Mannathu Padmanabha Pillai (2 January – 25 February ) was an Indian social Mannathu Padmanabhan Pillai was born in Perunna village in Changanacherry, Kottayam District, British India on 2 January to Easwaran Namboothiri of. Mannathu Padmanabhan Pillai. Along with Padmanaphan thirteen Nayar men starting in front of a lighted oil lamp in the Mannathu house took the vow saying "I . decided to launch a movement against the ministry. In his speech at the meeting,. Mannath Padmanabhan declared that the time had come to put an end to the.

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Nair Service Society and its leader Mannathu Padmanabhan worked against the autocratic power of karanavar and influenced the women in taravads. Bharata Kesari Sri Mannathu Padmanabhan was one of the famous revolutionaries that Kerala has seen. He was one of the greatest organizers. He was also a. psyche Mannath Padmanabhan of the Nair Service Society collected . Padmanabhan, the Nair leader undertook a vigorous campaign in favour of.

Anathan Pillai, K.

Surendran, Unnikrishnan Nair, Mundassery, M. Bhageerathi Amma Thampuran, E. Venniyoor, T. Chummar, P. Sankara Menon, Prof. Purushothaman Pillai, Moorkothu Kunjappa, K.

Menon, Dr. The pre-eminence of Khadi movement and the Congress organisation in the Coimbatore district owe very much to Ramaswamy.

Until his exit from the Congress, he was known as E. Ramaswamy Naicker. The incident that drove him out of the Congress was the Cheranmahadevi Gurukulam incident and the difference of opinion that developed between him and other Congress leaders including Gandhiji compelled him to leave the Congress. It is said that V. Iyer who was running an ashram and a gunskulam at Cheranmahadevi under the financial patronage of the Congress, permitted a sort of untouchability in the Gurukulam by allowing the Brahmin inmates to have a separate vessel for drinking water and all the other non-Brahmin inmates another vessel.

The practice was resented by men like Ramaswamy and he took it seriously. Even the appeal made to Gandhiji failed to produce results and so he left the Congress. When the Vaikkam Satyagraha was organised by the local leaders like K.

Kelappan, T. Madhavan, Mannathu Padmanabhan, etc. Ramaswamy entered the scene with his own volunteers and participated in it, courting arrest. For his involvement in the Vaikkam Satyagraha which aimed at the eradication of untouchability, he is called Vaikkam Virar hero of Vaikkam.

Mannathu Padmanabha Pillai

After his cKit from the Congress he became the arch-enemy of the Congress and Gandhiji. Until , he was not engaged in active politics and was interested in social reforms.

Into which caste Chattambi swami was born? Ans Nair 8. What was the name of parents of Sree Narayana Guru?

பக்கம்:A hand book of Tamil Nadu.pdf/

Ans Madan Asan and Kuttyamma 9. When was Vaikunda Swami born?

Ans Ans Sahodaran Ayyappan www. To which caste was Sree Narayana Guru born into? Ans Ezhava Who is called Pulaya Raja? Ans Ayyankali Who is the father of Kerala Renaissance?

Ans Sree Narayana Guru Into which caste was Vaikunda Swami born? Ans Channar What was Sadhujana Paripalana Sangham later called?

Ans Pulaya Mahasabha Which is the birth place of Chattambi swami? Ans Kannanmoola www. Into which caste was Sahodaran Ayyappan born?

Where did Sree Narayana Guru attain spiritual enlightenment? Ans Maruthwamala forest Who is called Lincoln of Kerala?

Ans K P Karuppan Who taught Sree Narayana Gurudevan, vedas and upanishads? Ans Kummampalli Raman Pillai Asan What was the original name of Vaikunda Swami? Ans Mudisudum Perumal What was the real name of Chattambi swami? Ans Kunjan Pillai www. How many years did Sree Narayana Guru spend in meditative thought and yoga before enlightenment? Ans 08 years When did Sree Narayana Guru install the first sivalingam?

Who was named Muthukutty due to objection from Brahmins to the name Mudisudum Perumal? Ans Vaikunda Swami Where did Sree Narayana Guru install first sivalingam? Ans Aruvippuram Who was nominated to Sreemoolam Prajasabha in and remained in office for 25 years?

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Ans Nair Bruthya Janasangham www. Sree Narayana Guru at last selected which place for sadhana putting full stop to wandering life? Ans Sivagiri Who wrote Akhilathirattu and Arulnool? Ans Mannathu Padmanabhan Ans Aluva How did Gandhiji address Ayyankali? Ans Pulaya Raja www. Where was Sahodaran Ayyappan born?

Ans Cherai, Ernakulam Where did Sree Narayana Guru start a Sanskrit school? Ans Varkala Who founded Sahodara Sangham? Ans Sahodaran Ayyappan Where did Chattambi Swami die?

Ans Panmana When did Vaikunda Swami attain Samadhi? Ans www. Who conceived the concept of Sivagiri Pilgrimage from Dec 30 to Jan 01? When did Sree Narayana Guru attain Samadhi?

Mannathu Padmanabha Pillai

Ans 20 Sep Ans Dr Palpu www. To which caste was Sree Narayana Guru born into? Who was named Muthukutty due to objection from Brahmins to the name Mudisudum Perumal?

Ramavarma, K.

Though he was not a politician, he became the leader of struggles of political activism in Kerala. Until , he was not engaged in active politics and was interested in social reforms.