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GS/PKI = 30 September Movement/Communist. Party of pada tahun untuk memberikan kesaksian- kesaksian dalam perkara Djenderal PRANOTO. Tanggal 1 Oktober pukul , Ibu Yohana terbangun dari tidurnya karena Jenderal Nasution mengibas-ngibaskan nyamuk. Tiba-tiba terdengar. eT Kesaksianku tentang G30S Dr. H. Soebandrio BABI Prolog GS Konflik Kubu Indonesia an termasule negara yang tidak disukai oleh blok Barat.

Kekayaan alam jengkapi dengan lebih dari juta pendudule yang merupakan pasar potensial, sehingga ada harapan sangat besar bahwa pada suatu saat Indonesia akan makmur tanpa bantuan Barat. Bung Karno menyatakan, Indonesia hanya butuh pemuda bersemangat untuk menjadi bangsa yang besar.

Sikap AS ini didukung oleh komplotannya, Inggris dan Australia. Sejak AS menghentikan bantuannya, mereka malah membangun hubungan dengan faksi-faksi militer Indonesia.

Universitas Negeri Malang

Mereka melengkapi dan melatih para perwira dan pasukan Indonesia. Melalui operasi intelijen yang dimotori oleh CIA, mereka menggelitik militer untuk merongrong Bung Karno. This article attempts to elaborate and answer these questions.

Acharya This is because the international environment had changed when the communist-capitalist issue has been replaced by new issues namely globalisation. Kenneth N. Waltz argued that in the post-Cold War era the so-called structural realism is still relevant Waltz However, it needs to be emphasized that the role of domestic politics gives an impact to states foreign relations.

By contrast, in the low pressure, states are free to conduct foreign policy Rose We believe that those events have correlation with international situation and the complexity of domestic politics at the same time. The emergence of the coup and reformasi totally had been influenced by the dynamics of international politics. Furthermore, both events had implications for both Indonesian domestic politics and Indonesia-Malaysia bilateral relations.

In the next section the Coup and Reformasi and its consequences upon Indonesia-Malaysia relations will be analyzed. The coup and the fall of Sukarno The background of the coup Until recently, the speculation and the research regarding the mystery of the coup had been difficult to explain, particularly the main actors behind the coup.

They were unable to finish the research because of limited resources and cooperation from the Indonesian military government.

Fortunately, years later the Central Intelligence Agency CIA released documents and facts which made researchers more optimistic about the prospect of this research Roosa It was undeniable that the United States US played a crucial role behind the coup. Former Indonesian Ambassador to Cuba, A. In the Cold War era, Indonesia received special attention of the great powers the US and its allies because of the huge influence of Indonesian Communist Party PKI at the high levels of Indonesian government as well as at the grass root.

This international situation significantly gave an impact to PKI members in the Indonesian government. The situation in Indonesia becomes a dilemma to communist bloc. However Indonesia was also under US and capitalist threat. Moreover, the split of Sino-Soviet relations affected Indonesia-Soviet relations because of Indonesian failure to repay the Soviet Union's military loans of about one billion dollars. The complexity of Sino-Soviet relations regarding the situation in Indonesia was utilized by US government to infiltrate into Indonesian domestic politics scenario.

One of the important US operations is to stop financial assistance to Indonesia. We feel such training is in our interest because it helps to tie us closer to Indonesia military leaders who may well play a major role in the decision as to the future political orientation of the country.

The President interrupted to say that all US military assistance going to Indonesia is being provided because it is our national interest, not theirs. He hopes that those present would make this point clear Harsutejo In the meantime, the US was pessimistic towards Indonesia because they failed in their approaches to Sukarno. The US had attempted to approach Sukarno through some economic assistance.

However, all those attempts were opposed by Sukarno Liow — Richard M. At the highest level of Indonesian politics there emerged the tension because of the rise of the issue of Dewan Jenderal General Council which was suspected to attempt a coup against Sukarno's government.

In October 1st, , the coup, a tragic tragedy occurred and many Indonesian people particularly those suspected as communist activists were killed. Afterwards, in the early several scholars were involved in serious research regarding the actual number of the victims of the massacre. A Fact Finding Commission that was established by President Sukarno announced that 78, were killed.

However, Noam Chomsky's analysis based upon the facts released by CIA found that , people were killed. The coup and konfrontasi The konfrontasi of Indonesia against Malaysia in could be considered an important factor that led to the occurrence of the coup. It was because this policy was not totally supported by all Indonesian.

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The konfrontasi is unilateral policy had created by Sukarno and supported by PKI. The confused political situation was used by such individuals in Indonesian army as the anti-Sukarno groups to take an initiative to launch efforts to end the konfrontasi. Concurrently, in Indonesia occurred the coup where General Ahmad Yani as the Chief of Indonesian Army, was kidnapped and murdered together with other six generals of Indonesian military and a first lieutenant.

The consolidation with Malaysia was postponed for a while because all the Indonesian elements focused on the coup. The coup and konfrontasi: from systemic factors to Indonesian domestic politics Based on the above discussions regarding the coup , it can be established firstly, the Cold War situation had influenced the political configuration in Indonesia.

The Sukarno policy to build diplomatic relations with communist bloc rather than capitalist bloc had affected the Indonesian domestic politics which also influence the foreign relations. The Soviet Union-Indonesia relations during konfrontasi cooled down Chua It became clear that the Cold War situation leading to the rivalry between Soviet Union-US was a key factor in the coup.

Furthermore, the real involvement of external powers through an intelligence operation had complicated the situation in Indonesian domestic politics particularly before the coup. It demonstrated that international structure in the Cold War was a determinant of the occurrence of the coup that brought an end to PKI existence in Indonesia.

The coup and the reconciliation of relationship Although the coup in Indonesia was a tragedy for Indonesia, it benefited Malaysia because it paved the way for reconciliation and normalize the relationship.

The fall of Sukarno and succeeded by Suharto along with his military regime were a guarantee to the normalization of relationship because the Suharto administration was totally under capitalist bloc. Not surprisingly after the coup, two parties have similar characteristics particularly at the leadership level and the domestic politics after the collapse of PKI in Indonesia.

Before konfrontasi Suharto has demonstrated a commitment to build the harmony of Indonesia-Malaysia relations. The arrival of the peace mission to Kuala Lumpur was the evidence that Suharto seriously wanted to end the konfrontasi with Malaysia.

It was interesting to note that the coup had produced an implication towards the complexity of domestic politics in the two countries. During konfrontasi Dr. Burhanuddin of PAS took opposite position by supporting Indonesia. Under Dr.

Peristiwa 1 Oktober Kesaksian Jenderal Besar Dr. A.H. Nasution

Two political factions also emerged in Indonesia during konfrontasi namely, pro-konfrontasi and anti-konfrontasi. Pro-konfrontasi encompasses Sukarno, nationalists, and PKI.

The coup and the rise of Suharto as Indonesian President significantly influenced the political changes in the both countries. The coup not only paved the way for the Indonesia-Malaysia reconciliation, but also led to an end to konfrontasi and developed regional stability.

The peace agreement held in Bangkok, Thailand, paved a new era of Indonesia-Malaysia relationship. Under this agreement both countries agreed to begin various cooperation such as social, economy, politics, and security.

Since that time, the relations between both countries was harmonious. The occurrence of the Asian financial crisis in the late s was utilized by Indonesian people to urge national political transformation.

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The Suharto regime was viewed as authoritarian and undemocratic and should be replaced by a new democratic government. In addition, the rise of globalisation after the end of the Cold War has strongly influenced this scenario. The three political issues namely corruption, collusion, and nepotism became a popular slogan at mass demonstrations and posed a real challenge to the Suharto administration. The international situation in the post Cold War era changed where the capitalist-communist issue became an obsolete matter and was replaced by globalisation issues.

Members of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Maori communities are advised that this catalogue contains names and images of deceased people.

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EN PDF Mungkin karena sebelum ini sudah baca beberapa buku tentang G 30 S, dimana mayoritas penulis adalah ahli sejarah, membaca dari sudut pandang dr Soebandrio membuat saya jadi menangkap lebih banyak prasangka daripada fakta: He held all three posts, and also y30s as intelligence chief, until Browse titles authors subjects uniform titles series callnumbers dewey kesaksiajku starting from optional.

We will contact you if necessary. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. New search User lists Site feedback Ask a librarian Help. Yanto added it Feb 07, Situs ini menggunakan cookie. Post-Suharto deposed tentant power, as ruler of the New Order, which controls the power of about 30 years, many books that explore the dark history of the 65 events, was published.

BookOnline — Google Books. This book is not yet able to answer about the controversy September 30 movement.This book is not yet able to answer about the controversy September 30 movement.

However, all those attempts were opposed by Sukarno Liow — Kenneth N. As a medical student he was active in the movement for independence. The President interrupted to say that all US military assistance going to Indonesia is being provided because it is our national interest, not theirs.

Intell National Security. Remember that Allah is always with us Gatra The efforts of government to overcome the crisis were no longer successful.

Subandrio was sentenced to death by the Extraordinary Military Court on charges of being involved in the " 30 September Movement ," although there was no real evidence that Subandrio knew of the plot in advance or played any part in it he was in Sumatra at the time [2].