Mi gramática portuguesa: "la estructura gramatical del idioma portugués". Lo más importante para comenzar a aprender portugués, aprender portugués. PDF | 90+ minutes read | On Jan 1, , Gonçalo Fernandes and others published A Primeira Gramática do Português como Língua Estrangeira ( Lugduni. #09 – “Ensinando” español y “falando” portugués en Brasil (leer aquí) #10 – Moderna gramática portuguesa (leer aquí) #11 – Curso de portugués en PDF para.

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Dâstcas (quadro, multo. gramaticais normalmente pares cllLo (numtdor; disto, . vocábulo dos dos 13 Dalavra numerais português principais morfológicas, o as. Gramática Activa Uploaded by André Faria. Portuguese Grammar Book. Copyright: Attribution Download as PDF or read online from Scribd. Flag for. gramatica ativa Cargado por Download as PDF or read online from Scribd . Aventura dos números - matemática_4ºANO +

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Show More. No Downloads. I have a lot of fun reinventing the way I teach each ClicaBrasil lesson and I hope you do too. All the videos in ClicaBrasil are non-scripted.

In fact, they were recorded during informal conversations between me and Brazilians from all walks of life. In transcribing the videos, we were faithful to their speech, maintaining all the hesitations, interruptions, repetitions, and pauses that occur in common speech. In other words, what you hear in the videos is what you read in the transcriptions.

In instances where a grammatical mistake occurs in the speech, we inserted the corrected form in parentheses in the transcription, as in the example:.

However, for reductions, typical of colloquial spoken Portuguese but unacceptable in formal written language, the corresponding formal grammatical forms were not inserted in the transcriptions. Hi, how are you?

I was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro and I've lived here in Salvador for two and a half years. My name is Diana Daou Lucas. I'm a college student and study Advertising and Marketing. Hoje em dia estou aposentada. I'm Eliana Hayne. My grandparents were German, I'm married, have two sons and I'm an educational psychologist.

I was born in the city of Cachoeira, in the interior of Bahia, and currently live in Salvador. I worked on a farm for a long time and then I couldn't bear the countryside any longer so I had to come to the city, right?

I work as a housekeeper, which I've never hidden from anyone. I'm very proud to work as a housekeeper, right? So, anyway, I'm here working. I started to work at a very early age to help out at home. I went to beauty school and worked at a hair salon for many years, until the owner retired. Then I came to Mariana's salon, where I've been for almost twenty years.

I have degrees in both law and journalism, and I have a Masters in literature from the United States. Ah, sou feirante.

I'm self-employed.

My name is Kedma Solange Gomes Ramos. I have two married sons, a three-month-old grandson, and the next grandchild is due in September. I got a job here with Mrs. Mariana, where I have been working for 28 years.

I like my life, a hard life, as it is for so many who come from the Northeast, you know!

That's it. I came to Rio when I was 21 because I was already interested in music and had taken part in several music contests in that region. My name is Mariana do Carmo Miranda but they call me Mara. I'm a hairdresser in Copacabana where I've been quite successful. Business is bad right now, but I've had great success before. Things are not so great right now but we keep going. Eu sou Luciene Martins I'm an artist. I live here in Santa Tereza, at Largo das Neves , a very nice neighborhood, at the end of the tramline here in Santa Tereza.

Nasci aqui, no Rio de Janeiro, cidade do Rio de Janeiro. E [sou] professora. De ioga. Hatha ioga. I'm Olga Zylberglejd, OK? I'm a professor but I coached the Brazilian swimming team for 20 years as well. I established my career here, became well known, had many records released, and never lived anywhere else chasing success because I found it right here. I'm a ballet dancer and dance teacher as well. I teach Portuguese for foreigners and English.

Gramatica Metodica Do Portugues

I'm Socorro Soares da Silva, and I've worked at a farmer's market for 24 years. Saraiva, Rio de Janeiro: Lexicon, Ediouro, Portuguese Content Contributors: Many thanks to: Vivian Flanzer was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where she spent most of her life.

Vivian has a B. She had lots of fun creating ClicaBrasil because it gave her the opportunity to meet and work with amazing people in a project that incorporates her love for Brazil, anthropology, photography, film, writing and, of course, teaching Portuguese. For comments or suggestions please e-mail Vivian Flanzer at vflanzer austin. Introduction Oi gente, bem-vindos ao ClicaBrasil!

Welcome to ClicaBrasil! Boa viagem! Vivian Flanzer. Tips for the Learner: Tips for the Instructor: About the Transcriptions All the videos in ClicaBrasil are non-scripted. In instances where a grammatical mistake occurs in the speech, we inserted the corrected form in parentheses in the transcription, as in the example: Glossary of reductions in colloquial spoken Portuguese: Carioca e moradora de Salvador.

View video. Portuguese Transcription: English Translation: Mineiro do interior. Uma baiana aposentada. Pedagoga baiana. Do campo para a cidade. Cabeleireira carioca. Apaixonada por Salvador. Professora de literatura. Uma nordestina no sul. Portuguesa feliz no Rio. Engenheiro e carioca.

Artistas de Santa Tereza. Carioca da gema. Nascido e criado em Salvador. Feirante experiente. Uns vinte e cinco anos.

About twenty-five years. Lesson Index. Todos os dias. Fim de semana. Rio, de norte a sul.Feel free to skip a lesson or a section, or to do them in a different order. Sustantivos masculinos Sustantivos femeninos Para seres vivos: Upcoming SlideShare. Contos Reunidos. El infinitivo impersonal infinitivo impessoal: