I am not sure who uploaded these PDFs. All I know is I wish the whole of humanity would read these works. To say that reading them has changed my life.. . Language: English. POEM OF THE MAN GOD VOLpdf. Identifier: POEMOFTHEMANGODVOL.5_ Identifier-ark: ark://t7np8jp Basilica of the Most Holy Annunciation in Florence, where the tomb of Maria. Valtorta is still venerated. 'The Poem of the Man-God' is a great life of Jesus, it is a .

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Poem of the Man-God Volume 1 - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or of Jesus Christ according to 20th century visionary Maria Valtorta. The Poem of the Man-God is a multi-volume book of about five thousand pages on the life of It is based on the over 15, handwritten pages produced by Maria Valtorta between and While Valtorta did not begin writing The Poem of the Man-God until , .. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. MARIA VALTORTA - THE POEM OF THE MAN-GOD by Maria Valtorta. Translated from Italian by Nicandro Picozzi, M.A., D.D. Revised by.

The second trial is prompted by Gamaliel 's insistence that the time and place of the night trial is against Jewish judicial procedures, and his demand for a new trial after daybreak. Another example is the episode she wrote on February 28, It reports that in preparation for his Passion, Jesus visited the town of Kerioth to say farewell and performed a miracle, curing a woman described as "Anne of Kerioth" on her deathbed.

In this episode Jesus instructs the Anne to forever tend to and comfort Mary of Simon - who Valtorta argued was the mother of Judas Iscariot and who would supposedly be heartbroken upon the betrayal by her son and the deaths of Jesus and Judas in the near future.

"Peter’s tomb is not in the Vatican"

View of the constellation Orion The narrative of The Poem of the Man-God includes a number of observations of the positions of the heavenly bodies. For instance, in episode written on December 11, Valtorta wrote of a night Jesus spent at Gadara : "the sky is glistening with countless stars And Sapphirine Venus covered with diamonds, and Mars of pale ruby and the topaz of Jupiter Using a computer simulation, VanZandt noted that the only possibilities for the observation Valtorta described during the month of March would be AD31 and AD33, and after considering other elements in the narrative concluded that March AD33 was the only possibility.

According to VanZandt the estimation of the joint observability of these three stars and the position of the moon during that time would have been almost impossible without a computer system. There is no need to give an opinion about its origin, whether it be extraordinary or not.

Poem of The Man-God by Maria Valtorta (5 volumes)

Who reads it, will understand. One hears of many visions and revelations. I will not say they are all authentic; but there are some of which it could be said that they are. Father Berti handed over his typed copies, but returned the original handwritten text to Maria Valtorta. His letter also recalled the notes about the matter that appeared on L'Osservatore Romano of 6 January and 15 June They cannot be considered supernatural in origin.

That book is the truth". Philip Pavich, OFM, an American Croatian Franciscan priest stationed in Medjugorje, sent a circular letter to the Medjugorje fans, questioning the purported visions of Maria Valtorta and the subsequent book. All her critics begrudgingly have acknowledged that there is nothing against faith and morals… there is nothing objectionable in The Poem of the Man-God and all the other writings of Valtorta.

It is impossible for me to imagine that anyone could read this tremendous work with an open mind and not be convinced that its author can be no one but the Holy Spirit of God.

These are exceptional pages, which practically contain all four Gospels and fill in missing periods, solving so many enigmatic points or apparent contradictions. Reading these pages is not only an extraordinary adventure for the mind since it reveals everything you would want to know and illuminates every truth, but it also changes your heart and changes your life.

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Above all, it confirms the veracity of all the dogmas and teachings of the Church, of St. John, St. Paul, and of all the Councils.

For twenty years, after having laboriously stumbled through trying to read hundreds of biblical scholars' volumes, I can say that — with the reading of the Work of Valtorta — two hundred years of Enlightenment-based, idealistic, and modernist chatter about the Gospels and about the Life of Jesus can be run through the shredder. And this perhaps is one of the reasons why this exceptional work — a work which moved even Pius XII — is still ignored and "repressed" by the official intelligentsia and by clerical modernism.

In spite of that, outside the normal channels of distribution, thanks to Emilio Pisani and Centro Editoriale Valtortiano, the Work has been read by a sea of people — every year, by tens of thousands of new readers — and has been translated into 21 languages. A renowned Biblical scholar, [Blessed] Gabriel Allegra, has described it as "a masterpiece of world-wide Christian literature.

Also significantly emblematic is the judgment which was expressed in by the Jesuit, Father Augustine Bea, an authority in the field of exegesis, as the Rector of the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome, where, several years later, Carlo Maria Martini succeeded him.

Bea was also a prominent personage of the Church because, after having been the confessor of Pope Pius XII, he became a cardinal and was one of the main protagonists of the Second Vatican Council. Thus, in , he wrote that he had examined an extract of the Work, "…paying particular attention in my reading to the exegetical, historical, archeological, and topographical parts. I was, moreover, very impressed by the fact that the archeological and topographical descriptions were propounded with remarkable exactness.

In Maria Valtorta's Work is found a reconstruction that is so accurate and rich in historical, geographical, and human facts about the Public Life of Jesus, that it is impossible to explain — especially if one considers that it came forth from the pen of a woman who was ignorant of these subjects and of theology, who was not familiar with the Holy Land, and who did not have any books to consult, lying sick and immobilized on a bed in Viareggio, on the Gothic Line, during the war's most ferocious months.

There are thousands of pages, overflowing with information and with the loftiest reflections and meditations; with geographical descriptions which only today, by going onsite, would be able to be done.

There are hundreds of topographical names and details and of descriptions of places, which were unknown to everyone and which only the latest research and archaeological excavations have brought to light.

Maria Valtorta's Work is, in truth, inexplicable by merely human means.

Even the literary style is very lofty and profound. But above all, the Giant — Who runs through these pages and Who fascinates by means of power, goodness, and beauty; Who inspires, by means of words and actions — is precisely that Jesus of Nazareth of Whom the Gospels speak.

The world had not seen — nor will ever see — anything comparable.

Originally published in "Libero", this has been translated from the original Italian by Catherine Loft. I promise to protect anyone who has this Crucifix against the evil forces. Through this Crucifix, I will deliver many from captivity.

Whenever you raise this Crucifix against evil power, I will open heaven and let My Precious Blood flow to subdue the evil power. I promise to protect any house where this Crucifix is against any destructive power in the hour of darkness.

I promise to perform numerous miracles through this Crucifix. I will break their hearts of stone and pour My love on them that venerate My Agonizing Crucifix.Found no dogmatic or moral error.


She wrote under the weight of an excruciating physical and emotional affliction. It is impossible for me to imagine that anyone could read this tremendous work with an open mind and not be convinced that its author can be no one but the Holy Spirit of God.

For instance, in episode written on December 11, Valtorta wrote of a night Jesus spent at Gadara : "the sky is glistening with countless stars The work was also presented to her as an additional advance gift towards our 40th Wedding anniversary which comes up later on this year!!

There are many people who do not desire to understand my messages and to accept with seriousness what I am saying The heart of the Law is in these books.