The latest HIARCS tournament opening book is available in Chessbase CTG format (for PC), HIARCS' own HCS format for Mac and PC with regular updates for. We even supplied the HIARCS tournament chess opening book to help Hiarcs14zd(Chessbase ctg), Strong human and computer games. To access the latest and strongest HIARCS Chess Opening Books please Customers who wish to use the CTG format book will need a GUI.

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The new Hiarcs book has been released. The new downloadable tournament book is called "Hiarcs14zbBook" and comes in CTG (for PC. Sollerman I just found here some openings books in CTG format which you can for free ;-) kaz-news.info Also book learning. I think, the Book in Chessbase-CTG-Format is more important for me, but i like the book in Hiarcs own-format hcs too.

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To Cart. Book subscribers should refer to the subscribers download page for our full tournament book in HBG format.

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We strongly recommend that you "Optimize" the book in the Book options dialog so the tournament moves are chosen. The book is very wide even in tournament mode unlike most other books. To update the opening book on your device please follow these steps: Feb Hiarcs14tBook Tournament book.

Dec Hiarcs14tBook Tournament book. Sept Hiarcs14sBook Tournament book.

The Deep Junior Yokohama World Champion engine and is as aggressive and attacking as ever with a wonderful sense for king attacks and dynamic play - an essential partner for any attack minded chess player. The Deep Junior chess program is unique in its understanding of compensation and therefore chess players of all standards can use Junior to gain a deep insight into their games and prepare new exciting lines involving sacrifices with confidence.

Deep Junior Yokohama is the strongest ever Junior and capable of supporting up to 40 cores simultaneously for the ultimate performance.

Read more about Deep Junior for Mac Key features: Read more about Deep Junior for PC June Deep Junior Suitable for all, from beginner to strong Grandmaster with human-like play, energy saving handicap levels and coaching. This power enables your iPhone to play chess like a super Grandmaster, analyse games and chess problems with you, while offering numerous features to help you learn and improve as you play with HIARCS.

HIARCS Chess has a full range of realistic weaker opponents and playing styles catering for all players from absolute beginners to professional Grandmasters.

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On the weaker playing levels HIARCS will make human-like mistakes appropriate to the level of play and this together with the in-built coach watching allows you to learn and improve quickly. In addition it offers these great features: September Rated 9.


September " The playing program is good. It is good enough to beat It gives an excellent entertainment and educational value On the scale of 1 to 10, I give it a 9.

Well done! Retina graphics. Playing ability: This power enables your iPad to play chess like a super Grandmaster, analyse games and chess problems with you, while offering numerous features to help you learn and improve as you play with HIARCS.

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Read more For over 15 years some of the best chess players in the world including multiple World Champions have been using HIARCS to prepare, analyse and play against. HIARCS is the result of 25 years active development by author Mark Uniacke and was the first PC chess program in history to win a match with an International Master and in it became the first chess program on a single processor to draw a match against a Super GM.

This is a performance of Elo which is the best ever chess performance rating of a chess program on PDA in a Grandmaster tournament in history. The greatest performance by any handheld chess computer in history. The essence of Hiarcs style, if we still will use the word, is kind of an unrelenting, sharp, murderous, pitiless ability and hunger for blood Hiarcs kills you as a guy jumping on you with a sword would do.

No matter how good your position seems to be, how solid and ultra defensive, Hiarcs suddenly will find a corner to kick and put all your building in ruins.


It is exhilarating to play it, more, lot more than with any other strong program. It is a real pleasure to be defeated that way.

Fast, lightning, unexpected death. It has the distinction of improving the most per version over the course of it's history as well.I updated today late evening my books.

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Shopping Cart x. Further input is provided by a number of top chess players and subscribers to the book. Sept Hiarcs14sBook Tournament book. Includes statistics from top quality games up to