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The Wild, Wild Mess: Atlanta - Kindle edition by Jayha Leigh. Paranormal Romance Kindle eBooks @ kaz-news.info Wild, Wild Anybody's Guess: Aloha by Jayha Leigh kaz-news.info - Popular ebook download in your hand. Chapter» Topic Wild, Wild Anybody's Guess: Aloha by. Spell Slayer might be a certified weirdo, but she was also a whole lot of other things including: a whole lot of fine in 5'8” and lbs of dark chocolate beauty.

And neither did they play coming in during any kind of hardcore precipitation. I say we go over to his office and fuck his shit up. Linking her arms with theirs, she led them out of the elevator and through the doors of the Corinna P. Drystan Enterprises skyscraper…and smack into the path of Mr. Despite itching to get her arms around the bouquet of roses he held in his hands, she held on tighter to her bosses, as she did her best to calm them down. It might be the later part of autumn, but Anax had a sister sweating with his words.

Turning to Rage, she held out her fist to give her dap. The next thing she knew Rage had a fistful of shirt belonging to Spell and another fistful of shirt belonging to Amyntas and was in the process of 30 Jeanie Johnson and Jayha Leigh dragging both away. Smiling, Eve turned back to Anax and held her hands out for those roses.

Careful of her roses, she put her arms around his neck and kissed him good and proper. Moaning low in his throat, he met her nip for nip before backing off. I only have so much control. And she knew she wanted to be the woman to make him lose it.

The first one had read: You owe me. The third one came twenty minutes after that: Help me. Rage just threatened to harvest my organs and leave me in a tub of ice. All I asked her was to pass the fucking salt.

My sacrifices will not be made in vain. The final one read: In case I forgot tell you: fuck you, Anax.

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But he had, so fuck him. Amyntas had survived being the only white 32 Jeanie Johnson and Jayha Leigh boy in their hood; he could handle two females. Even if those females were Rage and Spell Slayer. Eve was a woman quite capable of setting anyone straight, and that included him. Imagining Eve telling him off turned him on, but not as much as Eve wearing that dress.

There was nothing overtly provocative about the black chiffon and satin dress. It was the stilettos and the bells she wore on her wrists and ankles.

More than that, it was the woman wearing them that made her a walking billboard for wet dreams. The prayer gave him the opportunity to center himself, the strength to stand before his destiny like a man instead of a beast. Holding out his hand to her, he was both humbled and terrified when she took it. Placing a kiss in her open palm, he placed her hand over his heart and held it there for a moment so 34 Jeanie Johnson and Jayha Leigh she could feel what she did to him…on the inside, not just the outside.

Having arranged for a limousine, he spent the ride home making love to her mouth and coaxing his name from her lips. He savored the way his name tasted on her lips and became full on her moans of pleasure. When they arrived at his house, he carried her over the threshold and directly to his room.

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Kissing her way up the skin she slowly revealed, she paused at his nipple. Her touch devastated him. Shuddering under her caresses, he forced himself to pull back.

And he planned on spending all weekend doing just that—but first, he had to regain the dominant position. As the man in the relationship, it was his job to take the lead, his duty to do all within Bow Down to the Know 35 his power to please her, his privilege to give her pleasure.

Drawing her to his chest, he slid his hand up under her dress and cupped her ass through her panties. Eve had the kind of ass that demanded both hands to gain the full appreciation of it.

Squeezing it, he hefted her in his arms and fitted her sex over his erection. Knowing she was close, he did not stop.

He merely slowed down. Digging her nails into his back, Eve tried to slam her hips into his, but he was not having it. Using his greater strength, he stilled her hips. Placing her back on her feet, he reached between them and slid two fingers into her panties. Slipping his shirt off, he quickly divested himself of shoes, socks and tie. Undoing his belt, he reached inside his pants and freed his erection.

Fisting his cock, he locked eyes with hers and slowly pumped his hand up and down the length. Neither spoke words, but their eyes said plenty. His heralded his intent to dominate her body; hers responded to his announcement with a challenge. Rising to her feet, she turned her back to him. Allowing his pants to fall to the floor, he stepped out of them and kicked them to the side before approaching her. Slowly, he unzipped her dress, enjoying every moment of the erotic act.

When he was finished, he brushed his lips across the tops of her shoulders before pulling her back against his nakedness.

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Tipping her head back, he placed his hands over hers and took her lips. Bow Down to the Know 37 Turning her to face him, he repeated his proclamation. Damn him for being so fine, so much man, so tempting. Damn him for being everything she wanted and knowing how to turn her on just right.

Knowing she was going to submit to his will, she decided to make it hard for him.

Closing her eyes, she went through songs in her head. Settling on one, she opened her eyes, locked in on him and slowly undulated her hips. Letting go of the dress, she allowed gravity its way. When she got to the 38 Jeanie Johnson and Jayha Leigh rift she took a moment to thank her grandmother for making her take those dance lessons…and then she worked it out, making the bells at her wrists, ankles and around her waist dance.

Though he was on the edge, he was still in control. And then he saw those bells around her waist. Before he could reach out to her she started dancing…and he was fucking gone. Clenching his fists and jaw, he breathed through his nose.

He counted to twenty…forwards and backwards…in Greek…and then in Latin…and none if it did a damn thing to cool his ardor. Not about to let her keep the upper hand when he had so many ways he wanted to love her, he moved in and took back the lead. Grabbing hold of her hips, he pulled her into his erection. Slipping his fingers into her panties, he thrust a finger in her silk sheath. Bow Down to the Know 39 Stroking closer to her sweet spot, he repeated his question. He continued that pattern until she got to the point where she admitted who she belonged to without him having to ask.

She filled the room with her admission. As tempting as it was to rip her lingerie off, he refrained.

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There would be plenty of time for roughness; right now he needed to finesse her orgasms from her. Lifting her foot, he paused a moment to admire the stiletto that graced it and the string of bells that accented her ankle. Bending, he kissed the inside of her ankle before doing the same for its twin. Caressing his way up her muscular legs, he kissed her sex through her panties before slipping them off.

Eve was ambrosia, and consuming her nectar gave him strength. Feeling her erupt beneath him made him feel immortal. Continuing to stroke her through his orgasm, he used his tongue to push her into another.

He responded by sucking her clit harder. He answered her plea with caresses.

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Reaching behind her, he unhooked her bra. Sliding the satin and lace creation down, he sucked a nipple into his mouth.

Laving the nipple into hardness, he turned his attention to its twin and did the same. Finally, cupping a heavy breast, he found his way back to her lips. Witnessing her acceptance, he said a prayer to his God and entered her temple.

Anax worshipped her with his eyes. He sang praises to her with every look. She felt every one of his compliments, and she believed them not because the words were beautiful but because Anax was the man who said them.

Just as she got lost in the way Anax looked at her, she felt liberated by the way he touched her. Dominant to the core, he demanded her sexual submission.

She gave it to him—when she was good and ready—not because she was submissive by nature, but because it felt so right to surrender her pleasure to a man who cherished her so thoroughly.

It felt so good to be cherished. When she gave him permission, he 42 Jeanie Johnson and Jayha Leigh thanked her with his touch and worshipped her with his truth. After loving her with a gentleness that broke her, he fucked her with an intensity that demanded all she had to give.

Anax had a big, thick cock, and he knew how to use it. Spreading her wide, he plunged into her, seating himself on that first stroke. When he asked if she was okay, she moaned out her yes, and before she could catch her breath he rolled onto his back and took her with him.

She worked her body, rocking into his thrusts, and yet he demanded more. Squeezing his side with her knees, she rode him harder, and still he demanded more. Leaning back, she slowly put her left stiletto on his shoulder. And feeling his big, strong capable hands tighten around her waist, she knew he did.

Fearlessly, she settled her right stiletto on his opposite shoulder. Able to do nothing but place her hands atop his and hold on, she closed her eyes and just felt. For the first time she truly reveled in being female. For the millionth time she was thankful that Anax was the man in her life. Anax set a demanding pace, and she quickly grew tired.

Before she could make a noise of discomfort, Anax was already seeing to it.

Slowing his pace, he pulled her forward. Though she was tired, his praise strengthened her. Instead he told her how she made him feel. She might be his breath, but his admission took hers. Her pleasure washed over her so fast that it scared her. Overcome, she lost her hold on him. And she did.

She let go of everything, her emotions, her baggage, her fears. She laughed, she cried, she soared. Moments later, Anax emitted a roar and soared with her. No man, no other being had ever pushed her to the brink like Anax, and still he pushed her further, demanded more, refused to settle for less than everything.

Eve was an open book for Anax, a whore for his lovemaking, a glutton for his presence. Closing her eyes because they were the only thing she could move without the pleasurable aches of soul-constructing lovemaking she got lost in her memories. Anax, A-nax, An-ax, An-a-x, Anax. Her mind searched for his intellect, and he answered her with his truth and enlightened her with his cognition. Her body ached for his touch, and he caressed her with his strength and wrecked her with his gentleness.

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Her soul reached out for his and he met her at the place she was, opened his life and welcomed her home. And poor Tron wasnt even going for it.

Out of Print—Limited Availability. Similar authors to follow Tron may have a manual labor job, but leighh is all woman. Even though this book is shorter than usual it gave enough attraction and passion to pull you in and love the characters portrayed in this somewhat kinky love for each other! Available for download now. site Drive Cloud storage from site. With no one to bother in Hot-lanta, Reign is forced to go outside of her usual boundaries to find someone to start ish with her.

I need my ego stroked several times a day and regular doses of cheesecake to keep me content. siteGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Low to High Price: Few people can out-cuss, out-brawl, out-drink, or out-engineer Tron, which makes her the perfect choice to ride shotgun as Reign starts some ish.

ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. site Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. That must be a rumor I have a mild sense of megalomania but it never bothered jagha as much as it bothers others. Provide feedback about this page. Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser.With no one to bother in Hot-lanta, Reign is forced to go outside of her usual boundaries to find someone to start ish with her.

Though her body lamented the loss of contact with Mr. She felt every one of his compliments, and she believed them not because the words were beautiful but because Anax was the man who said them. Come visit us at www. Perhaps, if I had read the story to the end, all of my issues would have been addressed and resolved, but I feel that pages was plenty of leeway for the author to have come up with a little basic character development.