PENETRATION (Definitions OF). E. T. R aaa & + a + 4 + 5 ao a + a b + a + + +. R. F. * I++++++++es et a a a + de Pato +3e = * * * * * * + H + 2 + 4 + 4 + 3 + 4 +. 6 Praying To Get Results Gethsemane He prayed, "Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my. Penetration - Ingo Swann. Uploaded by Veronica Andreassen. ingo swann. Copyright: Attribution Download as PDF or read online from Scribd. Flag for.

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Quite expensive too. About $ and I even read it sold for $1, on site. With no further ado, here it is in PDF. Penetration, by Ingo Swann. PDF File Penetration: The Question Full Page {PDF EBOOK EPUB KINDLE} - Ingo Swann . Ingo Swann's- Penetration PDF on-line. Just heard about this on Kerry Cassidy's Whistle Blower Radio Show. She said it was hard to find.

The effect faded after a few trials, as if the plant was learning that the intention was false. When the method of killing was changed, for example, to acid drops, the effect returned and again gradually faded.

Backster and Swann interpreted the results as evidence of plant consciousness. In other experiments, Swann affected the electrical conductivity of graphite samples in remote and localized tests.

Testing also extended to affecting pressurised gas in small canisters. Here, tiny electrodes detected the presence of electrons released from excited gases — similar to a Geiger counter. Swann also succeeded in influencing biological targets such as his own blood cells. The success of these tests encouraged Swann to become more closely involved in psi research.

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Overall scoring across 29, trials was comfortably significant p-value 0. Over time, there appeared significant trends towards improved scoring and decreased variability of scoring.

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Swann was most successful when attempting to influence the RNGs at a distance in a separate shielded room. This result conceptually replicated the earlier remote magnetic field experiments described above. Swann, connected to an electro-physiological recording instrument, stood or sat on an electrically insulated framework situated within large copper plates, one each in front, behind, above and below him.

Swann was instructed to send psychokinetic energy out towards the four plates, each of which was connected to an electrometer that recorded voltage changes.

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The physiological and electrometer readings occurred simultaneously suggesting a rapid transfer of energy. It appeared to create a field that reached the plates, before reversing and collapsing in on itself. In this experiment he attempted to influence, by means of mental imagery, the stable magnetic field of a super-cooled Josephson junction within a quark detector, an apparatus designed to detect subatomic particles. This equipment was physically inaccessible, being encased in aluminium and copper enclosures and buried deep in concrete.

He was wired to an EEG whilst lying down, attempting to induce an out-of-body experience in order to identify objects on a tray suspended out of his vision.

Penetration - the Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy por Ingo Swann

Some successes were recorded, more often when he verbalized what he felt about his perceptions instead of trying to describe them directly. Successful trials showed high alpha brain activity, a common finding in psi research. Okay - whatever - but despite the conspiratorial paranoia which underlies everything he writes, this book is more than worth a read - it's a pure bat-nutty delight.

Ken Korczak is the author of: CIA , deep black projects , ebook review , free ebook Penetration , free esoteric literature ebooks , free esp ebooks , free ufo ebooks , Ingo Swann , remote viewing , Spies , Swann , UFO ebooks 2 comments: Anonymous September 18, at It was an entertaining yarn, and his Brad Majors role at weird conventions will be surely missed. You forgot to mention his encounter with the voluptuous android female in the supermarket. That must have been his heterosexual phase.

All things are possible in the Multiverse. Saturday, May 19, Free ebook: Ingo Swann's "Penetration" is a delightful, tantalizing read that conspiracy buffs and fans of remote viewing will find fascinating. Posted by Ken Korczak at 8: CIA , deep black projects , ebook review , free ebook Penetration , free esoteric literature ebooks , free esp ebooks , free ufo ebooks , Ingo Swann , remote viewing , Spies , Swann , UFO ebooks.

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Anonymous March 9, at 9: Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: About 25 — 50 yards from the bridge was a triangular black craft floating just above the river, maybe the size of a couple of station wagons, and it was surrounded by mist which I thought was odd.

I run straight for these kind of things so I turned the car around quickly, shut off the engine, and got out of the car. About this time a truck came from the opposite direction and stopped in front of my headlights. Whoever this person was, they took one look at the craft and floored it, wish I could have asked them what their perception was.

There was no noise at all. Dead silent.

Some of those ruby red laser beams that Ingo describes shot off the end of the craft at strange angles. Almost like lightning in that they were jagged.

The craft then lifted off silently and started heading North slowly towards the highway. I jumped back in the car and followed it. The craft was flying just above the treeline. Once it reached the highway it shot forward in an instant.

Not sure of the distance it traveled, but it was right in front of me, and then almost out of sight in an instant.

A red glowing trail hung in the air for a second outlining its path. I have seen military jets scrambled to investigate a light that came down from very high altitudes near this same intersection. I have also seen quite a few black unmarked cars travel up this road from time to time. Which is strange because the road eventually dead ends and the gravel portion is quite poor during the wet months.

Central Michigan for reference. What does it all mean? Your guess is as good as mine.

Just a lifetime of weird experiences like this. The surreality of the experience was amplified the minute I got home and put my hand on the door handle.And like always, the DIA seems to be lurking under the surface, pulling the levers. The instrument recorded perturbations during trials when he visualized burning the leaf, suggesting a stress response.

Back when I originally became interested in the book it was out of print and only available in PDF format. Swann wrote that he was aware of most of the objects on shelf above his head, but he did not know it held four numbers on a side that would not have been visible if a reflecting surface had been angled near the end.

Axelrod" took a flight to an unknown northerly destination, deduced by Swann as possibly Alaska.