Jasoosi Dunya (The Spy World) is a best-selling series of Urdu spy novels written by Ibn-e-Safi. The first novel, Dilaer Mujrim (The Brave Criminal) was. Jasoosi Dunya No. 39 By Ibne Safi Pdf Free Download Jasoosi Dunya No. 39 By Ibne Safi Pdf Free Download. This book contains 2 complete novels of Jasoosi. Khofnak Jungle Jasoosi Duniya by Ibne Safi Pdf Free Download Khofnak Jungle 2nd novel of Jasoosi duniya by Ibne Safi contain crimes buster investigation.

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Jasoosi Dunia (Faridi and Imran together) Jasoosi Duniya # 75 Zameen Kay Badal - Copy. Uploaded by Download as PDF or read online from Scribd. Flag for. Following is the complete list of novels written by the original author Ibn-e- Safi in Jasoosi . Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. Jasoosi Dunya (Urdu: جاسوسى دنيا) is a popular series of Urdu detective stories created by .. Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version .

He is too simplistic, childish, and spontaneous. His appearance is more like that of a genie, he is not only colossal in size, about seven feet tall and nearly as fat, but he eats like an elephant too.

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He has a slurred speech, he babbles, and that perhaps due to his suppressed upbringing. Along with Hameed, he invents weird names for ladies. Since he likes healthy women, he calls them full-falooties. Skinny, lightweight, and slim females irritates him much, they, in his opinion, are Yalayilees. The reason for this maybe is found in the fact that Qasim has never been able to develop a sexual relationship with his wife, who belongs to the "Yalayilee" category.

List of Jasoosi Dunya by Ibn-e-Safi

He distastefully calls her "Gilahri Begum" Mrs. Squirrel because of her petite figure. With a strong urge of avenging her parents, she has a relentless desire to do away with the band of gangsters. Both her wishes are accomplished when she extends her help to Faridi and Hameed to wipe out the gang.

After assisting Faridi in a few cases, she is sent abroad for higher studies. Inspector Rekha[ edit ] Young and ambitious officer struggling to achieve excellence in her career, Inspector Rekha Larson appears off and on when Colonel Faridi needs a female assistance.

On the other hand, Hameed keeps flirting with Rekha and she keeps managing him away. Main article: Villains of Jasoosi Dunya Ibne-Safi's fundamental strength rested with his ability of portraying ingenious and distinctive characters and their development.

His forte did promote heroism, and with striking impressiveness; nevertheless, his pen didn't faint there. He continued painting antiheroes and villains in the same vein to compose some unforgettable infamous figures. Sing Hi[ edit ] The most incredible creation of an outlaw is of Sing Hi.

A Chinese expelled from his country on account of treason and insurgency, is wanted by most of the governments because of his international-wide criminal activities. Highly unreliable and erratic, Sing is one of those revolting individuals who commit crimes for the sake of entertainment. Though slender appearance with a visibly weak physique, he has remarkable strength like of an animal. Those who know him, remember him as Jonk leech for his ability to clench his enemy to suffocation and unconsciousness.

A thorough control over his emotions makes him even more dangerous. His incredible cool perhaps helps him to acquire another striking skill, the only of its kind, of dodging bullets fired at him from any reasonable distance. It is rightly called "Sing Art" for indeed it is an artistic skill. He is the only villain to appear in both Jasoosi Dunya and Imran Series.

Sing Hi holds a deep respect for both Faridi and Imran as he preferred to trap and use them rather than kill them. Thought dwarf at only four feet and half, he possesses many talents. An innocent and simple soul, Finch used to work in a circus. He can extend his height by using bamboos and walk like a normal person. As Dr. Dread's mob kills his adopted orphan girl, Finch turned criminal, creating his own gang to take revenge on Dr. While Faridi manages to break Dr.

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Book 9. Purasrar Ajnabi by Ibn-e-Safi. Shelve Purasrar Ajnabi. Book Ahmaqon Ka Chakkar by Ibn-e-Safi. Shelve Ahmaqon Ka Chakkar.

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Jasoosi Dunya

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Shelve Siyah Posh Lutera.Shelve Saaey Ki Lash. Those who know him, remember him as Jonk leech for his ability to clench his enemy to suffocation and unconsciousness. Shelve Tijori Ka Geet. Khooni Patthar Shelve Fareedi Aur Leonard.