List of All EPF form available here like epf registration form, pf withrowal form, pf transfer form and others important forms download here in pdf format. Bank, the auto transfer is initiated by the PF Portal. 1. Log in to your UAN Online PF Withdrawal Process (Form 19 & 10C) / Transfer Process(Form 13) Online Claim Submission process completed & PDF Generated By PF Portal. PF Dept. Dear Sir, I have require pf withdrowl form 19 & 10 c in word formate. certificate along with form 19 and 10c in case of withdrawl of pf from previous Kindly, suggest the procedure. my question is, since it has been four years will it be a problem to withdraw PF? Non pf member declaration form/application - pdf download.

Pf Withdrawal Form 19 And 10c Word Format Pdf

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PF Claim Form 19 can be filed by employees not having UAN to Syndication; Term Loan · Working Capital · Collateral Free Loan to Aadhaar can file PF Claim Form 11 for advance or withdrawal. /04/PF-Claim-Formpdf” text=” Download PF Claim Form 19″ ] PF Form 10C – Withdrawal Form. FINDA. TCG. No: Manual/Amendment//Pt. PS Date: 20 FEB ORDER. In the matter of Introduction of Composite Claim Forms (Aadhar and Non-Aadhar) to replace 19 (UAN), 10C(UAN) & 31(UAN) with a view to simplify the No document would be required to be submitted by the subscriber. III. 19)भविष् य विवि के अंवतर् वितटाि/10सी)तेंशि ्रपत् यािरल भाभ(/ 1 19 (PF FINAL SETTLEMENT)/10C (PENSION WITHDRAWAL BENEFITS)/31 (PF . No document (e.g. New Declaration Form/Utilization Certificate etc.).

Form 13 : As mentioned above, If an employee wants to transfer the PF amount from a previous account to the current account, then Form 13 is used.

Form 31 : This is used for Partial withdrawal of the amount in the PF account. There are 7 purposes defined for which the amount can be withdrawn in advance. Withdrawal can be made for repayment of loans in special cases.

Withdrawal for Grant of advances in special cases. Advance can be taken from the fund for marriage or for post matriculation education of children. Advance can be given to members who are physically handicapped.

Withdrawal made one year before retirement. The detailed list for partial withdrawal can be found here.


If an employee is below 50 years of age: If the employee has completed 10 years of service under one employer, then Form 10C is used to get scheme certificate from the pension fund. Unless the employee is 58 years of age, the amount cannot be withdrawn. If the employee has not yet completed 10 years of service, then he can apply for withdrawal benefit or scheme certificate from pension fund through Form 10C. If the employee is aged between 50 and 58 years: If the employee has completed 10 years of service, then he is eligible to apply for scheme certificate from pension fund through Form 10C OR reduced pension through Form 10D.

On the hand if you would like to use your funds in LIC policy, there is a form for this available as well. Once you go through each of these forms, it will be easier for you to understand the purpose of each form.

Image provided below is a PF withdrawal form, but because it is. Instead, you can download the form in. You can read more details about each of them in their respect paragraphs below.

It is recommended to withdraw all your PF account balance amount. Soon after you have left the job, or after retirement or termination, you can download this form, fill it and submit to get all the remaining PF balance in your bank account.

Make sure you are aware of EPFO rule that in no case or circumstances your PF balanced can be stopped from withdrawal. You can download the PF Form 19 here if the official page is not loading properly.

The purpose of this PF form is to allow a member to claim settlement of provident fund under old family pension fund. Same form can also be used for having a certificate issued by EPFO for retaining membership. This is meant for those who are under 58 years age mark.

When to Use Form 10C?

Download the PF Form 10c here. It is a completely new form that can be used for transfer of PF account.Mittal-It is for those who are aged 58 years but not completed 10 years of service.

Each form has its own distinctive purpose. Other online services such as eKYC, contact details update, etc. The purpose for withdrawal has to be mentioned in the form.

This is beneficial for every member because you can directly visit the form link page of EPFO website to instantly download, print and use them. If not, then contact regional EPFO for the same.