Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter Epilogue. Acknowledgments. About the Author. Excerpt from The Maze Runner. Excerpt from The Mortality. The Fever Code Summary. From the New York Times, best-selling series, The Maze Runner written by the brilliant James Dashner. Is the fifth and final edition of. PRAISE FOR JAMES DASHNER AND THE MAZE RUNNER SERIES More Runner The Scorch Trials The Death Cure The Kill Order The Fever Code The 13th.

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The Fever Code is a young adult dystopian science fiction novel written by American author James Dashner and published on September 27, by. The Fever Code book. Author: James Dashner. Series: The Maze Runner Series. Publisher: Delacorte Press. Publish date: (September online pdf format The Fever Code: Maze Runner, Book Five; Prequel, ^^pdf download The Fever Code: Maze Runner, Book Five; Prequel.

Teresa and Thomas are soon recruited to build the Maze. Soon or later the Maze is completed. One of the Gladers catch a virus similar to the Flare and has to be put down before he killed anyone else.

The Fever Code (Maze Runner Book 5)

Some valuable information is then revealed, and Thomas believes his friends suffering in the Maze is pointless. He then schemes a plan to rescue them by going into the Maze himself with Teresa with both their memories intact.

But the plan failed, and Thomas ends up having his memories removed but is still sent into the Maze. Is Thomas going to survive the Maze?

Does Teresa still have her memories? What is the fate of the Gladers? Pick up the next book in the series to find out! They send Thomas along to track the long-range capabilities of his hardware. He understands they are no closer to finding a cure than they were 10 years ago. Once inside, he will lead the Gladers in a revolt and an escape to a safe zone in a nearby city. He tells Teresa his plan, and she hesitantly agrees. Chancellor Paige agrees to the plan, although she credits Teresa for it and prepares Thomas for insertion.

She gives him a cup of tea to calm his nerves, which Thomas realizes has been spiked.

He passes out and his memories are removed before guards drop him in the elevator to the Maze. A second memorandum from Teresa reveals she knew Thomas would have his memories erased. She says she and Aris would enter the Maze with their memories intact, allowing them to continue communication.

Analysis Betrayal Perhaps the biggest revelation in the final novel of The Maze Runner series is that Teresa was manipulating Thomas all along. The final memorandum in the epilogue reveals Teresa entered the Maze with her memories intact.

About the Title

These realizations cast the entire series in a new light as readers reassess Thomas's most important relationship. Teresa, it appears, was another complicated variable to measure Thomas's reactions.

The reader now knows Teresa's memories were intact when she entered the Maze, not fading as she claimed. She formed a trusting relationship with Thomas in the Maze.

She manipulated him through what she already knew about him and the other Gladers to motivate him through the Maze and the Scorch trials. Readers will no doubt feel surprised by the realization that Teresa betrayed and continually lied to Thomas. Because this plot twist is revealed in the final lines of an epilogue, Dashner doesn't explore the new dynamic.

While readers will undoubtedly be shocked by Teresa's loyalty, the surprise feels shallow. Without exploring Teresa's motivations, Thomas's reaction, or the result of her betrayal, the realization amounts to little more than shock value.

Dashner's superficial treatment aligns with the general lack of character development as the series focuses on action and plot. Bravery The Fever Code presents different motivations for bravery. Minho , arguably one of the bravest characters in the series, exhibits his trademark machismo. He faces the world with fists clenched, always ready for a fight. Minho's brave actions are almost always motivated by his need to survive. Minho plans ways to escape WICKED headquarters, sustains multiple Griever attacks as punishment, and although weakened by the trauma, he never loses his fighting spirit.

Minho always takes risks. He tries to run away from the doctors during his implant surgery, plots a risky escape, and is one of the first to enter the Maze. Newt , who also exhibits Minho's bravery in the face of dangerous situations, shows bravery's sensitive side. Newt risks punishment by sneaking through headquarters to regularly check on his sister Lizzy. He watches her from above, but before entering the Maze he shows himself to Group B so he can say goodbye to his sister.

Although typically motivated by love, Newt also shows some recklessness in his bravery. For example, he sneaks into Thomas's room after noticing the door hasn't properly locked. Chancellor Paige and Teresa share a manipulative type of bravery. Both characters participate in morally questionable activities for what they believe is the greater good.

Whatever her unknown motivations, she clearly believes her plan for the trials will have a greater impact on humanity than WICKED's previous plan.

She exhibits true bravery as she manipulates Thomas and the rest of her friends when they might discover her ulterior motives, destroying WICKED's plans.

Her actions directly contrast to those of Rat Man in previous novels. His heinous actions were motivated by fear of succumbing to the Flare. Thomas kills Randall, and Randall kills Michael. Both Randall and Michael put themselves in danger for what they believe to be the greater good.

maze runner pentology: book five, the fever code

Average people, like Thomas's and Newt's families, are simply trying to survive, to stay safe from radiation, and to feed their families. WICKED, on the other hand, has a seemingly endless supply of food, funds, and technology at its disposal, but they keep everything in house. When they need test subjects for the Maze, they simply take them from unsuspecting families rather than convincing families to invest in the greater good.

Starving families escaping Cranks and perpetual radiation from the sun might be inclined to willingly send their children to a safer place. Randall, in particular, seems to get a sadistic joy from torturing the children.

He tortures Thomas into accepting his new name and punishes the children with the Crank Palace. In reality they are using the opportunity to test the strength and reaction of the Grievers.

The Maze itself could be seen as an enormous abuse of power. It forces unsuspecting children into a torture setting to chart their reactions, but certain events seem particularly heinous. The first use of anti-Griever serum, for example, strikes the reader and Thomas alike as horrific. Finally, Dr.

The Fever Code (Maze Runner Book 5)

Paige, who later becomes Chancellor Paige, abuses her power by convincing the children to partake in the Purge. She spends years building Thomas's trust only to exploit him by convincing him to kill 18 WICKED employees so she can take control of the organization.

When faced with horrific realities, often one character takes pity on another and does something to put them out of their misery.Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips.

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Randall, in particular, seems to get a sadistic joy from torturing the children. Chuck does not go with the first batch and for a long time he, Thomas, and Teresa remain friends.