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One Day At A Time Francis Kong Ebook

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I downloaded an ebook which is Francis Kong's collection of articles and a silent time with yourself, download this FREE ebook and you'll never He is an author of 10 books: His book “One Day at a Time” has been given a. I have made two of my books available in ebook format. Do visit http://www. for more details. Thank you. I was in Tagaytay for Bo Sanchez's four-day Bestselling Authors Bootcamp. He invited me to speak on eBook Publishing. Bo asked all the participants to write down on a piece of paper the titles of the books they wanted to write. Every time he'd pop that question, I'd be reminded to work on the course.

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This site uses cookies: This happened all the time that they decided to name the corner after me, hahaha! I also found that unlike in high school where I was micromanaged, I was given autonomy in college to do the things I wanted to to.

The right-brain me was delighted to exercise my creativity. And so on September 14, Francis and Lilia tied the knot.

One Day at a Time, Never a Dull Moment (A Daily Dose of Inspiration for the Man at Work Book 2)

Typical of mother-daughter-in-law relationships, especially those who constantly see each other, there were some tensions with regard to raising the child, and this is the lesson Francis warns couples out there. To resolve the above problem plus help the young couple save on some household expenses, they moved in with the parents of Lilia.

But we were okay here, no tension. On having your own home Francis and Lilia never really thought of downloading their own house because they found renting more practical. | Inspiring Excellence

During Francis stint at Company B, a firm he co-owned, his partner constructed a building for their company and the penthouse was offered to them for their living quarters — an square meter property square meters house and square meters terrace for only a monthly rent of…P9,!

And he just went down to go to work. So what incentive could they have to download their own and tie their money to a house? They never built their own house but would download real estate properties for investment. And the kids were so excited, actively participating in the remodeling of their very own house!

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Parenting Challenges All three children are also characterized by their parents as creative. The biggest challenge is that they find my jokes corny! And because of this, he has learned to communicate with his children the way their generation does.Havent you noticed that after attending various marriage seminars, the husband and wife goes home even increased the intensity of their fights. You need at least 1 big win to be able to tackle some more.

It's crazy to continue doing the same thing over expecting a different result. The truth is we are what we read.

Believe me this is such a liberating feeling. I believe in his integrity, his intuition and drive to inspire others.

And then I am always on the lookout for drama. Every word and deed of a parent is a fiber woven into the character of a child which ultimately determines how that child fits into the fabric of society.