To download Java Runtime Environment Click here; Unzip and extract the files in the desired path/location. (Please see Rule 12 of the Income-tax Rules, Date of Birth/ Formation (DD/MM/YYYY Aadhaar Number Acknowledgement. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTAY ITR V. Received with thanks from 1( SAHAJ) O 2 O 3 O 4S/SUGAM) O 4 O 5o 7-o for assessment year , having. ITR-V stands for Income Tax Return Verification; the IT department generates this for taxpayers to verify the legitimacy of their e-filing.

Itr Acknowledgement 2014-15 Download

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UPDATE: if you are looking for Income Tax Return forms for (FY , AY ), click here. ITR Click to download itr1_ ITR Click to download itr2_ Changes in ITR-1 for FY (AY ) ITR-V, Leave Encashment, Managing a Business, Minimal Finance, NRI. Click on Acknowledgement number of AY A Pop up will open. There will be options to download: ITR-V or Acknowledgement; XML. Download Income Tax Return Forms for A.Y. having gross total income for the assessment year (FY ) derives from.

What are the documents required alongside ITR-1 Form? For salaried individuals, Form 16 is required. Form 16A is required for non-salaried individuals.

Bank statement or bank passbook. Proof of investments along with relevant receipts.

What is the completion procedure for ITR-V? What will happen if a taxpayer fails to sign the ITR-V Form and fails to send it within the due date? If the taxpayer fails to meet the due dateline then the tax filing will be considered invalid and the taxpayer needs to refile for tax returns.

Login with the registered credentials Go to the Account section and choose the assessment period Download the ITR-V Form, and get it printed on an A4 sized paper in black coloured ink only. What is the final date for sending the ITR-V? Are there any other ways to verify for Income Tax Returns without having to send the physical copy to Central Processing Center Bangalore?

Filing of Income Tax Returns (ITR) in July

Can one perform online verification of ITR-V for any other year apart from the immediately preceding year? The Income Tax Department did not permit Income Tax Income Verification of any other assessment years other than the one applicable to the current fiscal earlier.

For enquiries, call us on.

Under Section F, the tax officer may levy a penalty of Rs 5, for failure to furnish return of income. The penalty for any delay beyond August 5 is not levied automatically and is at the sole discretion of the tax officer.

In extreme cases, where the taxpayer willfully fails to furnish the return in due time, the tax officer may penalise with prosecution, however, such instances are rare. Nangia says, "Such interest is levied for delay in filing the return of income.

In other words, if the taxpayer files the return of income after the due date, simple interest of 1 per cent per month or part of a month is levied.

Surana says, "The interest applies from the date immediately following the due date, ending on the date of filing of return. For the purpose of this calculation, part of the month shall be considered as whole month.

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Nangia informs, "In any one financial year, a taxpayer can file returns for previous two financial years. Hence any return which pertains to FY and before is time-barred and under no circumstances can be filed.

A notable change brought about during Budget is the reduction of time period for filing of belated income-tax returns. The period of filing belated returns has been reduced from two years to one.

Accordingly, from the next assessment year, i. Lost Opportunities No time to revise If you want to change some figures in your tax return FY , you can do so by filing a 'revised return', provided you had filed on time.

Revision of a belated return is not allowed.

ITR Forms for Assessment Year (Income Tax Return E-Filing Forms)

So if you haven't taken credit for a deduction under chapter VI Section 80C, etc. Also, if the Department points a mistake, you may be asked to pay a penalty. Refund without interest If you are eligible for a tax refund, you will get it but only from date of filing of belated return.

By filing a belated return, one loses on a portion of the interest on the tax refund amount. The I-T Department pays interest of one-half per cent for every month calculated from April 1 of the assessment year.On filing the ITR after the due date, a maximum penalty of Rs 10, will be imposed.

Revision of a belated return is not allowed. By the tax payers in response to tax return filed in response by the IT Department the information under section 1 is sent.

If you have received an intimation from the department, then firstly, understand the reason of difference in your computation and that by the department.

If all your taxes are paid, you do not attract any penalty even if the return of income is filed anytime before March 31 of the following year. There will be no requirement for any supporting documents except for the signed ITR-V. Through email these intimations will be received to the email address providing in filing income tax returns online and would also be sent by post.