OMR Sheet Template Name, For Color Printer, For Laser Printer. 1, A4 50 General 5 Option, · · file_download. NAME OF THE CANDIDATE IN BLOCK LETTER (Only one character should be written in one box.) READ ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE FILLING OMR. OMR Sheet Format used in Addmen OMR Software are very simple to OMR Sheet Design and economical to printing. Now the OMR Sheets cost is almost.

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Following are some of the ready to print model OMR sheet formats in A4 size, OMR Sheet full form, OMR Answer Sheet. Use only HB Pencil and Blue or Black ball pen to darken the circles (). Use only blue or black ball pen to write in the boxes (). 2. Do not make any stray marks. OMR Sheet can be downloaded and can be used by the candidates for practice.

Although the OMR software makes it easy to design the sheets, you also have the option of downloading the sheets if you want to.

We offer a variety of ready made OMR sheets that you can use according to your requirements. After downloading the sheets, you can edit them in CorelDraw and add the details of your institute. However, do not make any alterations to the index points or OMR bubbles.

After this, you can print the sheets using an inkjet or laser printer. The OMR sheets contain bubbles, boxes or circles. Students or candidates have to fill these bubbles.


However, there are some rules that one has to follow while filling these bubbles. These rules are important to make sure that the sheets are accurately by the OMR software.

Handling of OMR Sheets. However, read the instructions provided on the OMR sheet to know what you need to use.

Ink pens and gel pens should be avoided as these can blot or spill on the sheet, ruining the entire paper. The bubbles should be filled completely.

The software may not be able to read under-filled or over-filled bubbles It is important to make sure that the marks on the bubbles are dark. This will help the software to read the marks easily.

If more than one answer option is marked for one question, the answer will be considered wrong and you would not get any marks, unless multiple answers are expected in the question. Any marks on or near the index points can become the cause of inaccurate reading.

Right from printing of sheets to evaluating the result, Verificare covers your entire OMR based assessment requirement. Our Robust client centric service aims at achieving satisfaction and trust.

What is the advantage of using Verificare OMR software? It is the most cost-effective and feature enriched software that gives you the ease to conduct large scale assessments without any hassle. It takes hold of the complete process of assessment right from printing till evaluating the OMR sheets and also generating the result.

Which scanner should be used to scan the OMR sheets? What are the dimensions of OMR sheet?

Standard dimensions that are followed while printing the OMR sheet is A4 size that is a width of 8. What is the sheet scanning speed of OMR software?

Question OMR Sheet Sample – Download for free

Its efficiency remains stable irrespective of the type of scanner that you are using. Does OMR software contain any anti cheat feature? Yes, mostly OMR software is enabled with inbuilt feature to curtail the issue of cheating while conducting assessment.Question Bank Software MCQ Test Software allows easy section of multiple choice question and answers for MCQ test generation by simply creating a word file of selected mcq questions for automatic input.

If you are preparing for an exam which is in the OMR format, you may think that you do not need any practice because all you have to do is fill the bubbles. History[ edit ] Optical mark recognition OMR is the scanning of paper to detect the presence or absence of a mark in a predetermined position.


One thing that you should know is that not all objective answer sheet samples provided here have the same pattern of the actual answer sheet. To mark the answers in such a manner that the machine reads it, you need to be careful in filling up the circle.

Even a small error on the OMR sheets can cause you to lose marks and eventually a seat and an opportunity. Use photocopies of OMR Sheets only if you have a good quality photocopy machine which is giving proper output without distortion and smudging.