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Teacher's resource materials. ▻ Gateway Online. ▻ Gateway Interactive Classroom. Teaching notes page B1 Workbook answer key page page should learn, and the earlier the better. Here are ten good reasons why! Time to cook! TEENAGERS. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Gateway to life skills: Physical. Topic based units focused on School Leaving exam topics and topics addressing the concerns of the age group such as going to.

There isn't a big 3 4 The computer is a brilliant She doesn't live with her family. She likes having complete 5 You can find a lot of about many different topics on the Internet. Write questions for these answers. My mum is working at the moment. My uncle and aunt live in Liverpool. When you finish, think of similar questions to ask. What do you do on Fridays? I go out with my friends.

Unit 1 International cultural knowledge British teenagers and their parents I Strict parents are parents who have very clear rules for their children to follow and obey. Work with a partner. Do you think these statements are true T or false F? British parents are very strict. British parents don't like being strict. A lot of people are saying that there are problems with teenagers at school, on the streets and in their homes. What, or who, is responsible for these problems?

A recent BBC television series explores these questions. It's called 'The world's strictest parents'.

Is that because British parents are very strict? Just the opposite, it seems. The director of the programme, Andrea Wiseman, explains why they are making it.

She thinks that in the United Kingdom teenagers pay no attention to adults. They don't want to do well at school. They think they can do what they like and they are only interested in new fashions and Hollywood celebrities. Why are British teenagers like this? They don't tell their children to work hard because they don't want their kids to have any stress. The problem with this is that parents give their sons and daughters no cultural values.

When a teenager does something bad and their parents say something, the teenagers immediately say 'My parents are really strict' or 'My parents aren't fair'. So what happens in the TV programme?

Some problematic British teenagers go and live with parents in different parts of the world. They live with families that believe in traditional discipline and cultural values.

In Ghana, Jamaica, Botswana and the southern US state of Alabama, the teenagers have the experience of living with parents who want and expect good behaviour and hard work. The results are interesting. In the end, the British teenagers seem to prefer having strict parents! Read the text.

Check your answers from 1. What is The world's strictest parents'? It's a television programme British adolescents and about discipline. What negative things do British teenagers do, in Wiseman's opinion? What negative things do British parents do, in Wiseman's opinion? What are the negative effects on teenagers when parents act in this way?

What happens to the British teenagers in The world's strictest parents'?

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How strict do you think parents are in your country? I'd like to watch it. Because I'd like to see the British teenagers living in these different countries. What is happening?

Write the number s of the line s where you found the answer. What about you? Present simple and present continuous 1a Look at sentences 1—7 and match them to rules a—g.

Stop it! We use the present simple for: The words in bold are all adverbs of frequency. Choose the correct alternative in the rules a—d. We use the present continuous for: Oh, good! My turn to use the computer at last! Developing vocabulary 4 Write two true sentences about you or other people with these words. Write one in the present simple and one in the present continuous. You can write negative sentences if necessary. My mum never wears jeans.

How many of your sentences are the same? Interview your partner using these questions. What are the first two things you do each morning? What are the last two things you do each night? What are people in your class doing right now? In what ways are you, or people in your family, changing?

What do you usually do at the weekend? What are members of your family doing now? How do you usually spend your summer holidays? Is anybody always doing things that annoy you?

Who and what? I get out of bed and eat my breakfast. Use them to continue interviewing your partner. What subjects are you studying this year? What is your favourite subject? What sports are you doing this year? Synonyms and partial synonyms 1 Look at these words. Do they have similar meanings?

If there is a difference between the words, what is the difference? Each word can have more than one synonym or partial synonym. If there is no difference, choose both. Use words from 1 and 2 and from page 6.

Describe the person you chose in 4. Can your partner guess who it is? She makes a lot of action and adventure films. Is it Angelina Jolie?

Yes it is!

Is it Barack Obama? With your partner, can you think of any other things that are typically English? Did you predict any of them? People usually have a clear idea of a Scottish, Welsh or Irish national identity. But when people think of England they often make the mistake of thinking that England is Britain. In fact, England has such a cultural mix that it can be difficult to decide on a national identity.


Not everybody in England agrees with the results, but they are often fascinating. Take food, for example. The whole world knows about English fish and chips or roast beef whether they like them or not is another thing!

Hm Are You a Human?

But some people might not expect chicken tikka masala to be in the list too. But of course this dish of Indian origin is a perfect example of how two cultures can come together to create something great. Read the text again and answer the questions.

Why is chicken tikka masala such a good English icon? Where does the Rolls Royce get its name from? Which types of people wear bowler hats? What was the origin of the bowler hat? Why were the s important for England? Unit 1. Three cars appear in the list of icons.

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First we have the ultimate status symbol, the Rolls Royce. More than years ago, Charles Rolls and Henry Royce came together with one idea in mind — to make the best car in the world.

The Rolls Royce is world-famous for its luxury and quality.

The second iconic car became famous for its quality, not for luxury — the Land Rover. Two very different items of clothing appear as English icons. First, we have the bowler hat. This first appeared in , made by the Bowler Brothers.

Now we associate it and a black umbrella, of course with city businessmen and bankers. But originally this hard hat was for people working in the country, to protect their heads.

And then we have the mini-skirt. The British fashion designer Mary Quant made the first mini-skirt in Of course, one thing that could stop you wearing a miniskirt is one of the most infamous English icons — the weather! Project 4a Work in groups.

What icons are typical of your country? Make a list. They can be food, drink, sports or clothes.


Imagine you are the daughter. Write the letter. A Portrait of England.

Do you like them? They were all born in Liverpool. Their first record appeared in and in they separated. John Lennon was murdered in New York in George Harrison died of cancer in Work with a partner. Which pet do you think belongs to each person? State and action verbs 1a Look at these sentences. Do the verbs in bold describe states and situations or do they describe actions?

Check your predictions in 1. How many did you get right? In the next task you match the speakers with the correct information. What should you do before you listen? We love animals. Now she likes doing sport. He sounds like his pet. She looks like her pet. Now I know that pets and their owners can be similar. Are they in the present simple or present continuous?

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If not, do you know anyone who has a pet? Then choose the correct alternative. What are you cooking? I want to try it. Their personalities are very different but their appearance is almost identical. For each sentence use one of the verbs and at least one of the adjectives. Hi, Molly.

How are you? Where are you? Ah, yes. Compare predictions. Can they identify which things you are describing? It looks frightening! Is it a snake? Why is it important to reflect on activities when you finish them? Listen again if necessary. We need new players for the team. Do you know Josh, Josh Smith?

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He plays the guitar too. Come on.Writing Sample IV.

British parents don't like being strict. He put it on the seat beside him. So, instead of having long brown hair, her avatar is grey-haired and her face is just a little fatter.

How many did you get right? Reading Comprehension III. Noun suffixes -ment. He and his girlfriend took photos of each other next to the car.

I can make nouns using the suffixes -ment. My grandfather can hear you.