Jaimini Sutras Edition by B S Rao (1) - Free ebook download as PDF File . pdf) or read book online for free. Jaimini Sutras employed in Astrology. Steven Holzner is the award-winning author of more than books, including. Physics For Dummies. He did his undergrad. JAIMINI SUTRAS Part 1 CONTENTS Preliminary Observations: Geneology of Maharishis by Vedavyasa- The intellectual development of Maharishis by Yoga.

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be taken as the 8th Planet, only when 2 or more Planets have the same longitude . All Sutras to decide Raja Yogas of Sage Jaimini are based on (1) Karakamsa. The book titled Jaimini Sutras in English in PDF format. Rangacharya, in his Jaimini Sutramritam, deciphered the verse of Krishna Mishra Jaimini Sutras in the light of Phalaratnamala manuscript available with us.

So if you are well versed with English and can read horoscope cast in South-Indian format then this could be a very good book for you to read on Jaimini astrology. Rao who has lucidly explain the use of Karakamsha and Swamsha with examples. The Mandooka dasha of Jaimini has been taught with very good predictive techniques in this book. This is a must read book for every student of Jaimini system.

Jaimini Sutras Raw, Volume 1

Rao who has shown in this book how 7 Chara Karakas , not 8 as some wrongly do, should be used in making predictions in Jaimini system. The Chara dasha is the king of Rashi dashas in Jaimini as Vimshottari is the king of Nakshatra dasha in Parashari system. In this book Shri K.

Rao has also discuss about some of the abstruseness in the translations of Jaimini system available to us. Jaimini Sutras by B. This book was written by the grandfather of Dr. In the present edition notes has been given by Dr.

Jaimini Sutram Hindi Translation By Sitaram Sharma

Raman to explain the Sutras of 2 chapters of Jaimini. They also feel that he is the famous author of 'Poorva Mimansa' and 'Jaimini Bharat'. Others feel that he is a later author who was very familiar with mantras. Whoever he was! His genious is reflected in the sutras he composed. These sutras are probably five thousand years old.

Jaimini Maharishi’s Upadesa Sutra

They have stood the test of time and time has turned them into beautiful Gems of prediction. The centuries have proved their authenticity and soundness. These sutras are in number, spread over four Adhyayas.

Apart from, studying the horoscope from the regular Lagna, Moon and Sun; one must study it in the light of karakamsa Lagna, Arudha, Up-pada, Hora lagna and the different karakas. In this way the personality of the Jatak is split up into its fundamentals and studied. Next is the karakatvas of the planets and houses.

Parashar allotted permanent karakatvas to planets and houses. He also gave conditional karakatvas to the planets according to their lordship over different houses. When the eighth houses from Lagna and the seventh have the Atmakaraka or when they are with the Atmakaraka, hen the terms of longevity mentioned in Sutra 19 should be reduced. The same reduction applies when the Atmakaraka is between malefics or when malefics are in his trine houses 5 and 9 from him. The same reduction of a Kakshya arises if the Atmakaraka is a malefic, is debilitated, is not in his exaltationsign, and is with malefic.

Even if Jupiter is the Atmakaraka, the reduction or addition of a Kakshya is to be determined as per the Sutras 2.

The period of the Dasha of a sign is reduced a when Saturn becomes the Atmakaraka or joins the Atmakaraka; b When Saturn is in the second or twelfth from Lagna or the seventh; c when Saturn is in a trine from Lagna or the seventh; d when Saturn is in the second or twelfth from Atmakaraka or from the seventh from him.

The lord of the eighth from the Atmakaraka is called Mahesvara.

When the Atmakaraka is exalted or is in his own house, then note who is stronger among the lords of the eighth and twelfth from Atmakaraka. The stronger one will then be Mahesvara.

Jaimini Sutras Edition by B S Rao (1)

When the Atmakaraka is with Rahu or Ketu, or when Rahu or Ketu is in the eighth from Atmakaraka, then find out the lord of the eighth from Atmakaraka. He then becomes Mahesvara.

The lord of the eighth from Atmakaraka and the one occupying the eighth also claim to be Brahma. From the Atmakaraka or Janma Lagna he strongest among these brings about death. The planets in the Kendras, Panapharas, and Apoklimas from the Atmakaraka have declining strength. Now Jaimini speaks about Karaka Kendra Dasha.

The signs that are in Kendra, Panaphara and Apoklima from the Atmakaraka, have each a duration of nine years. When the Atmakaraka is in an odd sign, the Dashas proceed as 1, 4, 7, 10, 2, 5, 8, 11, 3, 6, 9, If Atmakaraka is in an even sign, the sequence follows the signs from the beginning one in this manner: These figures are given in the normal way of counting.

Each sign has a duration of nine years, as the Sutra 2. Find whether Lagna or its seventh is stronger. If the stronger one is an odd sign, the counting is clock-wise. Otherwise it is anti-clockwise. From the stronger of these two, count up to the sign where the Atmakaraka is situated. The years equivalent to the larger number are the years for Karaka Dasha. When there are other planets with the Atmakaraka, they too will have the same number of years.

In the same way we have to fix the years for the other planets also. When the Atmakaraka is in a Vishama pada sign, the sequence of the sub-periods is in the clock-wise manner.

If he is in a Sama pada sign the sequence is anti-clockwise. When the Atmakaraka is an even sign, the sequence of the sub-periods is anti-clockwise. According to some authors, that as we count clock-wise or anti-clockwise with reference to the sign occupied by the Atmakaraka, we have to count in the same manner also from the sign occupied by Saturn. Chapter 3 7.

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If Venus, Mars and Ketu are jointly or separately placed with the Atmakaraka, in the second and in the fourth the native becomes a king or ruler. When the Moon and Venus are associated with the sign of the Atmakaraka and with the fourth house there is a Rajayoga. If the lord of the Lagna and the Atmakaraka are exalted in the Navamsha, or if an exalted planet aspects them, the native is a king or comes from a noble family.

The native coming from a royal or noble family is explained in Sutras 26 and One may argue that the native does not come from a noble or royal family.

Even then it should be noted that this denial is applicable if the Atmakaraka is subject to malefic influences. The possession of royal emblems or of royalty is to be determined from the Atmakaraka, from Janma Lagna, and from the fifth house.

When the seventh from the Atmakaraka has Saturn, death comes in the first part of the Kakshya. If Ketu is in the seventh from Atmakaraka, death is in the third part of the concerned Kakshya. One set is the third from Lagna and Atmakaraka.

The second set is the eleventh from these.Aa O-Ra , reversed it means 20 divided by 12 we get a balance of 8 which signifies Vrischika counting from Mesha Navamsa.

The author apparently considers that the absence of milk in the mother will be a misfortune for the child The artificial feeding of children from nipples attached to feeding bottles has removed this misfortune, to some extent. Both may be correct as the authors, by their Divya Drishti, may have approached from different directions and may have found their observations proving quite true. The first 3. If the Atmakaraka is placed in an odd sign or in a Vishama pada sign and if the twelfth from the Navamsha sign of the seventh is Aquarius, the native will be killed by his enemies.

Here also the order already named for odd and even signs should be observed. Home atmakaraka jaimini sutram Mandapan watapariansam chaturgunyam dwihinakam. Commentaries on Jaimini Sutras d.