adminComment(0) Introduction to the. New Mainframe z/OS Basics. Mike Ebbers. John Kettner. Wayne O'Brien. Bill Ogden. Basic mainframe concepts, including. Redbooks. Front cover. ABCs of .. zSeries mainframes and bit addressing. .. other IBM Redbooks publications in one of the following ways: Use the. Front cover. System Programmer's. Guide to: Workload. Manager. Pierre Cassier. Annamaria Defendi. Dagmar Fischer. John Hutchinson.

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Reduce Risk and Improve Security on IBM Mainframes: Volume 1 The Interactive System Productivity Facility/Program Development Facility (ISPF/PDF) is a. Mainframe from Scratch: Hardware Configuration and z/OS Build. Scenario. This IBM® Redbooks® publication provides students of information systems technology and skills necessary to begin using the basic facilities of a mainframe computer. Download PDF ( MB) · Download EPUB ( MB).

The problem can be resolved by creating an application which can be accessed remotely using a smart phone and can be based on Android, IOS or windows, which can be used to upload and download data from the legacy applications. For further discussion Android will be referred to as client OS.

A simple application written in COBOL fetches the user information from DB2 tables and can be scaled up to be invoked from a mobile phone aided with an Android application. For this purpose, the application is exposed as web service which can be invoked from any distant environment. J2EE acts as the distributed client interfaces between the Android app and the Mainframe Application The android application here uses DB2 running on mainframe to store and to retrieve BLOB binary large object or basic large object objects.

The connectivity between DB2 and Android is established by using an in-lined layer programmed in JAVA Servlet, which aid the program to accept the incoming request sent from Android app in form of binary stream and then convert it to BLOB object to insert it into DB2 table; and similarly sending response in form of image back to Android app after converting the fetched BLOB object from DB2.

BLOB objects are the chunks of binary data stored on a single entity present in a database management system. Blob can be of many types like images, audio or multimedia objects etc. A binary executable code can also be stored as BLOB.


In this the data can be converted internally for storage, based on the character set of database, which would then be reconverted to the proper set on selection later. The challenge with CLOB occurs when, data other than character data is stored in one operating system and is retrieve on another operating system, as the result might not necessarily be the same.

Whereas, CLOB gives various issues with the compressed objects The mainframe application is exposed as web-service which can be invoked from any distributed environment. The web service is created using WSDL Web Service Definition Language which is independent of browser and upon invocation exposes the business logic, which easily provides the result according to the business logic.

With a web service hosted by the application it becomes easy for any mobile or browser to access the application. A known problem with the android application is its features of 6 sec response time from the application, if the main thread of the application is unable to respond back in 6 sec android OS will force close the application and kills all the threads created by the application.

To avoid this, the application has to be developed Light weight model for server communication. This application makes synchronous and asynchronous calls. Database: An enterprise can choose between DB2 or IMS as their database based on their business requirements, both having their own advantages and disadvantages.

IMS is a hierarchical database in which information is structured in the form of records. These records are further subdivided into a hierarchy of related segments. The meaning of hierarchical itself defines that there are levels of data and as we progress from level down, more and more information related to the general information at the top level is given.

DB2 is a relational database management system and is used to run on multiple virtual storage mainframe platforms and allows to create, store, update and retrieve data in systematic manner.

It is mainly used to shift from the prevalent hierarchical database to new relational model.


It can serve to a number of difference operating system platforms. DB2 was initially designed to work on mainframes however today it can be used in various platforms like UNIX, windows and linux along with others.

DB2 presents the logical and structured view of data due to which user need not to worry how the data will physically store. It also provides the layer of Independence due to which when the structure of data changes there is no need to re-write whole COBOL program again.


DB2 optimizes the queries internally whereas IMS developers makes access path to data. However, this additional requirement of CPU make the DB2 more beneficial because it leads to enormous benefit of database optimization and ad hoc query support is also better.

The android application should have necessary Internet access permission, as remote procedure calls are only possible through Internet. REST Representational State Transfer : With this the services can be interacted via stateless representations of the targets of the service. It uses the security of the transport layer that was implemented to support world-wide web.

JSON is derived from java script language which is used to represent simple data structures and associative arrays, called objects. It is a well-known technology that has been used effectively in SOA framework.

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This makes SOAP as a single solution for various interconnectivity problems. Congratulations, this is a terrific software.

I really have not had such a fascinating and interesting time on my PC lately. Hercules is a fine piece of software! He had gotten all the information about how to do this from the Internet.

When he complained about MVS console configuration and figuring out how to get it to work with VM, I knew he had felt all the pain he ever needed to feel about mainframes. The Hercules emulator is an amazing feat of engineering. I just wanted to send my compliments to the team for an excellent job!

Thanks much for making this product part of the open-source community! It does bring back some good memories. My compliments go to the Hercules team. Thank you.

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To say that I am blown away is an understatement.Rate this book. Security customization Chapter 7. It is a well-known technology that has been used effectively in SOA framework. Once the response is received, then main activity thread is resumed.

All the functionality implemented through the emulator will work the same even when tested through a physical mobile phone supported with android. Blob can be of many types like images, audio or multimedia objects etc. DB2 presents the logical and structured view of data due to which user need not to worry how the data will physically store.

It is a well-known technology that has been used effectively in SOA framework.