The star of the hit show Glee shares her experiences and insider tips on beauty, fashion, inner strength, and more in an illustrated book that's. Get Instant Access to Brunette Ambition By Lea Michele #2d9d8f EBOOK EPUB. KINDLE PDF. Read Download Online Brunette. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. LEA MICHELE is best known for her performance as Rachel Berry on the critically acclaimed, Golden Globe-, Grammy -, and.

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In fact, she believes it's much more flattering when she does. Stylists at photo shoots tend to want to put a lot of fabric on me, but that doesn't work when you're five foot two. I'm always a big fan of minidresses—in fact, I often take dresses to the tailor to have them shortened even more. Her most important fashion pieces have serious sentimental value. It's a small diamond necklace, and I love it so much.

Sometimes designer dresses aren't good for your health. As a young girl, the star recalls "playing red carpet arrivals at the Oscars" and pretending to dress up in glamorous gowns. Now, she gets to wear them all the time for her job, but it's definitely not fun when your dress makes you sick.

I took my cousin as my date that night and won an award—I felt a little ill but chalked it up to nerves from the night.

After, we all went to a big dinner, where I ultimately had to excuse myself because I just didn't feel good. I headed back to my house with my cousin, changed out of my dress and instantly felt better—it was only at that moment that my cousin picked up the dress and exclaimed how heavy it was. We weighed it, and it came out to twenty pounds! All of the recipes she included looked amazing, and I am definitely going to try out the vegan grilled cheese soon.

I really enjoyed how she approached the fitness and food chapters. Of course I really enjoyed the chapters about her personal life and found out many new things I did not already know and some I did. This book is not about the tragedy that took place last year, but she does acknowledge it a few times.

The entire book just felt like the right balance of everything to me. One thing that put me off at the beginning was this sentence: Because other girls are awesome! And I can forgive her because I know in interviews she is constantly saying that she is supportive of other women and hates it when media pits them against one another. So in conclusion, if you don't want how-tos or tips, or if you don't really care about Lea Michele as a person, this won't be for you.

Uno es "fan" de alguien, o le "gusta" alguien por su trabajo , no tanto por su personalidad. Aug 18, Alessia rated it really liked it.

Mi aspettavo un'autobiografia semplice, lineare, partendo da "Sono nata a E qui entra in gioco il motivo per cui ho amato questo libro; Lea non si limita a parlare della sua vita, le sue relazioni, i suoi amici, la sua carriera, ma spende un sacco di tempo parlando di cibo, l'amore della sua vita I feel you Lea e di bellezza.

Insomma, in questo libro Lea si apre completamente sulla sua vita, come ha iniziato, la storia del suo successo, la sua famiglia e i suoi amici, ma condivide anche consigli e lezioni di vita. Sono totalmente soddisfatta del libro? Non vedo l'ora di leggere il prossimo? Feb 03, Maan rated it it was amazing. It's no surprise that I'm not just a fan of Lea, I'm a worshipper. I've been since Following everything she appears in, she does, and basically I've been following her life.

But my review on the book is based solely on the contents and not the writer herself. Brunette Ambition is a book that everyone should read. Simple as that. It offers advice and a guide on how to excel at life, relationships, friendships, and so many aspects of life.

To all the Leanatics and Gleeks, you're going to get e It's no surprise that I'm not just a fan of Lea, I'm a worshipper. To all the Leanatics and Gleeks, you're going to get exactly what you want as well. A never-before information on Lea's life. I enjoyed page to page, picture to picture and even footnote to footnote and it's easily my bible in life.

Thank you, Lea for such an inspiring book. Mar 24, Ann-Christin rated it really liked it. I think this book was a nice read. Lea Michele describes how to live her life a. But she never come off as pretentious or more over the top as usual. The beauty and fitness tipps are really great and easy to follow. The recipes were very helpful too. I never knew that veganism could be so easy and delicious. But I think her "little" advertising for 'Whole Foods' went a little too far All in all, Brunette Amition is a nice read if you like Lea Michele.

I had waited a long time to read Brunette Ambition and I'm so happy to finally being able to say that I have. I wouldn't say I'm Lea Michele biggest fan, but I've always admired her work and especially her debut album that was released earlier this spring. You'll find everything from really great beauty tips to easy recipes.

I love how diverse this book is. There's so many fun and insightful photos, and I especially loved reading the love letter to Jonathan Groff.

I really recommend this book if I had waited a long time to read Brunette Ambition and I'm so happy to finally being able to say that I have. I really recommend this book if you want to get motivated and inspired to lead a healthy and happy life. Jul 30, Sarah rated it it was ok. As I feared this girl hasn't lived long enough to have much to write about. I'm sure this book will appeal to her teenage fans of Glee.

Personally, I saw her three times in Spring Awakening and I was look for much more about that show. I'm so glad to see the kids I saw on Broadway breaking into the bigtime world, cause they were all bigtime talented!

May 24, Deanna rated it really liked it Shelves: I'm a fan of Lea Michelle. In Brunette Ambition, she reveals the lessons and advice that have worked for her from beauty and fashion secrets to fitness tips, and career insights. Overall, a quick and fun read! May 29, Sheida rated it liked it.

This book was packed with helpful tips about exercise and make up but it was seriously lacking Lea Michele! It felt like a compilation of make over magazine articles with the occasional tidbit about her life thrown in.

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It was interesting but View all 3 comments. Love this book Love this book I love reading this book because I am a huge fan of lea's I have been since glee started and reading this book taught me a lot more about who she is and why I am so proud to be her fan. I really liked this book. The bits about make up and exercises don't interest me very much, but it's nice to read Lea's memories about it and how she values friendship and hard work. I'm really very proud of her. May 20, Charli rated it really liked it Shelves: Interesting combo of memoir, recipes, makeup and exercise tips done in an easy, conversational style.

Lots of beautiful full color pictures and behind the scenes tidbits. Jun 30, Nerissa rated it liked it. As seen on Rireading Reviews Review: I'm a huge glee fan and as a result have grown to love Lea too over the years. I'm always in awe of how confident and beautiful and intelligent Lea is. She is one of my biggest role models. The one thing if had to choose one I love most about her is how strong a woman she is.

When I found out that Lea was writing a book, it immediately went into my want to read list!

I finally bought it and read it. On the whole it was a pretty good read, however I did feel that there were things I wanted to read about that were not in the book. A longer explanation is as follows.

I think the layout was pretty clean cut and neat. The color scheme was really pretty and fitting for Lea. It matched the personality that I knew of her very well.

It was bright and colorful but at the same time professional for a book. It was also really easy to flip back and forth - for an ebook at least - because there were links to different parts of the book. The Photographs: I absolutely adore books with photographs! The photographs were probably my favorite parts of the books. A picture tells a thousand words afterall right?

See a Problem?

I love how it shows little bits of her life that we never knew about and so much more! She looks so beautiful in every photo! The Recipes: Her food recipes were also very enjoyable to read and learn about! Lea always has great skin and a really great figure. She always talks about how the food she eats helps her to keep being healthy. It was really great knowing about her favorite foods. Her ways of keeping healthy. There were many moments when she talked about the basic foods in her life and all that!

The recipes were a plus of course. I learned a lot from the recipes and I'm sure that it's going to be really tasty! I'm definitely going to try making one of those recipes soon! The Health Tips: Besides the healthy food recipes, Lea added so much other health tips.

From tips on the face, the body, the hair to tips on relaxing and keeping healthy. This book had all the self help tips needed.

Hair tips: There were specific tips on how she did her hair and pictures to show how it would like as seen in the picture to the left. Make Up Tips: Besides tips on how to do your hair, there were tips on the kinds looks you could wear to different occasions. Be it a formal or informal occasion, there were many different make up looks for them. Exercise Tips: Fashion Tips: Lea is after all a huge fashionista so this is not a big surprise.

I really liked what she said about fashion and also of her talking about her favorite brands, her shopping style, the types of clothes she likes and the different looks she has worn before. The Personal Moments: Honestly, my favorite part of the book was this part.

I was waiting for the parts about Lea because after all it is supposed to be a memoir about Lea. Growing Up: I loved reading about Lea growing up and all the adorbs pictures of her!

She was so adorable! Broadway was afterall a huge part of Lea's life. It's not surprising that there was so much about her Broadway career.

I loved reading about what she learned from her different shows the most! What I can say about Glee. Glee did make her the most famous after all. And she is the star of Glee.

As a die hard Gleek, I was really happy that Glee had been included in the book! Lea is really inspiring! What a strong woman Lea Michele is. However, it seemed like it was more Lea Michele, the self help guidance counselor. She also seemed to skim over things about herself and her feelings etc.

For example, she only briefly mentioned GLEE and all she talked about were that they were her family. However, that was something that seemed pretty obvious already. Many people I knew wanted her to go behind the scenes about the experience but she only seemed to talk very generally about it so I was a little disappointed.

Another thing I didn't really like was the fact that the book seemed so broken up. The photos and layout were pretty good, however for example, at one point Lea talked about her life as an actress and her career and all that and then suddenly she dropped a recipe in the middle of it, later on instead of having moments of 'sudden' recipes there was a section specifically for the recipes.

Brunette Ambition

I thought that it was a little bit random as she seemed to switch between make up and food and life and advice and all that. I'm a Gleek so I know a lot about Lea Michele's work already, so it would have nice to be able to know more about her and her personal life.

I felt like she skimmed over or wrote too little on the personal parts. Brunette Ambition was marketed as a memoir. It's even mentioned in the summary. However, if a person was planning to learn more about Lea's life, the book probably would not be of much help. There were parts about her family and career and just her but the large part of the book was essentially a self help book.

You don't really learn much about HER but more about her daily routine and how she helps herself stay healthy and happy and all that.

Instead of being a memoir, this probably should be a self-help book. I have however read somewhere that she may be writing another book some other time, perhaps since she has already shown all her 'helping' ways in this book, then that book might be a real memoir where we learn more about her.

I did think that the tips would be useful for me and on the whole I enjoyed reading about her daily life and habits. I admit I may be a little bit bias as she's a huge idol of mine and this book would be more satisfying for die hard fans of her like me.

On the whole it has been pretty satisfying for me. I did enjoy it and felt that it would be a good coffee table kind of book.

I believe it is a great book for health and beauty and will help me a lot when I need time for myself! If you get your hands on it do download it! Feb 03, Annie Hurley rated it really liked it.

It was an extra indulgent treat to listen to her read her own words in her upbeat voice. The book starts out as more of the autobiography I was hoping for, revealing details of a young, pre-Glee Lea Michele and a glimpse into her home life. The beginning few chapters of the book were full of inspirational messages about being ourselves and embracing our uniqueness rather than trying to washout and be like ev Being a self-proclaimed Gleek, I was ecstatic when I saw that Lea Michele had a book out.

The beginning few chapters of the book were full of inspirational messages about being ourselves and embracing our uniqueness rather than trying to washout and be like everyone else.

We learn that before Rachel Berry, Lea Michele had her own outcast difficulties to navigate as a child not like all the other girls.

Thankfully she followed her dreams, even though they took her away from fitting in. She was fortunate to have supportive parents who, despite their own conventional professions, encouraged her to follow her passion for acting starting at a very young age. Towards the middle of the book, the focus shifts to health and beauty tips. She offers insights into her personal approach to living a healthy lifestyle, and sets a great example for all of the young girls and women who look up to her.

She responsibly rejects deprivation, and wisely advocates for balanced, whole food eating, and finding enjoyable activities to stay in shape rather than slaving away at a gym unless you like the gym. She then moves into a lengthy discussion of beauty and fashion tips, and incorporates input from her personal stylists.

There are still some personal stories sprinkled throughout these sections, including her recount of the time she met her idol, Barbara Streisand every chapter starts with a quote by either Barbara Streisand or Funny Girl's Fanny Brice - nice touch!

PDF - Brunette Ambition

The book concludes with a few glimpses into Glee from Lea Michele's perspective. She talks about life on the set and friendships with other cast members.

For a brief moment, she brings us into the world behind the magic that is Glee. The beginning few chapters and last chapter containing a few of her personal thoughts on Glee were my favorites. I felt that the meat of the book addressing beauty and health tips wasn't what I was personally after, although I suppose that was her primary focus in writing the book.

Still, I picked up a few beauty tips and yummy healthy recipes, so I am a happy Lea Michele fanatic camper. She is leading by example, embracing a healthy lifestyle and pursuing and living her dreams.

Download or Read Brunette Ambition free pdf

Towards the beginning of the book when she was talking about being yourself and following your dreams, I felt like that type of content could have been focused on more heavily. I feel like she is much deeper than what the bulk of the book is focused on. She had a lot of great advice towards the beginning of the book about reaching for your dreams that would have presented well if elaborated on more throughout the book.

She says "I always These types of statements make her come across as a perfect person. It is even more inspiring when a person in such an influential position admits their vulnerabilities and weaknesses. She does allude to some of these, but the "always" and "never" statements might have been toned down a bit to convey an even more realistic impression of a person who lives a life that is beyond comprehension for many.

It is completely understandable that she didn't include more details about her relationship with Cory, not only because that was not the book's original intended purpose or focus it was largely written before his sudden passing , but also because that is her personal story that she may never choose to share beyond her inner circle. It is amazing she was able to put out a book after going through such a devastating loss not even a year ago.

Her return to public life with a renewed sense of purpose and responsibility to be a positive influence is truly inspiring. I hope she writes another book in the coming years and can't wait to see what she creates next! Aug 19, Anna Cole rated it it was ok. I did not love this book, but I did not hate it either. It had some useful information and good points, but it was crammed with so many different topics that I found it an odd mix.

I first became a Lea Michele fan from Glee. I have since developed a major girl crush on her and wish she was my best friend. I was not the target audience for this book. The book seemed targeted to younger Lea Michele fans. I would say her book is equal parts autobiography, self-help and advice.

I enjoyed the auto I did not love this book, but I did not hate it either. I enjoyed the autobiographical parts because it gave me insight in to her life, and she really encourages you to be yourself and pursue your dreams. Other parts of the book feature: She gives her own insights while also providing advice and tips from professionals she trusts.

If you love fashion and make up, then the fact probably a third of the book focuses on this would make you love this book a lot more than I did.

I am not in to fashion and make-up, and this made a third of the book useless to me. Some of the self care tips feature things like hair masks and home spa day tips that can be done by even women on a budget, which I appreciated since money is always tight for me. I bookmarked some of the self care tips to try out. Some recipes are vegan, which is nice since I am vegetarian. However, most can easily be adapted to be made with regular cheese if you are not vegan, and she must not be vegan since she uses fish in a recipe.Other parts of the book feature: A never-before information on Lea's life.

She knows that her life differs from the life of most people, but that doesn't cause her to keep her distance from the reality of the average human, so to speak. Oct 04, Jessica rated it it was amazing.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. I found the parts about Lea's life to be the most interesting.