Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. When year-old student driver Rebecca Patton kaz-news.info: Driving Lessons eBook: Ed McBain: Kindle Store. Driving Lessons - Kindle edition by Edwin Howlett. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note. Ebook `Driving lessons`: ebooks list of Edwin Howlett.

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Daniel J Siegel. Bob Jordan. Keep Laughing. Walking with Jack. Don J. This lesson will be a lead-up lesson to Motorway Driving. Recognise the safety requirements for setting the car up for you to drive safely this includes.

Making sure the doors are closed properly before driving; setting the seats and steering wheel; fastening the seatbelt and setting the mirrors correctly. This is your first lesson. In this lesson you will learn about the safety of getting in and out of your vehicle and how to set yourself up in the right position for safe driving. We call this the cockpit drill and a good way to remember this drill is by using the acronym DSSSM - doors, seat, steering wheel, seatbelt and mirrors.

It's a very effective book.

Controls Lesson

Breaks down the fundamentals of driving to simple steps that everyone can understand easily. With the book, it makes the whole driving experience easier and makes the lessons more effective.

Definitely a good read and makes you more prepared for driving. This book helped me to drive and pass my test, I was confident in all the subjects by the time I had 15 hours and will definitely recommend it to all learner drivers.

Am a practicing driving instructor and by reading this book, I am now able to teach with confidence. This book doesn't leave me - I take it every where with me!

Strongly recommend Daphne teach yourself driving book, it is definitely one of the driving materials to date that you must read if learning to drive. Home Preview Overview Reviews About. Teach Yourself Driving.

Our amazing guide. In ebook format.

What you will learn from D. Controls Lesson Recognising the safety requirements for setting the car up to drive safely, the seats and steering wheel; seatbelts and setting the mirrors correctly.

Moving Off And Stopping You will be able to move off and stop the car safely. You will be able to deal with different types of skidding and how to prevent them. Anticipation And Planning Understand the difference between pedestrian crossings controlled by traffic lights or a person and crossings which are uncontrolled where people will decide for themselves whether to cross.

You will be able to identify these crossings upon approach and know how to deal with them safely. Traffic And Adequate Clearance Developing the skills required to learn when and who to give priority to first.

You will learn how to avoid collisions with other vehicles and objects. Dual Carriageway and Overtaking Give you more support to join and leave dual carriageways dealing with slip roads. You will be able to read the signs and recognise when to change lanes. You will also learn when it is necessary, safe and legal to overtake vehicles. This lesson will be a lead-up lesson to Motorway Driving.

Sample page from our book Recognise the safety requirements for setting the car up for you to drive safely this includes.Rick Johnson. It's a very effective book. Orphan Train.

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William Donohue. This book doesn't leave me - I take it every where with me! Tragedy strikes when sixteen-year-old Rebecca Patton fatally injures a woman while having a driving lesson. Beach Thing.