Unable to download pdf file in internet Explorer. ORIGINAL TITLE:"This page can' t be displayed" (when accessing a pdf file). "This page can't. Hello, 1. Are you able to open PDF files on other browsers? 2. Is this a new problem? When did it start? One thing you can try is to configure the. for Internet Explorer 9, Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome in windows 7, 8, vista, xp. . and was deleted or you can unable to download files in internet explorer From email a PDF file won't download and saying that is a a virus.

Internet Explorer Cannot Pdf Virus

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and if you want to download a file with Internet Explorer you will receive the a virus and was deleted” and “Windows cannot access the specified device, path. Internet explorer can not download any file error program contained of the victims said “When i try to open PDF in email it says it has a virus. This virus opens Internet Explorer and accesses various websites. I don't I do not know if causes the problem which is the subject of this post, or if it is a separate problem) . BHO: Adobe PDF Reader Link Helper.

Keep getting This file or this program contained a virus and was deleted message when downloading files or applications on the internet? Internet explorer can not download any file error program contained virus and delete.

Remove Pdf Converter Hub “Virus” May Update

It is crazy, what is the best way to fix this trouble? When this happens, they were unable to download anything — from files, Adobe, emails to programs etc.

And there is a red notice warning then the file has been deleted away from your computer. I have been searching on Google for answers and tried to download Malware, Firefox etc but of course the same thing happened. You should learn more details before going to fix this problem so that you can get it resolved completely. This program contained a virus and was deleted is malicious Trojan infection which is widely spread in Windows machine.

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Including Win7, 8 or vista, and even XP, all of them can be infected by this Trojan horse. How can this Trojan work in infected computer? As we can read from its name, it can prohibit the programs which are downloaded from the Internet on the infected computer. When seeing this message from their computers, some people may think it is caused by improper setting in Windows firewall or anti-spyware program.


But after they decrease the level of the protection, they still get the same thing, and this method is not a wise choice to deal with it. During this time of lower protection level, this Trojan can help many other computer threats to invade and make further damage to infected computer. If your Windows Internet Explorer Download Manager automatically deletes any file which you downloaded, it seems because of the corrupted firewall or antivirus program on your computer, actually it is caused by Trojan horse.

Since no antivirus programs can handle this bug, manual removal is the only way to fix this big problem. This is a fairly old virus and it is part of the Trojan family of attacks. Once installed it can give the hackers remote access to the computer, allowing them to search through the browser history, files, and all stored data on the machine.

It can also allow them to install additional malware onto the computer, and over time this can cause a complete system crash, destroying and losing everything that is on the PC.

So, the virus can lead to theft of personal and financial information as well as a complete loss of all data and files. Do not want to lose more data and personal information to this spyware thing?

Once it enters into innocent computer, it can take effect immediately. Usually, your anti-virus program can help you detect computer threat once it comes.

But this Trojan is an exception; you will not receive any information about this Trojan from your anti-virus tool. When this Trojan is activated in computer, your computer can be in a mess.

When you try to download some programs in your Internet Explorer, from music to application, you will receive the massage tells you that what you download is contains a virus and is deleted automatically all the time. In Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, you will not receive this massage, but the consequence is the same.

I cannot download anything over the internet(files or attach

This Trojan can forbid the program which you download from the web to run no matter what kind of program it is. None of them can be worked on your computer. Also, if you try to download a more effective anti-virus program to handle it, your work can be in vain definitely, because this Trojan can stop all of the things you want to download into your computer.

Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. Therefore, there is no solution available but to go back to my home page or to the website itself and in this case, I will encounter the same problem.

This only happens when I try to download a PDF file from websites on the internet. I have Windows 7.

Please help! Best answer.

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MWMS - Feb 9, at I have the same exact problem. I have Adobe Reader XI. I can follow all your fix it steps above except step E Please help me fix this annoying problem. Nazeer - Mar 25, at Please advice. I am so very happy I found you today cause my problem is now resolvedMaybe your download folder has become corrupted or has some other problem.

Other Deletions. Select all and click the Clear button again. When disinfection is completed, a log will open in Notepad and you may be prompted to Restart. So, the virus can lead to theft of personal and financial information as well as a complete loss of all data and files.