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I can smell that. Amazing that flowers could feel so good. She loved it when her services were appreciated. The blue chamomile is fifty bucks an ounce. Obviously they need to diversify. At this point Gabriel was practically purring.

She wondered if he knew his wings were moving almost like a dog wagging its tail. The feel of his muscles flowing under that golden tan skin… Her imagination played a vivid reel of what that skin would look like pressed against hers.

When she realized that she was touching him more for her pleasure than for his, she stepped away. This black pepper is deadly if you get it into your eyes. The running water soothed her nerves somewhat.

This was hardly the time or the place, especially considering she was the reason he was in trouble to begin with. Of course, his cock was so hard he doubted he could walk, let alone chase her. He closed his eyes, struggling to think of anything, anything but the feel of those strong, soft hands sliding so efficiently over his flesh. Poor thing. He glanced at the closed bathroom door. Needing a distraction, he put his shirt back on and went into the bathroom to splash some water on his face in an effort to calm down.

When he returned to the living room, Ryannon was seated on the couch flipping through the pages of a magazine. Her cat was curled up beside her, and something about the way those turquoise eyes stared at him made him uncomfortable.

He walked over to his trumpet case and removed the instrument before taking a seat in the chair opposite the sofa. He continued to play softly, letting his mood carry him. Though he played with his eyes closed, he could feel Ryannon looking at him almost as intensely as he had felt her touch.

She waited until he paused before she asked a question. He liked that about her; she knew better than to interrupt him while he was playing. I teach a little, and I play in a quartet.

Amazing how well weddings and gigs like that pay. Reading fortunes. Selling aromatherapy. Not to mention the occasional warning to an apocalyptic trigger.

The soreness is almost gone, and the headache is gone. She probably did yoga. You mean there are more people like me? Why would you be the only one? I mean he is God. Presumably he could wipe us out with a crook of his finger.

Well, at least not in the sense you mean. Despite my head injury, I do remember stuff. After all, they were talking about the end of the world. At least not unless he wanted you to. Said God told him that now is the time. This is just a power play for his gullible followers. Maybe you got tainted by the witch. Crazy motherfucker. I was really enjoying you. His eyes closed, his fingers moving slowly over the valves. The notes slid over her skin like a caress, and she shivered in response.

As though he sensed her arousal, Gabriel eyes slowly drifted open and met hers. He pulled the trumpet away from his lips and smiled. Gabriel sighed good-naturedly and resumed playing. Ryannon could still hear the muted notes as she drifted off to sleep.

The knock came again, and she sat up, then told Gabriel to come in. To her surprise he was carrying Geometry—a very agitated and annoyed-looking Geometry. Brave man. How did she get in my room? Ryannon tried to ignore how impossibly sexy he looked wearing just his pajama bottoms. She pretty much goes wherever she pleases. What other witchy secrets are you keeping? My bad. Gabriel frowned. How do they know where we are? For once Geometry was cooperative, an even greater indicator of the danger they were in.

He tucked his handgun into the waistband of his jeans. Gabriel paused after he opened the front door, and it was a good thing he did, because they heard pounding footsteps charging up the stairs. Gabriel closed the door and engaged the deadbolt. They took a moment to slide a straight back chair under the knob as well.

They went out the French doors that opened onto a small balcony.

Though they were on the second floor, the building was backed by a sloping hill. They threw their bags over the balcony first. Afterward Gabriel leaped over, holding the shotgun in one hand.

He landed in a dive roll and was apparently unharmed. He easily caught Geometry in her carrier when Ryannon tossed her over, and then she jumped as well.

Her landing was not as graceful as his, and she took a moment to catch her breath. Gabriel was gathering their things. Call him. His directions were clear and concise. Does he have any idea how these people found us? Gabriel had the little four-cylinder engine of his ancient compact pegged to the max, but their pursuers were driving a much better car of a more recent vintage. The nondescript four-door sedan was still in hot pursuit and gaining on them.

You can call down hellfire. You know, like Sodom and Gomorrah. You are an angel. Have you ever driven in this town? You need hellfire just to get through the Downtown Connector. He narrowly missed being mowed down by an wheeler as he took the next exit.

Resting his left arm on the steering wheel, he turned his upper body to face her. Focus on what it is you want and make it happen. Gabriel turned to the front of the vehicle again, both hands holding the steering wheel. Ryannon watched as he closed his eyes, and she could see his knuckles whiten as his grip tightened. Instead the incineration of the car and its contents was far more subtle.

Then the flame oozed over the rest of the vehicle. One moment it was whole and sleekly new, but gradually, like scorching toast, the car slowly blackened. Gabriel stared at the other car as though transfixed. Ryannon shook him. If someone sees us, they might think we had something to do with it. I just killed two people. Clearly he has a plan. She raised her eyes to meet his, then leaned forward until they were forehead to forehead. She felt the breath hiss between his teeth, and she pulled away before he could respond further.

He stared at her for a long moment before he shook his head. Out of here. Ryannon leaned back against her seat with a sigh. Though now she was seriously beginning to question exactly what that was.

She closed her eyes.

She made herself more comfortable in the bucket seat, and listening to Geometry softly purring at her feet, she drifted off to sleep. He quickly sat down, then glanced around the sparsely populated room before speaking.

Apparently not. Gabriel looked exhausted. Bringing down hellfire must have totally wiped him out. She figured he had an hour, maybe two, before he completely crashed. Despite the early hour, the man was wearing neatly pressed charcoal gray trousers and a rose-colored polo shirt. You know, guns, explosives, stuff like that?

At least not when I was there. He just frowned heavily. Hezekiah was crazy enough to burn an eight-year-old as a witch. What was a stockpile of weaponry after that level of insanity? Gabriel leaned back in his chair while his server poured coffee for them.

He waited until she left before he resumed the conversation. Ryannon realized she was hungry and ordered eggs and country ham as well as pancakes. Evidently both men were equally hungry as they ordered substantial breakfasts as well. After they ordered, Gabriel closed his eyes and rested his head back on his chair.

Where exactly are you sending us? She listened closely as he gave directions to a secluded cabin he owned in the north Georgia mountains. By the time they arrived, Gabriel was nodding off in his seat, and she knew he was done for.

She wondered for a moment how long he would be incapacitated, but looking around the remote location, she concluded that it would take divine—or Satanic—intervention for Hezekiah to find them. Gabriel came awake when she pulled the car into the gravel driveway that led to the cabin. Without conversing, they opened the door and entered the cabin.

It was small with an open floor plan consisting of a great room off a compact kitchen. There were two bedrooms: one with a pair of twin beds, and another with a queensize bed. There was only one bathroom. Despite its size, the cabin was warm and appealing, especially since it had a fully stocked pantry and refrigerator. He reached out a hand toward her. You must be tired too from all that driving. She was hardly worn out from a less than two-hour drive; then again, they had gotten up awfully early, and it was late evening now.

She had certainly earned a rest, and the notion of sleeping with him was appealing. Did she want to be in danger from him? In the bedroom, Gabriel stripped down to his boxer briefs and immediately collapsed on the bed without saying another word.

Ryannon placed her duffel bag on a chair that was positioned to the right of the bed. After changing into her pajamas, she walked down the hall to the bathroom to wash up and brush her teeth.

When she returned to the bedroom, she discovered that Gabriel had turned over onto his back, but he was still shifting restlessly on the bed. She rifled through her duffel bag to get her aromatherapy kit.

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Fortunately she had a moonstone, which would help him cope with the chaos and uncertainty that had recently come into his life. She placed it on the bedside table near his head.

She also had an essential oil blend that should also help with his feelings of being overwhelmed and exhausted. After placing a few drops in her palm, she warmed the mixture in her hands, then rubbed it into his chest. After making sure he was still asleep, she walked around the bed and climbed in on the other side. Already she could tell from his breathing that he was sleeping more peacefully.

Gabriel came out of the stupor slowly, the veils of unconsciousness peeling away like the layers of an onion. Awareness came as his senses absorbed the fact that he was curved around Ryannon spoon-fashion, his front to her back. Her body fitted perfectly with his. He rubbed his cheek against hers; the silkiness of her skin left him craving more contact. Inhaling deeply, he gorged himself on the deliciousness that was pure Ryannon.

So soothing, he could lie there holding her all day. Then she shifted against him, her round bottom cuddling his morning erection in a way that made his eyes cross. She sighed in her sleep, pressing closer against him, and Gabriel groaned out loud.

Well, at least he could do the decent thing and move his hips away from hers before he came all over her ass. Even he knew that would be crass and probably unforgivable. But when he 46 Roslyn Hardy Holcomb tried, she shifted again, as though wanting the contact even in her sleep. He pressed back, grinding his cock against her soft flesh. He did it again, loving the feel of her around him.

He slid his cheek against hers again. God, it felt so good. He had to have her. He slowly turned her in his arms until she faced him, then leaned down and took her mouth under his. He paused to look at her. With her hair braided for bed, he could see the delicate lines of her face, the baby-soft skin that was practically addictive. He felt her startle awake. She stared at him for a long moment, obviously surprised to find herself in his embrace.

He thought for a moment she was going to pull away. Oh God no. Even so, he leaned down to kiss her again, and then she was there, her tongue embracing his, the silky slide of her flesh against his making his erection even harder, and he ground against her frantically.

Okay, a few days, but still, no way in hell was he going to rush this. Ryannon awakened slowly, a sense of being watched disturbing her peaceful slumber. He had been watching her while she slept, and when he smiled slowly at her, she smiled in return.

She closed her eyes and returned the caress with interest. It was almost like they were still in a dream state.

A kiss, then a soft sigh. He reached up to caress her neck as she pressed closer to kiss him again.

Gabriel’s Redemption

Her tongue slid against his aggressively, and she felt his groan of response rumble up through his bare chest. He traced the edge of her pajama top as she watched avidly, longing to feel his flesh against hers. He repeated the motion, this time sliding his finger inside the top, but just barely, insinuating himself into the space between her skin and the soft cotton shirt.

Her breasts were exquisitely sensitive and erotically charged. He dipped his fingers farther under her top like an explorer learning her body by touch alone. His eyes never left hers, adding to the intensity of her pleasure. His nail brushed the circumference of her areola, and her nipples pebbled in response.

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As the fabric scraped her sensitized nipple, she gasped in response. Ryannon looked down as he unbuttoned her pajama top and then slowly pushed the shirt apart. She was fully exposed now, but he never took his eyes from hers. She closed her eyes as his head came down, and his tongue touched her nipple. His breath heated her sensitive flesh, and then his tongue was circling it in slow, wet loops. Ryannon arched on the bed as the wetness of her arousal pooled between her legs. He sucked firmly on her areola.

He seemed to have an uncanny sense of just where and how to touch her, as if he could read her mind or already knew all her secrets—a strange kind of physical intimacy that spoke directly to her body and cared nothing what her mind thought. The way he lingered at her breasts—sucking, licking, teasing, catching her nipples in his teeth, he seemed to know instinctively how sensitive her breasts were and exactly how she liked them treated, just how to squeeze, just where to touch.

He knew just when to punctuate the cloying sweetness of a tongue teasing her nipple with the sharp spear of his teeth. One nipple, then the other—the slow circles, the fluttering tongue, the long, lurid licks, and finally pulling her nipple into his mouth and biting and sucking it.

She could no longer think. She could only feel the force of his desperate, animal sounds of pleasure. Then she and Gabriel could begin their Christmas holidays.

She began typing on her laptop in earnest. He snorted. Why do you ask? You know her—Christa Peterson. We were getting married. I was eager to leave Toronto. Lucia gave him a friendly smile. I only realized what a problem Christa had been after Jeremy Martin persuaded me to take her. We receive a lot of applications and can afford to be choosy.

Lucia removed her glasses. She had trouble with Pacciani in Florence, she had trouble in Toronto, and apparently, she had trouble with Katherine Picton in Oxford this summer. He could explain, in detail, what really happened in Toronto and Oxford, and demonstrate the lengths to which Christa would go for a sexual conquest.

He pulled his glasses out of his pocket and then put them back again, acutely aware of the words Julia and St. Francis would whisper in his ear. Exposing Christa would also expose himself and Julianne. And she deserved to be able to stand in a room filled with academics and be seen for herself, and not as part of a scandal.

Lucia was a friend, but not a close one. For her sake, and the sake of her reputation, he decided to try a different tack. Sylvain Reynard Gabriels Redemption Download ebook Sylvain Reynard Gabriels Redemption in pdf kindle epub format also available for any devices anywhere. Professor Gabriel Emerson has left his position at the University of Toronto to embark on a new life with his beloved Julianne. Gabriel's Redemption by Steve Umstead is a science fiction that I have been waiting to read for a long time.

Books like Gabriel's Redemption are the reason I started reading science fiction as a young man. Page 1 Prologue Florence, Italy The poet pushed back from the table and looked out the window at his beloved city. Though her architecture and streets called to him, they did so with hollow voices.One stroke.

She has quite a nasty attitude with pretty much everyone but me. There was an occasional blurb when the church did some good deed or another, but very little concrete information on them, not even so much as a photograph.

He sighed when she stepped back, finally taking her hand away. Of course, maybe she was simply responding to the notion of being courted while they were on the run with a passel of crazy people on their tail.