See 1 question about Nothing in This Book Is True, But It's Exactly How Things Are. Bob Frissell, the founder of The Breath of Life (Breathwork & Integrative Healing), is the world-renowned author of “Nothing In This Book Is True, But Its Exactly How Things Are.”. Nothing in This Book Is True, But It's Exactly How Things Are, 15th Anniversary Edition. Something in This Book Is True, Second Edition: The Official Companion to. The diagrams and examples in "Nothing in This Book is True, But it's Exactly How Things Are," are even taken from. Nothing in This Book Is True, But It’s Exactly How Things Are is an account of humankind’s function within the grand celestial battle between internal and external knowledge. Author Bob Frissell gives a compelling account of our planetary ascent into higher consciousness.

Nothing In This Book Is True

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This ambitious book is a personal psycho-spiritual journey, a theorization on the meaning of the monuments of Mars, a guidebook for. The twenty-fifth anniversary edition of this underground classic explores higher consciousness, human evolution, metaphysics, sacred geometry, the secret. Bob Frissell is a master rebirther and teacher of 26 years, whose books are regarded as underground spiritual classics. In addition to Nothing in This Book is .

Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. Published November 1st by Frog first published More Details Original Title. Other Editions 9. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [Hi, If you want to survive among the Christians of the Book, then explain to them their Parables. Otherwise, they will kill you as they will to Mohammedans.

Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Feb 14, Anndra rated it it was amazing. I found this book improperly placed in a bookstore, never heard of it, but the back panel intrigued me. When I dove in,I was exuberantly suprised by the depth and intrigues found in the covers of this book. I have been a lifelong theologian and agnostic, and reading all of these postulates and "true" accounts slipped into my head like tetris blocks filling in the gaps of all i've read before and all the spiritual "senses" i've experienced.

If you've been spiritual all your life but have questions that make you doubt your Christ-centered faith, this book will open your eyes -- READ IT!!!! I dare not give too much away, but again I say - if you wonder about all that hubbub concerning as the "end of times" - yep, you guessed it, --READ IT.

Just read it.

Available on Kindle, but you'll want a hard copy to share the revelations with like-minded friends or family. Oh, and ONE other thing -- I have dreams that are usually quickly forgotten, and many nightmares due to my extreme PTSD from losing all the main factors of my life within an eight year span, from 21 to 29 my husband at age 21, my father four years later, my mother three years after that, and custody of my youngest son in a brutal court case a mere two years after that.

The night after I finished reading this book, I dreamed that the devil came to me and offered me a gift that was very tempting. He said he would take my memories from me, and that I would awaken in my own bed with no memories of their deaths, my losses, or of any of my life. In exchange he would give me the gift of improbable good luck - that I would be able to pick every winning lottery number i wanted, my son would be given back to me i'm headed back to court to regain custody and the book I'm writing would lead me to great fame and fortune.

He showed me all the images of my life, from childhood forward, all the terrible memories I carry with me that intrude upon me daily that I suffer with due to PTSD, and told me he would take them, all of them, and that I could awaken in my own bed with my current husband who i believe is my soulmate, such is our love with none of those memories or any others of my life - that I could start anew and never suffer again.

Then I furrowed my brow and began recalling all the things i would not recover if I gave him my memories - all my good memories, of my children, my love for my late husband, my love for my current husband, my memories of my parents and every moment of my life that held even the briefest joy. And so I told him NO. At that point the "devil" morphed from a shining handsome man in a suit to a monster, red-skinned, horned and cloven footed, and grabbed me by the arm and shook me for my "stupidity" - I screamed at him NO, and awoke with bruises on my left arm where he'd grabbed me.

Now I ask you, is it misfiring brain waves, mere coincidence, or perhaps some THING; perhaps not of this world, that does not want me to continue on with the knowledge that had all clicked into place. Never once have I considered a life of amnesia being a fix-all for the stress and grief I carry with me.

In fact, when I was younger I considered it one of the worst things I'd ever heard of - before all the loss in my life. But at this point in my life, under extreme anxiety and depression for over a decade with no relief from any medications I've tried, the proposition given to me was very, very tempting.

How could my subconscious turn something I feared into something that would sound desirable - and how would I, in a "dream", be able to "think" clearly enough to fight against and refuse such an alluring cure-all for the mental and emotional pain I carry with me every single day? Read it. Call me a freak or a kook, but then do some researching of your own - about Mars, Nikola Tesla, the pyramids' unbelieveable architecture, prana,yogic methods - anything you doubt, and you will find those Tetris blocks falling into place.

View 1 comment. Jan 12, Gregory Tkac rated it it was amazing. Found this book at a new agey store in Philly when I was 19 late 80's and I think I read the whole thing in a couple of days and then read it again, and again. I couldn't get enough of this book when I first got my hands on it - it was like opening up doors to new worlds with every chapter. Now, I'd probably think most of it is straight bullshit, but it inspired me enough to get 2 dolphins tattooed on my shoulder, so I guess it's with me for life now.

Jun 05, Dangeruss Noyes rated it really liked it. This book tends to go from laughably hilarious things like humanity's origin, the secret history of the earth, alien, and the secret government to mind bendingly thought provoking sacred geometry, the golden ratio, the proportions of the human body.

Ultimately I'm still not sure what to make of it but at the same time I wouldn't tell anyone not to read it. Jan 09, Bo'kem Allah rated it really liked it. This inspired me to start "thinking outside the box. I was compelled to read the 2 follow ups.

Take for yourself what you can practically apply in your life Apr 18, Natasha Diarist Holme rated it really liked it Shelves: Saw the title and couldn't leave it on the shelf. I think the title says it all. May 10, Andrew Tippett rated it it was ok. A lot of people have recommended this book to me, it has quite a legacy and reputation in the world of spirit science, new age shamanism, consciousness, whatever you want to call this kind of stuff.

I can't even articulate my disappointment in this fragmented mess of a book. Bob Frissell makes David Icke appear sane, rational, and A lot of people have recommended this book to me, it has quite a legacy and reputation in the world of spirit science, new age shamanism, consciousness, whatever you want to call this kind of stuff.

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Bob Frissell makes David Icke appear sane, rational, and organized. His subjectivity taints the book with an air of crackpot hippy shamanism, his allegiance to Drunvalo Melchizedek is bizarre, and the book does little to paint Drunvalo as anything but a total weirdo. Even so, I find the information on sacred geometry, the flower of life and merkaba breathing techniques very interesting, even if there is a lot of rambling and utter nonsense to wade through. Just when he finds a coherent path, he leaves on a tangent that would typically leave me confused or wondering if I could just skip past it without being ignorant or missing the point of the book.

Upon his return to a coherent stream of thought or writing, he picks up somewhere else and I'm still wondering what the hell I'm even doing reading this book. What bothers me the most, is Frissell makes so many bold statements uncorroborated by any real world sources, credible or otherwise. No citation, no source, and he goes on rambling about the Gray's technology, the secret mission of the global elite in the face of an impending catastrophic pole shit and this off-the-wall mythology of Atlantis, Martians, technology and human space travel.

He also claims—sans citation, once again—Germans landed on the moon sometime in the 20 or 30s I love conspiracy theories, but considering this guy uses "Alternative 3" as a source, come on. It was worth reading given the book's legacy but overall I found it to be a very unsatisfying read.

Feb 20, Gerald rated it it was ok Recommends it for: UFOlogists, conspiracy theorists, students of metaphysics, sacred geometers. Well it's just about all here. And isn't, as the title rightly suggests. Judge for yourself. It reads like the psychotic rant of a literate person who has read a lot of metaphysical and conspiracy books. Then again, there is the occasional statement that resonates.

But consider: The only difference between dimensional worlds is their wavelengths. Wavelength is the key to the entire universe. We live Whew.

We live in a reality created solely by wavelength. The wavelength of our third-dimension world is 7. So there's a nugget here. But I'd have been hooked if Frissell's next paragraph had begun, "We know this because He makes an analogy to the tones of the musical scale, as if the reader doesn't know what frequency is, and then goes on to assert that dimensions are separated at degree angles--another unexplained fact that could fit into a coherent explanation, but doesn't.

In my comic novel Rubber Babes , the main character Rollo Hemphill is sure the secret government is out to get him. Rollo should read this book. Rollo further believes that "paranoia is just a heightened state of awareness.

(ebook) Nothing in This Book Is True, But It's Exactly How Things Are, 15th Anniversary Edition

Boychik Lit Nov 16, Eric rated it really liked it. This is what I would call an old school new age book. I'm surprised I had never heard of it before. The copyright is from It has a lot of insights that seem quite astute but it suffers from being a pre book and feeding the fear of those times to some extent. I don't mean to imply that nothing has happened in the meantime that wasn't deserving of some trepidation or that there is not still reason to question our viability.

Nothing in This Book Is True, But It’s Exactly How Things Are, 25th Anniversary Edition

This is not even the primary thrust of the work, just something This is what I would call an old school new age book. This is not even the primary thrust of the work, just something that dates it. However, I appreciate work that has the timeless characteristic in studying human nature, consciousness and physics which this somewhat misses by its urgency. Frissell does touch on a variety of interesting topics and makes a case for a dramatically different line of history than is currently accepted by academia.

He also provides a far different scenario for the evolution of consciousness than the mainstream propagandists will consider even after 20 years. I like the way he promotes people finding the truth themselves in the same Gnostic, shamanistic way that I travel.

He provides an interesting breathing technique that I will practice but I find that his insistence of leaving the final steps to those who take his class as a cheap marketing gimmick. Upon rereading this review it seems I've highlighted all the negative aspects of this book. On the contrary, I really enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone who would like another positive voice in the arenas of personal empowerment, reality analysis or spiritual development.

Read the book and then follow up on the internet for new content and links.

Jan 01, Duke rated it it was ok Shelves: Found this book listed in a Tool newsletter. It's an interesting read for its info on sacred geometry, but the rest is filled with fantastical speculative alternative history and mythological crossovers.

It's really a mess. The sources cited for the information for the Montauk experiments, for example are just as absurd. Read this at your own risk if you can't separate for yourself fantasy and fact. Since you are already on a spiritual path, my new book will give you information, tools, and insights to enhance your understanding of your true nature and your purpose here on Earth.

If you are looking for a "big picture" understanding of what's going on in these accelerated times, I offer valuable and timely information and perspective as seen from the viewpoint of various indigenous peoples and Ascended Masters. By teaching The Breath of Life for thirty years and the Flower of Life for the past nineteen years to many thousands of students, I have developed tools and information to support your spiritual growth and to keep you on the "fast track" in these amazing times.

When these tools are properly understood and utilized, the quality of your life will be transformed beyond your wildest imagination!

My book contains these tools and information. This book is a source for clearing confusion and calming fears, while offering useful and practical tools and information that inspire hope for our extremely positive future, as we rapidly approach the "shift of the ages".

Your autographed copy is available now. For thirteen thousand years we have been in separation. We see everything as polarized-as good or bad, up or down, hot or cold. We judge everything that happens. The very act of judgment keeps us in this mode of perceiving. As an example of this separate way of looking at life, if your body gets cold you think of a fire or a heater; you think of something outside yourself.

This has led to our increasing dependence on technology. We have missed the fact that the more technologically advanced we are, the more ignorant we are becoming.

We are increasingly separated from the One Spirit and we are weakening. We become weaker when we keep giving away our power to technology-that is, to external objects.

We then become dependent upon these objects and soon get to the point where we can't do anything for ourselves. We also become habituated to seeking and obeying outside authority. Oneness does not understand this. It doesn't know what "needing anything" means. Aboriginals and other indigenous people do not know what "need" means; whatever they need just appears because they are in harmony with Nature.

The Hopis don't even have words for anything outside themselves. They would speak, for example, of a bird that is perched on a tree branch that is within them. We have stepped outside this balance, and at this moment, we are learning how to step back in. If we really knew, we could just think the thought "warm" and it is so.

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We have the capability of changing anything in the reality from within. I use "the reality" to refer to the outer world, including life situations, circumstances, etc.

Many of us feel that we are just a person with no power and no say regarding how things are in creation. The larger truth is that we can change anything in our environment under certain circumstances-when we are in Unity and not in separation. The Spirit of God can move right through you. The left brain, the logical side of us, does not know Unity. It sees division and separation everywhere, and it gets no relief from the one source it would logically look to, religion.

It needs to see beyond any doubt that separation is an illusion. It needs to know that the reality is One. In these pages I will be showing the universal language of sacred geometry to the left brain to demonstrate that there is only One Spirit moving through everything-there is only one creation pattern , only one law moving through all things. When the mind truly sees this, a relaxation occurs.

The corpus callosum opens up and communication takes place between both sides of the brain.

Things can begin to happen at this point that you yourself would not allow until you were certain that there is only Oneness. Sixteen thousand years ago we violated galactic law. We were on a very high level of awareness at the time, far beyond where we are now, but by committing a certain illegal act we fell many dimensional levels until we landed in this dense aspect of the reality.Introduction to Sacred Geometry 9.

Caitlin Keegan. We began our spiritual journey in learning the from wisdom keepers of many earth honoring wisdom traditions mostly in the Americas. About Bob Frissell.

Ashley Neese. Open Preview See a Problem? If we really knew, we could just think the thought "warm" and it is so. It began a long quest into such knowledge, the journey of which I am still on many years later.