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Uploaded by: JOHNETTA - download Shri Garbh Geeta (Hindi), Pack of 10 book online at best prices in india on Read Shri Garbh Geeta (Hindi), Pack of 10 book reviews. provides services of Garbh Geeta in Nepali in pdf, Read Garbh Geeta Garbh Geeta in Nepali E-Book, Free Download Garbh Geeta in Nepali Book. Garbhpat Uchit Ya Anuchit (Bengali); Garbh Paat Uchit ya Anuchit (Hindi ). गर्भगीता: Garbha Gita. Item Code: NZB Cover: Paperback. Edition: Publisher: Khemraj Shrikrishnadass. Language: Hindi. Size: inch X

Tushar Dashora, Author of Spiritual Secrets of Pregnancy and Childbirth the questions asked to Tushar include his writings, his book and his thoughts Dr. He did his post-graduation M.

Medical College, Udaipur-Rajasthan. Joined by his wife Dr.

Garbh Sanskar

This book is a unique attempt to amalgamate science with its higher counter-part i. Alok Mishra: Dr.

Tushar, I would like to begin by telling you that your book is one of those rare ones which my father reads before me! How did you do that? How could you think of a theme which is so different? Tushar Dashora: Oh, yes ….

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This is actually one of the commonest compliment I receive from my readers. Many expecting women and would-be fathers call to tell me that the book is being read by their Moms and Dads with equal enthusiasm! Actually, we Indians have deep spiritual roots and wherever we are we love to know more about spirituality.

Hence, I consider it as a blessing for my book whenever I hear that a senior person has been showing interest in it!

Pay my regards to your father and tell him I seek his blessings too. Alok Mishra: Being a doctor yourself, dear Tushar, anyone might ask you this, how were you able to create a concomitance of science and spirituality in your book? You know the Forward to my book has been written by the renowned Neurologist Dr. Ashok Pangariya Padma Shri Awardee …..

He is a reputed academician and a well-known medical scientist…. Why not make use of them? Alok Mishra: How did you prepare yourself for such an important book?

You have mentioned your meeting with Dr. Lalit and the story he told. However, what did you do after that? Tushar Dashora: I have an honest confession to make here. This book has been prepared based on our observations of the effects of various Vedic practices such as yoga, chanting and meditation etc.

This centre is actually the brain-child of my able wife Dr. Smita Dashora who is a Gynaecologist herself and dedicatedly running programmed ante-natal classes at Jaipur.

Your slogan goes here!

So then we have literally collected information both by interacting with spiritual masters and also reading a good lot of scriptures. So, whatever we are saying here in the book has already been practiced by hundreds of expecting woman already! Regarding the latter part of your question: After meeting Dr.

Composed by Dattatraya Ananta Apte in This composition is from the swaninarayan sampradaya. From the same samprAdAya following at http: The Mahimandala Gita is in Odia. It is written by Santha Arakhita Das approximate. Read a short article about this book. Satyasayi Gita composed by Bommakanti Srinivasacharyulu in Sanskrit in his "Gopura Sandesha," among other of his Sanskrit compositions.

Contact the bookstore for a copy.

Yogananda's Parama-Guru of Kriya Yoga lineage. Also arhad and tattvagItA. Not Available in Print or not found Gitas are listed here. Notify us if you find any. Same as Bhagavadgita?

It is a conversation between Lord Manikanta and Rajashekara Pandya, the pandala raja. This book helps the couple right from the stage of planning and preparing for conceiving a child, to the care to be taken throughout the pregnancy, and the care to be met out after child birth.

This book contains details of Ayurvedic concepts and medicines for pregnancy, diet, and Yoga before, during, and after pregnancy. It enlists the daily practices that can enhance the overall health of the child in the womb, the importance of music, the choice of music during pregnancy, and natural diet and therapies that can help the woman get back in shape after child birth.

The book details therapies and practices for complete child care and care for the mother.

गर्भगीता: Garbha Gita

This book is a trusted text based on ancient medical practices. This Marathi Edition was published in and has sold over a hundred thousand copies.As you have already mentioned, you were sceptic at the first instance about the idea of this book.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Actually, we Indians have deep spiritual roots and wherever we are we love to know more about spirituality.

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Jul 15, Ss rated it really liked it. Listening to music and reading to the unborn child can later help make your baby a sound sleeper or induce better sleeping habits. Share your thoughts with other customers. And then, how the readers should enjoy the best of it? My Creation. This respect led to the download of the said book during my pregnancy.