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The Maze Runner basic plot. When Thomas (Styles S) has awakened, he is pulled from an elevator into a Glade by a group of make teenagers. ALSO BY JAMES DASHNER The 13th Reality series. The Journal of Curious Letters The Hunt for Dark Infinity For Lynette. This book was a. This four-book collection of the blockbuster phenomenon The Maze Runner series now features chapters from the highly-anticipated series conclusion, The.

Rosen attempts to blackmail Deckard to get him to drop the case, but Deckard retests Rachael and determines that Rachael is, indeed, an android. Deckard soon meets a Soviet police contact who turns out to be one of the Nexus-6 renegades in disguise.

Deckard retires the android, then flies off to retire his next target: an opera singer android. When administering the empathy test on her, she calls the police.

The Maze Runner basic plot

Failing to recognize Deckard as a bounty hunter, they arrest and detain him at a station he has never heard of housed by officers whom he is surprised never to have met. An official named Garland accuses Deckard himself of being an android with implanted memories.

After a series of mysterious revelations at the station, Deckard ponders the ethical and philosophical questions his line of work raises regarding android intelligence, empathy, and what it means to be human. Garland reveals that the entire station is a sham, claiming that even Phil Resch, the station's resident bounty hunter is an android. Resch shoots Garland in the head, escaping with Deckard back to the opera singer, whom Resch brutally retires in cold blood.

Deckard uses the empathy test on Resch to confirm that he is actually human and then on himself, finding that he has a sense of empathy for the androids. Deckard downloads his wife Iran an authentic Nubian goat with his reward money.

His supervisor insists that he visit an abandoned apartment building where the three remaining Nexus-6 android fugitives likely are. Experiencing a vision of the prophet-like Mercer confusingly telling him to proceed, despite the immorality of the mission, Deckard calls on Rachael Rosen again, since her knowledge of androids will aid his investigation. Rachael declines to help, but reluctantly agrees to meet Deckard at a hotel in exchange for him abandoning the case.

At the hotel, she reveals that one of the fugitive androids is the same exact model as herself, meaning that he will have to shoot down an android that looks just like her. Sinking to the oor, he pulled his legs up tight against his body, hoping his eyes would soon adjust to the darkness.

The Maze Runner

With another jolt, the room jerked upward like an old lift in a mine shaft. Harsh sounds of chains and pulleys, like the workings of an ancient steel factory, echoed through the room, bouncing o the walls with a hollow, tinny whine.

He wanted to cry, but no tears came; he could only sit there, alone, waiting. My name is Thomas, he thought. That … that was the only thing he could remember about his life.

His mind functioned without aw, trying to calculate his surroundings and predicament. Knowledge ooded his thoughts, facts and images, memories and details of the world and how it works. He pictured snow on trees, running down a leaf-strewn road, eating a hamburger, the moon casting a pale glow on a grassy meadow, swimming in a lake, a busy city square with hundreds of people bustling about their business.

Images of people ashed across his mind, but there was no recognition, their faces replaced with haunted smears of color. The room continued its ascent, swaying; Thomas grew immune to the ceaseless rattling of the chains that pulled him upward. A long time passed. Minutes stretched into hours, although it was impossible to know for sure because every second seemed an eternity. He was smarter than that.

Strangely enough, he felt his fear whisked away like a swarm of gnats caught in the wind, replaced by an intense curiosity. He wanted to know where he was and what was happening.

With a groan and then a clonk, the rising room halted; the sudden change jolted Thomas from his huddled position and threw him across the hard oor.

As he scrambled to his feet, he felt the room sway less and less until it nally stilled. Everything fell silent. A minute passed. He looked in every direction but saw only darkness; he felt along the walls again, searching for a way out.

But there was nothing, only the cool metal. He groaned in frustration; his echo ampli ed through the air, like the haunted moan of death. It faded, and silence returned. He screamed, called for help, pounded on the walls with his fists. Thomas backed into the corner once again, folded his arms and shivered, and the fear returned.

He felt a worrying shudder in his chest, as if his heart wanted to escape, to flee his body. A loud clank rang out above him and he sucked in a startled breath as he looked up.

A straight line of light appeared across the ceiling of the room, and Thomas watched as it expanded. Why not share!

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The Maze Runner

Be the first to like this. No Downloads.Although it may look a bit puzzling, but if you spend some time to read this book, you will not be disappointed. He was smarter than that. These androids are difficult to detect, but Deckard hopes to earn enough bounty money to download a live animal to replace his lone electric sheep.

Praise for the Maze Runner series: High-status animals, such as horses, cost far more than low-status animals.