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Princeton GRE is the most famous book for the students appearing for the GRE text. Princeton New Gre Pdf Book Download for Study Abroad. Part VI: The Princeton Review GRE Practice Tests and Explanations. (Kaplan, Manhattan, Princeton,barrons,) and also the latest version. I don't know if this will help, but here goes: A site to look for e-books is.

Use your scratch paper, stick to your ap- proach, and drill until it becomes habit. By the time you are done, every time a question of that type pops up, your hand and your mind will know instinctively what to do, no matter how tired you get.

This is a powerful tool.

This book is not for teaching. It is a workbook for practice and drilling. Cracking the GRE describes the test and the techniques in much more depth. It breaks down the approach to each question in a step-by-step manner with plenty of examples. Cracking the GRE is where you go to learn how to take the test; this book is where you go to practice taking it. When you sit down at the computer, your potential score could be anything between the lowest and the highest.

If you get it right, it assumes that you must be an above-average test taker. Therefore, it auto- matically assigns you a harder question. At the same time, it narrows down your potential scoring range, because now it has some data.

You can no longer get a , but an is still in range. By answering the first question correctly, you have just bumped yourself into a higher scoring bracket. If you answer the second question correctly, the process continues. In fact, every time you answer a question, correctly or incorrectly, the computer adjusts its as- sumptions and assigns you another question, so it can gather more data. The ad- ditional data allows it to narrow your potential scoring range.

By the time you get to the end of the test, the computer has lots of data all cross-referenced with that of other test takers , and your potential scoring range, at this point, is quite nar- row. While the actual algorithms used in scoring the test can get quite complicated, there is really only one central fact that you should take away from this descrip- tion of the test.

Questions at the beginning of the test have an enormous impact on your score, while questions at the end have very little. Strategically, this means that you need to go as slowly as necessary to ensure that you get the first ten to twelve questions correct. If that means that you run out of time at the tail end, so be it. Speed kills on the GRE.

In the first half of the test, accuracy is everything. Of course there are a few caveats to this system. If you got a question right, then a question wrong, then one right, then one wrong, and so on for a stretch of six questions in the middle of the test, the questions would cancel each other out, and your score would not change significantly.

If you guess on one question, pay particular attention to the next one. The last wrinkle to this system is that leaving blanks at the end of the test counts against you more than wrong answers do. When you are down to your last three minutes, stop trying to solve problems.

Simply eliminate one or two obvious wrong answers per question and guess. If time gets really tight and you still have questions left, pick one letter and use it as your answer for all remaining questions, so that you have responded to every item before time runs out.

Work slowly and care- fully. Accuracy is more important than time.

On a paper and pencil test, you can solve problems right on the page. Proper use of scratch paper ensures that techniques are happening and happening correctly. It can help you deal with a question that you might not otherwise know how to approach, protect against careless errors, have a remarkable effect on ef- ficiency, and relieve an enormous amount of the mental stress that occurs during testing. On the Verbal section, the scratch paper has two primary functions: It allows you to park your thinking on the page and to keep track of which answer choices are still in and which are out.


Quickly evaluate each answer choice with a check for one that could work, an X for one that will not, an M or horizontal squiggle for a maybe, and a question mark for one you do not know. By parking your thinking on the page you create clarity and organization, both of which lead to less stress, less mental effort, and ultimately less mental fatigue.

Princeton Review

Students who do the work in their heads will spend 20 percent of their time just looking at the screen, keeping track of what is in or out. On the Math section, there are a few question types that provoke very specific set- ups on your scratch paper. Keep your page organized with space on one side for the question set-up and space on the other side for calculations. Once you see the question type, make your set ups and start filling in information.

Now you have organized your thinking and approach and set yourself up to succeed on the problem. It all starts with the scratch paper.

On the Verbal, use your scratch paper as a place to park your thinking. Once you have evaluated each answer choice, select from the ones that remain and move on. Learn the set-ups for each question type.

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Do your work on the page. If you get off track, you will be able to find out why and where. On the Verbal, do not be afraid to use the maybe sign. Before you spend ten minutes scratching your head trying to assess a difficult answer choice, give it the maybe.

You can always spend more time on an answer choice IF you have to, but you never want to spend more time than you have to. Eliminating one or two obviously incorrect answers can increase your chances of choosing the correct answer. Eliminate three incorrect choices, and you have a fifty-fifty chance of earning points by guessing!

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You have to answer each question to get to the next one, and if you have to guess, why not improve your odds? Verbal Strategies There are four types of questions in the Verbal portion of the test. You will have 30 minutes to answer 30 questions.


Within the first ten problems, you are guaranteed to see at least a couple of each question type. The Verbal portion of the GRE is one giant vocabulary test.

These books do not focus on teaching you the usual tactics but rather on building a solid fundamental grasp through their effective explanations and a huge basket of practice problems. If money is not issue for you, burn every other book and download this one!

This online GRE preparation website focuses on interactive learning through video tutorials and practice questions with a very user-friendly interface. It allows aspirants to choose personalized plans based on different factors such as costs and duration of preparation.

Additionally, it provides several free resources in the form of eBooks and customized study plans. Students have been said to improve their GRE scores on an average by 5 points after learning through Magoosh. Add to Cart. Also in Graduate School Test Preparation.

Also by The Princeton Review. See all books by The Princeton Review. About The Princeton Review The experts at The Princeton Review have been helping students, parents, and educators achieve the best results at every stage of the education process since Product Details. Inspired by Your Browsing History.

Laura Stradley and Robin Kavanagh. English for Everyone: English Idioms. Conversational English.Pauline Smith.

Cracking the GRE

The Puzzler's Dilemma. Say g is 1. Multiple-choice with One or More Answers — These questions will present you with multiple answer choices and require you to specify which answers are correct. GRE Exambusters.

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SAT 25th Edition. Technically, you are not allowed to use your scratch paper during untimed sections, but this is not always enforced, so you can start setting up your scratch paper if you want. Basic Mathematics.