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Therefore I decided to create this so as to celebrate Japanese Matsuri by featuring an elegant Yukata. In this illustration I tried to make Charizard encapsulated by the pokeball yet powerful at the same time.

With her ivy shawl and crown of flowers, I can confidently say that Rosalinde is a big fan of nature. Em is wearing a traditional Vietnamese hat and dress normally reserved for a formal event.

I never got to wear this as a kid, but always thought the saucer hat was interesting. She sells super-cute artwork with cats and fruits on them, which prompted me to paint her with a cat and an apple on her head.

She now freelances and works on her webcomic, titled Superbitch. Chantico is the goddess of fire, the family hearth and volcanoes. Something of a study on the style of Frank Frazetta.

One of the things that remained in my subconscious was the sandworm creature. Years later I read the Frank Herbert novel and it still remains one of my favourite sci-fi books. This is my interpretation of sandworms. I really love symbology and occultism in paintings, because in my opinion it creates a deep layer of storytelling within the image.

This one shows a time-space traveller just before his journey. I like to find unusual shapes when I design spaceships, but in my mind even this awkward design has a lot of functionality and makes sense.

ImagineFX – January

I tighten up the reflections as well. Adding sharper edges to reflective surfaces always help to suggest a highly polished material.

I decide to paint a roguish male thief running through a crowd. Its important to set the scene in a functional way.

Using a perspective view from below means that I can suggest the presence of a crowd in a simpler way, by just using a few visual hints. I choose the centre of the image as the focus of the action, where Im going to draw my running hero.

This usually makes the picture less dynamic, but I can balance this by tilting the perspective plane.

I lay down a fast sketch while bearing in mind the characters pose, his anatomy and dynamism of his body language. He needs to look as natural as possible; a forced pose can reduce the impact of this action-orientated composition.

Once Im satisfied with my hero, I sketch the surroundings and begin to draw hints of a crowd around him, always keeping in mind the perspective.Watch our videos to gain a unique insight into how our artists create their stunning art valentina Remenar Learn how to concentrate on familiar traits but also add originality when concepting an illustration of a new character that helps expand on the cyberpunk genre.

Workshops 3 Flip the image I find that it helps to reverse the image to see it afresh. In depth Comic art 9 Adjust the Opacity of the line At this stage I chose to drop back my black and red line art because it looks a bit harsh and I want a softer.

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Total Average Net Circulation Featured artists ImagineFX brings together some of the worlds nest artists to share their techniques and inspiration for creating stunning artwork Christian Pearce A year veteran at Weta Workshop in New Zealand, Christian is a self-taught senior concept artist whose spare-time projects are in danger of taking over his life.

Instead of having light and shadow areas.

Krita comes with lots of useful paper textures. Chantico is the goddess of fire, the family hearth and volcanoes. I choose the centre of the image as the focus of the action.

We have ball tools.