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the co-author of Electronics For Dummies and Nanotechnology For Dummies. on interesting book projects and to Chris Morris for managing the editing. Curiosity. – Electronics is pervasive in todays society, and communica- This offering of Electronic Projects will emphasize analog circuit design for communication receivers. .. course Web site as PDF documents with password protection. This book of electronic projects represents some of the very best projects to appear in 73Magazine. Here is one volume you will find projects for electronics.

You may also like Mar Evolution and the Bible Reads: Nov The Earth's orbit Space exploration. Book 1 Reads: Jul Natural Reality Reads: Jun The "Curriculum Only" awards is for those sponsors that would like this access, but who do not need any of the electrical parts. Simple Electronics It's always fun to start with the basics when learning electronics. Using resistors, capacitors, transistors, LEDs, and just a few simple ICs you can try a wide variety of electronics experiments.

+ Electronics Projects For You

For power this kit uses a 9 volt battery not included , and has a breadboard so it is easy to connect up the different circuits according to the instructions.

Breadboard, wires, alligator clips, speaker, a potentiometer, and a 9 volt battery connector are some of the parts included in the basic electronics kit.

With this many little parts it can be very challenging to keep track of them all, and can take quite a bit of time at the end of a class to identify what parts have been misplaced usually onto the floor.

We've tried many different things to address this problem parts lists and zip lock bags , but the latest idea that we've come up with really works well for keeping all of the little electronic parts organized.

Parts cards to keep all of the parts organized.

Laminated 3x5 index cards that have holes punched in them, and some color printing of the various parts has worked wonderfully both for helping find the part that you are looking for especially if you are color blind, and looking for a specific resistor , as well as knowing what parts are missing from your kit so you can check on the floor.

Similar cards to the ones you see here will be included as part of the basic electronics kit as well as subsequent kits. Anti-static pink foam will be included for the cards that have ICs, LEDs, or other things that need something to hold the part to the card.

Once we've given our sponsors a chance to review all of these experiments we plan to make this PDF available to the general public.


One of the more popular experiments that you can do with this kit is to build a dark detector. A working dark detector circuit. Basic Arduino An Arduino is a microcontroller and a little circuit board that has taken the hobbyist and DIYer world by storm.

The software runs on Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems, and was developed to make it very easy to program a microcontroller as part of electronics. Base Arduino module that is part of the "Arduino Basic," and "Arduino Plus" kits, this module includes an Arduino, a LCD screen and a breadboard, all mounted on a plastic base so that circuits don't come apart when they are moved. There are many reasons that the electronics kits that are based on an Arduino are my favorite, including: It has a built-in auto-resetting fuse, so if you accidentally hook up something wrong, it will help prevent damage to the electrical parts it won't prevent every bad thing from happening, but has saved many a component in the circuits we've created.

The Basic Arduino kit contains all of the parts cards from the Simple Electronics kits, as well as the Arduino base module, and a longer USB cable and power adapter so that you can power your experiments without a computer.

To this "base module" the Arduino basic kit we'll add a set of colored breadboard wires the different colors makes it easier to trace each wire and see what is hooked up wrong as well as all of the components of the simple electronics kit all of the experiments from that kit can be done with the Arduino Basic kit.

Another advantage of having the Arduino is that USB power is very easy to come by. There are cheap adapters of all sorts, or battery packs, or you can just plug it into the nearest laptop or computer.

This has made getting an entire classroom of students connected up to power much easier. We sent my cousin age 7 the Arduino kit and the instructions to build the space invaders game.

His dad sent us back this picture. Seeing joy on kid's faces as they build their first circuits is why I get excited about these kits.

Arduino Plus There are several more expensive components that we didn't include in the "Arduino Basic" kit in order to keep the price low.

Price range:

Items such as a DC motor, a SG90 servo, an ultrasonic sensor, a stepper motor are some of these additional components add fun experiments like creating an ultrasonic radar for those that can afford these parts. A SG90 servo turns the ultrasonic sensor back and forth as part of an ultrasonic radar system the playdough was to steady the servo and sensor module so it didn't tip over as it goes back and forth.

The Arduino Plus kit will also include the connectors needed for creating a Tetris game on a TV, and Alligator clip cables for connecting things up in a "Makey-Makey" style to your circuits. An program displaying the live results of the ultrasonic radar experiment the code for the program is written in "Processing" which is very similar to the Arduino IDE.

We've tried many different chassis, and will include in this kit the one that we found to work the best. We've found the two-wheeled chassis works much better than the four-wheeled ones.

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Magnetic Levitation Circuit This is an uncomplicated magnetic levitation diagram which hangs up objects at a predetermined distance underneath an electromagnet.

The two forces applied to cancel each other and the object stays hanging in the air. Sensibly this is done by a circuit which decreases electromagnet force when an object comes too nearby and raises it when the object is far out of the range.

Anti-collision system for trains These days a number of new systems are invented to evade the train collisions. This Engineering project is one such way to confine the train collisions.

GPS modem will discover the current locations of the train through satellite. GSM cell phone is employed to provide appropriate information via SMS to the drivers of the train as well as to the controlling booths.

With the help of this project, the train drivers can obtain clear and updated signal information and the collisions can be evaded. In production units where control is maintained over the usage of power i.

If the predetermined maximum usage goes beyond the limit, the production units have to give a penalty to the electricity department. Therefore an automation method is necessary to work out the problem. The max demand is defined as the product of the current and the voltage that has been used by the loads. The significance of the max demand fluctuates for diverse sub-stations depending upon the load. The collective maximum demand is the instant average value of max demand.

For the convenience of user, the LCD screen is also connected with the microcontroller. Hence, the critical and non-critical loads are coupled through relays. Tongue Motion Controlled Wheel Chair TDS tongue drive system is a tongue operated unobtrusive supportive technology, which can prospectively give people with brutal disabilities a successful computer accessible and environment-friendly control. The chief components are a multi-sensory structure including stereo system vision, auditory range locator and sensors for movement , a mapper, an alarming mechanism and a concrete human-machine interface.

A number of navigation tools are available for blinds as well, but these tools do not work for local pathfinding, collision avoidance, etc. The main aim of this project research is to develop a wearable device that helps the blind to achieve his local direction-finding tasks.

This car parking project has three sections. First one is located at the entrance of the parking gate. The next module is positioned in the parking floor.

The last one is located in the billing division.In most of the analog circuits this would give same results. You can optionally use mirrors to divert Laser to different angles in room. The more complex mechanism offers the landowner the facility to listen and even witness what is occurring within the house in real time.

It examines the sig And this is completely opposite to resistance calculation. For power this kit uses a 9 volt battery not included , and has a breadboard so it is easy to connect up the different circuits according to the instructions. This circuit can be mainly used for indication purposes. It will present an eye catching look as the LED initially travel in the one way and then travel reverse in the similar direction.

Test the circuit in a dark room with Laser light over LDR.