Mauro Biglino is an Italian scholar of history of religions, he published in Italy five Mauro Biglino has found that in the original Hebrew text of the Bible, in the. Il Libero Sentiero. Mauro Biglino. 2 Mauro Biglino is projector of many historical, cultural and educational multimedia productions for major Italian publishing. I read a free PDF book from a profound author Mauro Biglino that was doing translations of the most ancient texts, including Sumerian cuneiform, for the Vatican.

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Download pdf ebook bibbia nuova versione testi antichi. Mauro biglino unexpected bible. Break even analysis pdf free download Mauro biglino. Mauro Biglino Book. Topics Conspiracy Religious bible. Collectionopensource. Religious texts. IdentifierMauroBiglinoBook. Mauro Biglino - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Bible.

This is what the Bible talks about. Humanity is not involved at all: peoples dramatically involved were just those who lived, occupied territories object of interest of Yahweh and his own group. The relationships were unidirectional: they had to adapt and accept newcomers invaders or to be fought and often completely destroyed. The rest of mankind had nothing to do with those internal struggles, led to grab small pieces of land in that tiny part of the planet.

You trace the Bible back to a kind of diary referring events recorded by our ancestors, as well as it seems to be happened for other historcal writings. In Vedic literature there are Vimanas flying machines , in the Bible similar flying objects seen by Moses and, even in the Assyrian-Babylonian tablets, they are described and detected in various places of the planet. Different peoples tell us all the same stories.

Traces are so many and the firsts are made up of megalithic structures which, despite attempts wholly lacking credibility, no one can explain, as even ourselves would have great difficulty in building them up. I remember, moreover, the official statement released on October by the Iraqi minister of Transport, Kazem Finjan, who claimed Babylonian ziggurats were launching ramps for space travels news reported on October 3, on all the most important press services.

Why do being so powerful and technologically advanced like the Elohim, according to you, make use of people of the Earth in order to gain power in a desolate place, so little and peripheral, whereas they could by themselves achieve it easily? Do they need to be worshipped? History, influenced by the Judeo-Christian religion, puts people of the Bible and its chief at the heart of humanity events: then, it was not like this!

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The god the Old Testament talks about communicates through his spokesman like prophets and sometimes face to face, while forcing the listener to remain at a safe distance. If it was so, what would the language of those periods be, supposing Hebrew language seems to have been created on purpose for the Holy Book? Is it possible Semitic languages or those ones spoken at the time in the Near East had been influenced by extraterrestrial rulers Elohim or are themselves not of this earth, like Sumerian might be from Anunnaki?

Semitic languages spoken at the time were Akkadian, Amorite, Aramaic, Ugaritic and various Canaanite languages. Researchers for instance Prof. Sumerian, for example, turnes out to be a language absolutely original, belonging to a civilisation appearing in the Middle East, exceptionally and already completely formed, with knowledge in many different areas: from agriculture to astronomy, from architecture to maths, from writing to breeding.

In Deuteronomy 32,8 et seq.

Wanting to emphasize this correspondence, is it possible that Plato shows us an old-terrestrial population and that the same Elohim are exactly this population and not extraterrestrials? Everything is possible and we have to be open to any suggestion: I leave to others the dogmatic certainties. In our Bibles, instead, how is this interpreted? What is even more dramatic is that, as evident in the Bible, little girls intrigue even Yahweh, the alleged God.

I will not dwell here because I devoted to the subject several pages in the book you kindly cited. The Catholic Church, mostly by the innovative ideas of Pope Francis, seems to be changing.

INTERVIEW WITH MAURO BIGLINO: The Bible doesn’t talk about God

Do you think they are preparing us to a new openness and a new truth? I believe this is inevitable: they can not keep under control knowledge anymore, which is spreading now with a great swiftness, unimaginable just few decades ago.

It once again leads to large-scale migration from all over the world onto the Indian subcontinent. A large number of tribes, including Yadavas, Dravidians, and others descend onto the Saptha Sindhu region.

It takes on a truly cosmopolitan atmosphere in India with several languages and races existing at the same time. Indonesians migrate from the northeast to the Gujarat region and, on their integration with Dravidians, Saivism gets adopted in Gujarat.

Because of the complete change in socioeconomic, religious, and linguistic climate, this era then comes to be called Dwapar Yuga. Btu let's continue: Some of these tribes that moved in to inhabit India grow in strength, become quite powerful, and rule most of the country.


A fight erupts among them, culminating in one of the greatest wars of history, the Mahabharat. Krishna is born into the Yadava households and is the key player of the war and the events around this time. He is believed to be God himself who walked on earth. He dies accidentally and is believed to have risen from the dead on the seventh day after being pinned to a tree for six days. The flood is followed by a great famine of three centuries, the Great Drought of BC, completely destroying the fabric of the civilization and causing large-scale displacement.

Yadavas move out of India and settle in Israel under a derived name of Jews.

They give up idol worship and settle there in the worship of Krishna as Yahweh. Under instructions from Moses, any references to places in India are removed and replaced from their scriptures, as Moses did not want Jews to trace their roots back to India.

However, their entire theology, including their covenant with God, can be easily traced back to Krishna. Likewise, other inhabitants of the Saptha Sindhu region move out and settle in distant parts of Europe and Asia. These migrators from Saptha Sindhu are joined by other migrators from Egypt, Mesopotamia, Persia, and other regions, who are also displaced by the drought, and a new gigantic civilization springs up in Europe. The migrators from Saptha Sindhu region take their religion with them.

The legends of Krishna go in different forms and shapes, leading to several cults of Christ like saviors across the world, ultimately being adopted into Christianity—the names and the entire theology being that of Krishna, including that of the Purusha-Nara-Narayana Trinity, while the actual personality is that of some other enlightened soul.

Dravidians in India move downwards from Gujarat toward Tamilnadu. The despondency of the drought makes people call the new era as Kali Yuga — the age of suffering. What cause this "drought"? This war have never ended, but the end is near.

Dwarka was destroyed by Indra's thunderbolts and burnt to ashes. Jews migrated south, south-west.

Mauro Biglino

States William G. Erdmans Publishing Company, Cambridge, ; pg The only reason why their scriptures talk about Egypt is because their scriptures were modified at a later point of time.

This was done under instructions from Moses for particular reasons. You must have already heard about the claim that Jews are Yadavas of India, the tribe in which Krishna, the Godly figure of Indians, was born. The very name Hebrew is derived from Abhirah, a tribe associated with Krishna in Indian epic Mahabharat. Those days, people living in India were called Devas.

And when these external people migrated into India from an external region called Yah, the local people called them the Devas of Yah or Yah Devas, which went on to become Yadavas.

A large number of Jewish names and concepts can be traced back to Krishna and Yadavas of India, and the Indian religion, through some simple linguistic analysis.

Given that Ramayan says Ram was born in Ayodhya. How would you feel if you cannot locate Ayodhya?

Would you not immediately feel that all Ramayan is complete farce? Bhagavatam says Krishna was born at Mathura. How would you feel if Mathura cannot be located? As per bible, just before his death, Moses went up from the plains of Moab unto the mountain of Nebo, to the top of Pisgah.What is even more dramatic is that, as evident in the Bible, little girls intrigue even Yahweh, the alleged God.

States William G. The two Malakhim, however, decide to do otherwise and tell to Lot: "We will spend the night in the open". And they defend themselves against an aggression by using apparently "technological" means. This is the real story of those events that the official religion interprets as involving "spiritual beings".

The two Malakhim then urge Lot to take his family away from the city, because they are about to destroy Sodom. Traces are so many and the firsts are made up of megalithic structures which, despite attempts wholly lacking credibility, no one can explain, as even ourselves would have great difficulty in building them up.

From history we know that at that time there were well developed civilizations, such as the Egyptians, the Sumerians and the ancient Indians. The two unfortunate Malakhim realize the risky situation.

Btu let's continue: Some of these tribes that moved in to inhabit India grow in strength, become quite powerful, and rule most of the country.