NUMENERA and its logo are trademarks of Monte Cook Games, LLC in the U.S.A. and other . The scenarios in Weird Discoveries require a GM to do a little . Weird Discoveries: Ten Instant Adventures for Numenera in print, $ Quantity. Weird Discoveries: Ten Instant Adventures for Numenera PDF, $ Download Weird Discoveries Ten Instant Adventures for Numenera.

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I'll let Monte Cook explain: Numenera: Weird Discoveries - Monte Cook . (Or download the free PDF preview that contains that entire. The Spider Knight (Weird Discoveries, p 30); Into the Violet Vale (Into the Violet Vale) Natural and Unnatural (Weird Discoveries, p 24); Seedship (Numenera, p ) Do you know if it's possible to get a pdf copy of Thirst?. Weird Discoveries is an essential download for any Numenera game master in I have the book in both print and PDF, but if I could only have one it.

Numenera (game)

Here's where I got a little hung up during my first read. I noticed that the Keys could be found in multiple sections of the adventure. Wait, what? Let me read that again. Actually it ended up making a lot of sense!

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Each adventure is designed so that the plot keys can show up in several possible locations of the adventure. So if you're trying to run a quick, two-hour demo, there's a reduced chance of missing something important. Pretty sharp! The last two pages of each adventure give the GM a lot more detail behind the adventure, and yet are totally unnecessary for the game to make sense. Want to run a quick one-shot? Just read the first four pages. Want to stretch the adventure out for multiple sessions?

Pages five and six give you more detail, as well as ways to set the adventure into an ongoing campaign. Reason Three - Pre-gens Anyone? I've run Numenera for a lot of Numenewbies, and using the same pre-gen characters from Vortex can get a bit old. While I have everything in the Numenera line, most new players start with just the corebook or the streamlined Numenera Player's Guide.

So a new GM can grab Weird Discoveries and have everything they need for folks playing one of these six characters. But it can be easy to forget about the little devices, especially if you're running a game for new players or if you haven't run the game in four months. Rolling up cyphers mid-game tends to slow things down, which is why I usually select them ahead of time.

Weird Discoveries does this for you! Pages ten and eleven of Weird Discoveries includes thirty-six pre-generated cyphers for you to use with your friends and players.

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So when the adventure calls for handing one of these out, just pick one from the list. Off-loading the background and hook onto the first two pages, letting the one-page scenario breathe on the spread, and then giving an additional two pages for additional details and follow-up gives the format more room to explore and develop ideas than a strict one-page dungeon does. Maybe this minimal approach would work for me? Lets have the pyramid levitating above the city…and the monster automaton? This allows it to wander about on the ceiling reaching down.

Role Playing

The city is thus some mud brick structure on a magneto repelling base built there by primitives. A maze of rooms that once served as homes for families. Regarding this, would it be possible to make a product that combined your ideas of the open game table or procedural games with this to allow for better replayability?

A simple example would be a hexcrawl , where each keyed hex would have content that looks a lot like the two-page spreads here. Information chunked out so that you could quickly process it on-the-fly whenever the PCs decided to go there. I keep seeing this tendency of modern games to try to do everything they can to reduce the preparation time for RPGs and it seems horribly misguided to me.

For example, I just got done running my remix of Eternal Lies. And the result was fabulous. And we did things in that game that would have been impossible to achieve without that level of prep and without a long-term, dedicated engagement from the players. But and this is a very important but half of the players participating in that campaign were people I started gaming with because I was able to casually invite them to my open table.

You occasionally see a similar thing in board games: People who like big, complex games that provide lengthy, rich experiences bemoan the existence of casual, shorter games. But those casual, shorter games are how you end up introducing yourself to people who will play those big, complex games with you. Yes, there are a couple corners of the OSR that keep flirting around with it.

Campaigns in a box, though? Man, those are everywhere. Numenera already has one. Pelgrane and Chaosium have dozens of them. Modiphius does them.

And this culture is ingrained pretty deep. And if the entire hobby does that, then you are also excluding A LOT of creative people from it. With all that being said, one of the reasons I prefer a more robust structure for open table gaming instead of just sequences of one-shots is that it allows for long-term dynamics to emerge. So Weird Discoveries is not the be-all or end-all of casual play, but it does represent an attitude which is desperately missing from traditional roleplaying games right now.

The book includes suggestions for incorporating these adventures into long-term, dedicated campaigns. So best of both worlds, really.

Weird Discoveries Ten Instant Adventures for Numenera

Have you come across the one page dungeon contest: Halls of the Mad Mage. Name required. Mail will not be published required.

Author PDF Edition. City Supplement 1: Dweredell City Supplement 2: Aerie City Supplement 3: Finding your way down to this world is almost impossible. What starts as an investigation into the aftermath of the Iron Wind soon turns to kiddnapping, a strange journey to an even stranger city.

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Who will the player characters trust? Will they escape The City on the Edge? A 48 page adventure with a 12 page bestiary. Bookmarked and laid out like products you know and love. An adventure for any tier party that your players will never forget.

Marvin 49 page adventure for all tiers, 16 page bestiary, new numenera, dozens of GM Intrusions, and player handouts. Who is the Sleeping Lady? What is knock, knock, knocking at the door? Hang onto your minds and bodies, because secrets of Orb Mountain are about to be revealed!

Wander, The by Ryan Chaddock It stretches and winds through the Ninth World, seeking unknowable facets of a landscape already touched by the dangerous refuse of the past. The Wandering Walk is a path known only to a few and trekked only by the brave and the foolish. The Wander is a supplement for Numenera detailing strange locations, unfathomable encounters, and useful equipment for those adventurers and explorers seeking the bounties of the prior worlds along the Wandering Walk.

As an extension of the Numenera corebook adventure The Beale of Boregal it is a perfect place to start for a fledgling party of explorers. A deck of strange encounters for embellishing on the Wandering Walk, or spicing up nearly any Numenera campaign. A deck of new Cyphers for use and excavation along the Wander.

Four organizations that make the Wander their home, and the powers they derive from the unusual bloodscar that they develop in their travels. The Wander represents a return to what Numenera is all about- exploring a world full of odd people, strange pseudoscientific effects, and powerful relics of the past.

Opulent and weird, the nobles and knights of the Steadfast and the Beyond play a bloody game of cloak and dagger.

Combining strange powers and technologies with ruthless ambition, the world of politics in Numenera is fascinating and strange.My separation from the Cypher System had been too long, and my homesickness for the Ninth World ebbed.

It's the problem of making a copy of a copy. Fill out remaining character options, then click translate to add a new recursion.

Numenera is kind of a big deal. Attach cheat engine, load table, then activate the cheats. Archived copy as title Pages using deprecated image syntax.

For example, consider the spread we looked at before: