can try. Two deep ones. Let me hear them. They heard two long breaths and then Ian said, Brilliant, Phoenix. Best deep breaths Ive ever heard. Now, I know your ordeal has been simply awful, but it would be very helpful if you could just.

Evan added, And that way we can come and help you, Phoenix. Precisely, said Ian. You neednt be alone anymore. We will come to your aid with alacrity. That means really fast, said Evan, giving Ian an annoyed look. After a few more sniffles and another long breath, Phoenix said, After I escaped, I managed to get to a road. A man gave me a ride in his truck to a motel. Im calling from there. Something seemed to occur to Ian and his face turned ashen. But where are the others?

Is my sister, is she. Ian shouted this last part into the phone. Evan gripped his shoulder. Just chill, dude. Lets hear what he has to say. In a lower voice he said, And lets verify it is Phoenix. In a louder voice he said, Phoenix, what are your cousins two favorite words?

Word and bro. With yo and fly close behind. Thats Phoenix, said Ian. Phoenix said, I was able to get away from the Vespers. Id been wandering through the mountains for a long time before I reached that road. Evan said calmly, Were really glad youre okay, Phoenix. But can you tell us exactly where you are? In Washington State.

Near the Cascade Mountain Range. He gave them the exact address of the motel. If you get. I know right where it is. Evan said, Just hold tight, Phoenix. Hide as best you can.

And dont talk to anybody. Well be there as fast as the plane will take us. Ian added in a nervous tone, Phoenix, when you managed to escape, was everyone, was Natalie. He again couldnt finish. They were all alive, said Phoenix. Okay, thanks, said Ian. Thanks a lot. As soon as the phone went dead, Evan fired off an e-mail to Amy telling her about the call.

But it bounced back. Crap, snapped Evan. He tried again with the same result. Ill call her on the mobile, said. But the call would not go through. What the heck is going on? Weve got to reach Phoenix before the Vespers do, said Ian. Well try to contact the others on the way. Now lets jolly well get a move on. In five minutes they were packed and out the door. Two hours later they were on a flight to the state of Washington.

The Acela train was running smoothly on its way to DC. Amy, Dan, Jake, and Atticus were occupying a four-person table in one of the train cars. Dan had gone to the caf car to get some food and had brought back snacks and drinks for the others. The room service meal seemed like a long time ago, though it really hadnt been. They were all at an age where the calories seemed to be burned. They had opted for the train because the earliest flight they could get out of New York would not have gotten them into DC faster than the train.

And the train would carry them into Union Station, which was only a short cab ride away from the National Museum of American History. Amy had just put down her bottle of water when her phone buzzed. She picked it up and looked at the incoming text.

Her face froze. Dan, who had been watching her, said, Vesper One? She nodded and handed him the phone so the others could see the message. Would you like to see the hostages one last time? Vesper One had helpfully provided a password-protected link on the web. Amy drew a long breath and readied her laptop. The train was full, so they decided to go out into the vestibule between train cars, where they could have some privacy. Amy carried her laptop while the others fell into step behind her.

It was like they were marching to see an execution. The dread was clear on each of their faces. They huddled in the vestibule while Amy hit the link on her computer screen and then put in the password. They drew closer when the screen fired up, and the dread on their faces deepened. The remaining hostages were lined up in a row.

They looked dirty, beaten,.

There was duct tape over their mouths and their hands were bound behind them. Alistair wasnt there, of course, and neither was Phoenix. Amy and the others knew Alistair was dead and that Phoenix was missing and probably dead as well.

A robotic voice came on over the laptops speaker. It was Vesper One. His tone was one of unabashed triumph.

I just wanted to thank you for all of your help. I consider you my partners in bringing about the victory of my family over yours. Indeed, over the world. Without your valuable assistance in gathering the elements I needed, my plan would never have succeeded.

I want you to keep that in mind over the short period of time you have left to live. The voice. Lying is just what we Vespers do.

And we do it so well. Makes life so much easier. They all looked at one another, the fury evident on each of their faces. I want to kill that guy, snapped Dan. And then bring him back to life and kill him again. And keep doing it until he just disappears to nothing.

Unfortunately, he said all this right as a conductor walked by. When the man looked at him oddly, Dan pointed to the computer and said, Uh, fantasy football league. My guy totally blew it.

I feel your pain, said the conductor. My guy threw four interceptions. Im thinking about becoming a hockey fan. As he walked off, Dan glanced back at the screen. Atticus pointed at it. They all stared at where he was pointing. The hostages couldnt say anything because of the duct tape. But their eyes were visible. And one of the hostages was doing something very interesting.

Ted Starling was blinking. But he was doing so in a highly unusual way. It took Atticus a few moments to realize why. Hes blinking Morse code. Atticus grabbed a notepad and pen from his jacket and watched the screen. Amy, he said. Back it up a little. She did, and Atticus watched as Ted blinked and blinked and blinked. Atticus started scribbling on his pad while the others watched. When the screen finally went dark Amy said, Did you figure it out?

Atticus nodded. I believe so. Riley McGrath, said Dan. Whos he? Amy said slowly, I dont know. I wonder why Ted thinks hes Vesper One, said Atticus equally slowly, as though he was trying to answer the question before he finished saying it.

I dont know, said Amy again. She suddenly looked sick to her stomach. Excuse me, she said. She handed Dan her computer and slipped into the bathroom and shut and locked the door. Jake glanced anxiously at Dan. Do you think shes okay? No, of course shes not okay, exclaimed Dan.

Alistair is dead. The hostages are still hostages. Phoenix is dead. And Vesper One basically told Amy that we were the ones responsible for destroying the world. After shes done in the bathroom, Im going to go in there to throw up, too.

Dan slumped down to the floor and stared at his shoes. Thats something. We just know that Ted thinks. Thats not the same thing as it being a fact. Dan said, And how does that help us? We dont know where the hostages are located. For all we know theyre already dead.

That web link could be old. And now Vesper One has everything he needs to wreck the planet. Lets have a party. Jake said angrily, Hey, I know all that, okay? Im just trying to stay positive. Dont bother, shot back Dan. It just makes you look stupid, because there is nothing, absolutely nothing, to be positive about.

Jake was about to respond when the. Amy stood there, a determined look on her face. However, Dan did notice that her cheeks were red, her nose runny, and she looked like she had scrubbed her face hard to wipe away the tears.

Okay, listen up, because heres the deal, she said. All we can do is keep trying. Vesper One has the upper hand now. Alistair and Phoenix are dead. The hostages might be, too, soon. But we have a lead. Were going to follow that lead. If we can catch Isabel, we may have some bargaining power. And even if we dont, we can still find out what she wants in DC. That might help us somehow. I know it doesnt sound like much. But its all we. So we can sit around feeling sorry for ourselves, or we can keep fighting.

I dont know about you, but I plan to keep fighting. She took her laptop from Dan and marched back to her seat. The guys all looked at one another. Wow, said Jake.

Not what I expected. Dan said hotly, What did you expect from her? Well, she did sort of crack up about twenty-four hours ago, pointed out Atticus. Everybody is entitled to one meltdown, Dan said loyally. But shes not going to give up again!

Hey, you sounded like you had given up, Jake reminded him. Dan started to shout something back but stopped. Youre right. I did.

But I was wrong, he said quietly. Atticus added, And the last thing we need is to start fighting with each other. We have plenty of bad people to fight as it is. Jake said, Atticus is right. Im sorry, Dan. He put out his hand. Dan shook it. Its cool. Sometimes this fighting-global-evil-to-save-theworld thing starts to get a guy down. Jake grinned. I know exactly how you feel. The three of them went off to join Amy in the fight.

It was Dan who first noticed it. Hed been doodling on a napkin. Amy was surfing on her computer, no doubt trying to find some helpful lead or bit of information that would help them defeat the Vespers. Maybe she was looking at the floor plans for the Museum of American History in case they had to make an escape from it. It seemed to Dan that they could build a business out of escaping from museums,.

Jake was leaning back in his chair staring at the ceiling. But he would occasionally glance over at Amy, and Dan would roll his eyes at the puppy-dog look Jake gave his sister. Atticus had his eyes closed, but Dan knew he wasnt sleeping.

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He was thinking. Atticus was always thinking. That came with having a brain the size of a watermelon. So Dan had glanced out the window. They were, he thought, just passing over the Delaware River.

But he wasnt looking at the river. He was looking at the sky. He sat up straighter and pressed his face to the window, his eyes pointed up at such a harsh angle they hurt.

Was the sky. And were the clouds actually moving that fast? It was like one of those zoomtrack weather maps that accelerated the movements of storm and cloud patterns. But this was real. A second later a gust of wind hit the train so hard that it actually rocked back and forth. For a terrifying moment Dan thought that they were going to plummet into the water.

He looked around at the others. While they all seemed to have noticed the buffeting wind, they werent looking outside. Dan glanced at some of the other passengers. They all were staring at their computers, or reading books or newspapers. Not one of them had noticed the weather. Maybe thats how the world was now, thought Dan.

Everyone was so wrapped up in his or her own little world. Uh, Amy, said Dan. She looked up, obviously annoyed at this interruption. He pointed out the window. She glanced past him. Her alarmed expression told Dan that she saw what he saw. Now Jake and Atticus were looking out the window, too. The sky is. How can the sky be purple? Is there a rainbow somewhere around?


It might simply be a case of light refraction combined with other elements to create some sort of optical illusion. Theres no rainbow, said Dan. And since when have you seen clouds move that fast? They looked upward. The clouds flashed past and were soon out of sight. They all looked at one another. Amy said slowly, It could be totally unrelated to the Doomsday device.

Yeah, said Dan. And I could actually be Justin Bieber, only with a better haircut. Theres nothing we can do about it now, she said. But we can try and narrow down the location of relevant subduction zones. That will tell us where the Vespers may have located the Doomsday device. Good idea, said Jake. Let me help you. He was sitting next to Amy and.

Thanks, Jake, said Amy, smiling at him. Youre really good at helping. Dan watched all this with an incredulous look. He really did want to throw up. He actually stuck a finger down his throat and made a gagging noise. Amy ignored this and said, Subduction zones, fortunately, arent all that plentiful. And in the United States they are pretty few in number. Theyre mostly along the coasts.

Atticus said, Thats still a lot of ground to cover. And we dont have much time. He looked out the window again and observed the ominous celestial happenings. Amys phone buzzed as an e-mail. Dan looked at the device like it was a rattlesnake poised to plunge its fangs into him.

Please dont let that be Vesper One telling us someone else is dead, he muttered. Amy picked up the phone. Its from Evan.

She read the e-mail and her jaw dropped nearly to the table. Amy let out a long breath and tears filled her eyes. Phoenix managed to escape from the Vespers. Thats why he wasnt on the screen with the others. Jake exclaimed, Way to go, Phoenix! Amy looked at him. She didnt know. Phoenix all that well. He had not been a big part of the Cahill family. But he was only twelve and Amy liked him, and when she had thought he was dead, she had felt tremendous guilt.

Now she just felt stupendous relief. Where is he? Dan asked quickly. At a motel near the Cascade Mountains in Washington State. Evan and Ian are on a plane right now to get him.

Phoenix says he can lead them to the hostages. Evan sent me the address of the motel where theyll be. Im going to email him back now and tell him that he needs to get the police involved. I know that sort of goes against the Cahill way of doing things.

But Im afraid if they go after the hostages alone, theyll end up captured, too. Dan said, So we need to get on a plane and fly to Washington.

Lets get off the train at the airport near Baltimore. No, said Amy. We cant do that. Dan looked stunned. What are you talking about? Two minutes ago we had no clue where the Doomsday device was. Or where the hostages were. Now we know. The Cascades, Im sure, has subduction zones. Jake was hitting computer keys with dizzying speed.

He read the screen and looked up. There is an enormous subduction zone located right off the coast of Washington State, he said. Okay, said Dan triumphantly. So we kill two birds with one stone. Doomsday device and the hostages. Were finally a step ahead of the Vespers. What does it matter? And it might be a trap. Or this could just be a wild-goose chase. She had no reason to believe that we could hack into her files, pointed out Amy. And why lead us on a wild-goose chase when, as far as she knows, we have no idea where the hostages or the Doomsday device are?

If shes going to DC at such a critical time, it must be for a very good reason. I agree with Amy, said Jake. Of course you do! Because youre, like, so in loooove with her. Dan barked, So were just going to let Ian and Evan go in alone? With the police, amended Amy. Come on! They cant go to the police, said Dan. What will Ian and Evan tell them?

That some maniac named Vesper One is planning on blowing up the world and all they have to do is search an entire mountain range to find the hostages and a device that Archimedes made centuries ago? And, by the way, thats why the sky is purple? Theyll lock them up.

Atticus said, I think Dan has a point. It would be hard to believe. And by the time the police got up to speed and actually did anything, it might be too late. Amy considered this and said, Okay, Ill call in reinforcements. She picked up her phone and punched in the number. Its Amy. She quickly explained what had happened. I need you and Jonah to fly to Washington State right now. You can fly into Seattle and then get to the motel and meet Ian and Evan.

She paused, her mouth breaking into a grin. After all the bad news it felt terrific to be able to convey something positive. And Ive got great news, she said. Phoenix is alive. And free. He got away from the Vespers. Hell be with Ian and Evan. Thats awesome, Amy, Hamilton said. She heard Hamilton say something to. Jonah and the international superstar grabbed the phone from Hamilton.

Amy, is it true? Is Phoenix really safe? Amy heard Jonahs fab voice crack and she could almost feel the waves of emotion across the ether. He really is, Jonah. Youll be able to see for yourself soon. She heard a little sob escape from Jonah and he said, Thanks. Hamilton came back on the line. Okay, Amy. Well be ready to go right away. When were done in DC, well fly out there. Phoenix will lead you to the location of the hostages.

Do whatever you can to rescue them and stop the Vespers. Well meet you there as soon as. She clicked off and looked at the others. Dan was watching her with a dark expression. Itll be too late, Amy, he said accusingly. I dont think so. If Vesper One believes hes won, hell have a false sense of security. And if we can capture Isabel in DC, well have a hostage that we can bargain with.

Im tired of Vesper One holding all the cards. Dan shook his head stubbornly. But why would Vesper One give up anything for Isabel?

According to you theyre probably competing for the top spot of global megalomaniac.Eleven-year-old Atticus Rosenbloom didnt much look like the last person left on earth whose task was to save the world from destruction. One Summer Enhanced. He put the flask away in his knapsack. The 39 Clues Book 2: And I could actually be Justin Bieber, only with a better haircut.

Youve been a big help. One Good Deed. The Doomsday device will trigger some tectonic plate overload and the result will be Armageddon with thousands, maybe millions of people dead.