O Largo Da Palma - Adonias-Filho - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. Adonias Aguiar Filho (November 27, – August 2, ) was a novelist, essayist, journalist In São Paulo, he also collaborated with O Estado de S. Paulo and Folha da Manhã. Fora da pista - children's literature (); O Largo da Palma - novella (); Auto . Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. Adonias Aguiar Filho (Itajuípe, 27 de novembro de – Ilhéus, 2 de agosto de ) foi um Colaborou com o jornal Correio da Manhã e atuou como crítico literário nos . Fora da pista - literatura infantil (); O Largo da Palma - novelas () .. Criar um livro · Descarregar como PDF · Versão para impressão.

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This is for example what is Narration in VR still means telling a good story. If there is no experimented with a VR photography. This can experiment in the game park the Void [6]. The fourth characters and a challenging environment. We speculated that in VR, time is converted into space. It means This is, for example, a ride shot in or planetarium.

In classic editing, a scene is what exists between two moments in time during where the emotional value switches from one side to the other: positive to negative or negative to positive [8]. In VR in an open world, it has to be solved in space with an entrance and an exit now understood as key spaces. The objective is to indicate to the user where could be the exit and to drag him from the entrance to the Figure 2: Audience and narrative spaces exit.

If we focus on a cylinder screen, we can expect three kinds Probabilistic is used because there is a probability for the user to of narrative involving the body and the point of view. First, it can not follow the story line and not going from A to B. The reputation be an image or a film with no vanishing point.

We can assess the desaturation of colours with distance. The player feels panoramic immersive painting with no vanishing point. The himself aloud to do whatever is forbidden in the real world, audience can look around, there is no favourite point of view. Those elements borrowed from Kevin Lynch are landmark, node, path, edge and district [9].

This can describe either a natural or urban place, it gives Figure 3: Image 1: no perspective, image 2: central perspective, the user many possibilities from being guided to explore a totally image 3: image with 4 points of view. One last topic is cutting and editing. In classic narration, the story is always a line whether it is possible to choose between several options.

Those options are like nodes. There is a potential of infinite reconsidered.

In VR, nodes are in a 2D, time become space, it is then the levers for storytelling. As we saw previously, time can be possible to see all possible nodes which are every single point of transformed into space. By compressing or expanding space, it is space. It means that, if the storyline remains linear, the user can possible to accelerate or to decelerate time without creating a have a vision of infinite possibilities. Framing can be possible by attracting The next question is: is it possible to have multiple storylines attention on a specific direction, this can be accomplished by a simultaneously?

Adonias Filho

In literature, it is not possible and the human ear cinematic direction, by light and shadows and also with sounds. In Playtime Tati used a huge frame, on needed details. He asks the In the end, we see that time become space and framing become audience to pick one of the plots and follow it. He even encourages choice and interaction. That is the reason why creators like Keith the audience to comment and share discoveries. In VR, it is Largo declares that the main inspiration now for VR narrative is obviously possible to have multiple storylines simultaneously.

As a result, the area of references slides from cinema Because time becomes space, and space is at least in 3D, it makes to socio-psychological or behavioural problems without losing the it possible let thing to Multi massive online role playing as a perfect issue of story-telling which is why users get into it. Behaviour, paradigm. As the processing power of Dealing with narration would mean using a grammar.

In basic graphic cards has increased, it is now possible to have complex communication [10] a message is held by a code that is shared by simulations of environments in real time.

Lights, shadows, sender and receiver. In many fields of creation, the notion of of polygons and so, even on small devices such as smartphones. A Symbols.

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A realistic image is so far a non-naturalist image. But this subject is a dead-end, nowadays expectations have nothing in common with those we had before and it may be a 2. More The words of the film grammar are like: long shot, medium shot, interesting is trying to understand how the nonfigurative VR is also close-up and as it is in 3D, those words have spatial values such as appealing and create amazing immersive experiences.

The framing is a real language that helps the spectator to understand the non-verbal information: feelings, conflicts, motivations. Breuleux, graphics The piece White Box is a VR travel into an abstract world populated with black lines on a white screen.

Lines are organised in patterns that blend crosses processing an ever renewed Figure 5: Longing for Wilderness, Marc Zimmermann, landscape.

Non-figurative can also a way to experiment disabilities. Editing is also a way to play with time with Slow motion or Hotel Blind is a way to embody a blind person in a hotel accelerated motion, with the use of ellipses as previously room. More interesting Notes on Blindness tells the real story of mentioned, or parallel storylines. In , everything has to be John Hull who gradually lost sight. In this grammar, time becomes space.

In VR, sound moreover when there is a continuous narration. The grammar of design is often weaker than the graphic design, it is just to see how films is also adapted as it is harder to change frame values, having people are involved in one speciality or the other. The earring is cuts or shot reverse shot or even reaction shots. In many video faster than viewing that makes the audition our better tools for alert, games, it has been resolved by interrupting the action with a warning of dangers that can come from anywhere.Harvest of the palm Chamaedorea radicalis, its effects on leaf production, and implications for sustainable management.

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Galeano, N. Geophysical Research Letters 23 17 , , Botanical Review Since , with the launch of Google narrative is the frame.