Race Car Engineering and Mechanics [Paul Van Valkenburgh] on kaz-news.info *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A comprehensive guide on how to tune. RaceCar Engineering Janpdf - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Fundamentals Fluid Mechanics of &Motorsport • Aerodynamics. Subscribe to Racecar Engineering– find the best o ers online .. have to find mechanics with smaller hands,' Goss jokes. It is a problem not.

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PDF | Race car performance depends on elements such as the engine, tires, Article (PDF Available) in Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics Department of Aerospace Engineering, San Diego State University, San Diego. mechanics course to teach mechanical engineering students about the principles instrumented Legends-class race car in a capstone mechanical engineering. aspects of motorsport engineering, from the engine and powertrain know to convert your road car into a race car, items like Mechanics.

Data alignment When comparing data from different drivers and outings. Towards the end of the lap the distance channel has become offset from the other dataset due to lock-ups and wheel spin. Figure 4 below is an X-Y plot of oil pressure against rpm. A performance issue could be spotted here if the data points had a greater spread. When the car experiences wheelspin or a Figure 3: At the end of the lap the distance channel has become offset from the other dataset due to lock-up.

Here you can clearly see a very strong correlation due Data Correlation to the narrow grouping of data points. Mezzo takes pride in handling the toughest thermal management problems. Mezzo is now an approved supplier of radiators for IndyCar. Give us a call! Mezzo won the Louis Schwitzer Award for innovation for its micro channel radiator and will continue to develop its technology for high performance racing applications.

Mezzo products are currently being used in high performance racing including F1. LA Baton Rouge. IndyCar and LeMans. The Ginetta. Despite the reduction in drag. LMP3 has tempted very potent balance adjusters. This therefore Gurneys on the wing and rear deck. Raising to closely study one of them.

And finally. The reduction in drag also meant Combinations of single and twin front dive absolute rather than relative. Perhaps the most important conclusion www. On track the car will with dive planes present we saw an increase yaw angles two-degree and four-degree be dynamically moving throughout the range in downforce at both ends of the car.

Thanks to all at Ginetta for their cooperation and significant coefficient or. Given that the type of aerodynamic changes we saw here will in balance to the rear. But have influenced all these data. In these pages he uses data from MIRA to changes with and without the dive planes. Motorsport Zytek LMP2. Zytek and the Ginetta featured broadly similar happen dynamically. For expediency just two yaw and rear downforce that produced a small angles were run.

The necessary for a new composite-bodied car to appreciate the difficulty of driving the cars target improvement area is a unique aero be competitive with both older cars as well as while the fans get to watch their struggles in parameter to stock cars that primarily turn a rival series. With increased will be over a year into developing the next the sideforce investigation. Drivers and hopefully take it to the next level. Late in the chassis response to changes. This involved attempting to control racecars while racing left: If we froze the car at any point Axle skew is what leads to the appearance have been strange interactions between trucks in the centre of the corner.

If we walked on to the track and straight. At a In speaking with the teams who ran the cars. The front and rear split of right with sideforce. The amazing revelation leads to sideforce and yaw moment playing the car competitive. With their long truck balancing the car for almost half of the lap. Avoiding pushed our hand into the left rear quarter panel.

For those outside of the stock car of throttle modulation on corner exit can last world. The Darlington Sprint Cup counter featured retro liveries on many cars. Since Sprint Cup cars have in excess noticeably under aero loading. The driver is balancing given the demands of the three main cornering situations. CFD and track testing has shown the car in cornering at the limit for several phases.

Typical spring mechanical cornering ability is being used up. Total sideforce magnitude variation of trailing car versus lead car. A car could be neutral at the centre of that body lift on the greenhouse is reduced by seconds. Sideforce variations in traffic appear to be quite substantial Figure 2.

Likewise for pushing our hand on downforce. This of the car. It is not transmitted through the tyres so that there is nothing left to accommodate means that if the car is neutral throughout the like downforce.

The actual per cent for lap after lap. Lateral force spring rate of the rear axle is complicated by A further thought exercise is to think of the The reality is that this condition is unlikely bump stops. But transmitted to the contact patch of the tyre is Sideforce has been an integral part of stock car aerodynamics for at least the last decade. This shows the rear sideforce magnitude variation of a trailing car compared to its isolated state fashion.

The main question is.

Because of its position deliberately designed to be able to remove the predictability returns. The black trace represents the baseline run while the red trace is the car with reduced sideforce Table 1: More tellingly. At almost any overall starting were we to adjust the car to this new condition. I be quite substantial. The car was leads to a growing gap to the car in front until except on the splitter.

The only option height or traffic conditions.

One thing for certain is that there Recently. Downforce is the biggest number. Figure 3. Quite simply. The rapid transient very specific that the car was constantly loose lbf or current specification lbf. A lbf rear holding downforce to a similar level to the moment of the car. The biggest thing we learnt from these sensitivity to both. This is a massive loss in lap time At Kentucky and Darlington.

Sideforce variation in traffic appears to one tenth of second lap time lost based on our In the October issue of Racecar Engineering. Data for the fastest lap of package was utilised and both races were a tests at Kansas Speedway to assess real-world each of the configurations is shown in Figure 3. This seems to be a latency that is difficult to quantify. Drivers decrease lap time on track in a predictable Of course the argument can be made that. But in traffic conditions only added 1in more spoiler and a Gurney yields a 0.

The results. This has a corresponding impact two separate runs. On track. That is for certain. Table 1 is actual wind tunnel data from the development work on the High Drag package. The effect of adding so much drag to the spoiler at the rear of the car.

Teams discovered the key to speed on track was sideforce rather than downforce. We then directly compared the two packages. The honest answer is that the effect of sideforce and yaw moment had never been studied in such a stark comparison.

The first teams to discover this had a distinct advantage. After several months of CFD and design. While downforce is 30 per cent greater with the High Drag package. By the end of the COT era. This led to an increase in yaw moment of per cent when compared with the same cars in the low downforce configuration. When the Generation 6 Cup car was being developed. Yaw and disorder There are two culprits left that reared their X-3 test car at the Windshear wind tunnel. Lack of tail offset substantially decreases yaw moment and overall sideforce Racing to build and test a prototype car dubbed 64 www.

So we can safely eliminate downforce as being the culprit. It is instead shifted to the right. The cars were impounded after the Kentucky race. The obvious question is. And build in the best in precision data acquisition capabilities. Add a mph rolling road. We created a new standard in aerodynamics. When we We created a new standard in aerodynamics.

It also means The lack of tail offset and corresponding spoiler spinning out when entering a left hand turn. The when it crosses the horizontal axis. The car is capable of running in both Another interesting thing learnt from the degrees.

With a successful first track test at Kansas. These include further body and underbody changes meant to reduce the sideforce level and tune the downforce upper limit to around lbf. Most cars with the intermediate the standard tail offset configuration and a Kansas test was the effect of yaw moment track package have a crossover point in excess symmetrical rear section. The yaw moment of the test car is plotted in Figure 5.

While this practice had been reined in with tighter suspension regulations. This is important because it means to other recent rules packages in Figure 4. This is precisely what we get with a low crossover point.

While the Region other cars at the event will not be of the same specification as the X The team will visit Homestead-Miami during the Goodyear tyre test scheduled for mid-December to evaluate these changes in isolation. Yaw moment and crossover point comparison showing the difference between car and the X-3 test vehicle have ever put on a race track. Along with reduced and what is referred to as the crossover point.

The original design target Figure 4. This allows an arcing a raised splitter centre section. A car with a low crossover point eliminates the effectiveness of this tactic completely.

An interesting thing to note is that the preferred on-track configuration by drivers Austin Dillon and Bobby Labonte featured the car with a crossover point in this region. Market Leading Manufacturers of Control cables for: The bulk had ChassisSim fingerprints all over them.

This principle is illustrated in To kick this discussion off. ChassisSim in particular. To illustrate this to a race engineering tool. I am terrified at what I am seeing out principle in motor racing: Anything else is just total rubbish. The focus of this article will be to for me to say. Believe it or not this is the of this article is how to go about using racecar used ChassisSim on.

We can see this for the throttle. I realise. Simulation will give some of the same ground. Before we discuss the magic sauce. This is the cook book. In consider the comparison to actual and simulated of the literature about racecar simulation. The techniques we calculations. Now that we have covered all that. A really handy party trick is to have known inertias for bits like engines. That can come later.

Then all you need to do to calculate the relevant moments of inertia is to use the parallel axis theorem. This will allow you to adjust your inertias to suit. This will rubbish. The great thing about Equation 2 is that you can add all this up in a spreadsheet and update your simulation package accordingly. This shows a comparison between the actual data and the simulated data for an Australian V8 Supercar any blind traps as you start changing wheelbases and tracks.

These are What we have here is the following: To quantify this we have Equation 1. This is presented in Equation 2. This is presented in Equation 3. You can also use this knowledge to change moments of inertia if you want to do a quick sweep of tracks and wheelbases.

If you start with a solid the current engine spec. Once you have established your downforce targets then move on to aero balance. Then refine with be looked at critically. This will ensure you arrive at something as close as possible.

First things first. You forget that at your peril. Once you calculator. It is not a magic wand. One of the biggest traps for young players is that you keep moving the aero balance forward and the car goes faster.

Monitor actual versus neutral steer very closely. Then you can very dangerous. The key thing here is you move on this once the aero targets have been established. One of the have done that. Figure 3: A comparison between baseline geometry and twin wishbone geometry for a Mitsubishi Evo 9 Time Attack racecar In terms of tying this all together. This is what you are aiming for. In terms of aerodynamics. Keep this to within validated CFD and actual targets.

Strictly speaking.

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Always ask yourself. The plot in Figure 3 showed the comparison Table 1: Ballpark moments of inertia for various racecars between the standard geometry for a Mitsubishi Evo 9 and a double wishbone design I did Car Ix kgm2 Iy kgm2 Iz kgm2 some years ago for an Evo 9 Time Attack car. This is other members of the ChassisSim community established a stable start point. It also goes without saying that you should take into account the mass and inertia of the KERS components.

For this evaluation. As Formula Ford can be seen. Germany in production now and will be available from the beginning of February. But top point of the design line. C-Coupe is concerned.

Racecar Engineering Pdf Free

He some way to righting this wrong in It would have hurt the standpoint. Fritz says: Above the line. Bernard says: UK-based brake and clutch specialists utilising whatever the standard shape of the rear bonnet is. Asked whether it was possible to design the potential for success ballast into a machine such as the C Together with the rear diffuser. Much of what has been seen thus far of mounted semi-automatic gearbox built by These scaling regulations do not merely refer to the new C63 has amounted to little more than famed race transmission expert Hewland.

I think the forming six crash structures at the front. Fritz said: The air inlet system different front and rear overhangs. No restrictions. The monocoque also contains an and we are just looking forward to having this Fritz remained tight-lipped when pressed for integrated fuel tank. This is because DTM regulations contains two air restrictors limited to a different frontal areas. Mercedes in DTM. But controlled via steering wheel. One of the sporting challenges faced by teams in the DTM is that of managing success ballast.

For Fritz was careful not to overstate races with a controlled rear wing. Lexus and Nissan. Like despite this. The sing the software programme Catia Version V5. Like Audi and BMW. The car looks really quick. DTM technical chief Michael the C63 road car and its DTM counterpart is although there are not many circuits on the Bernard said the reasoning behind the scaling regulation is its height.

All our camshafts and ancillaries have been developed by the best to be the best. The most advanced technology: Extreme engineering and precision that other performance cam manufacturers in Europe cannot match.

That is how we can achieve a negative radius of up to mm. Since then the KySat-2 team began Windform GT and Windform SP have all passed performing system checks for each of the outgassing tests that have been carried out at various subsystems that make up the satellite.

The result states: Windform LX 2. Windform XT 2. The collaborative team of students from in the field. The result has allowed manufacturing technology Selective Laser parts.

The be obtained in a few days. KySat-2 project manager. The 3D opportunities. The ability to produce parts and industry. Racing teams have found in Windform the University of Kentucky and Morehead components with Windform gives the possibility a reliable material that is now able to move State University. KySat-2 industry. CRP Windform parts are also found in many race applications when exposed to a vacuum environment.

Thirty-five minutes after helped to jump-start the space deployment from the launch vehicle. Several race teams have decided the material can change its mechanical and printed parts were produced using the additive to adopt this technology on-track as functional structural properties. Windform 3D printing in aerospace and enclosures. Kentucky Space. More and more Windform 3D Printing materials were motorsport applications has presented both often the racing world is looking for interesting launched into orbit on KySat-2 in November opportunities and challenges to engineers technologies.

Race Only. Register Online at www. This spectators travelling from outside of the state. Epstein XPB told local press: And moreover. It is also be designed with a more crowd.

FIA has decided to launch a consultation among we are a bit sceptical about this because. They will also have needed to Formula 1 would be better served trying to reduce XPB have included details of their fitness to supply the cost of the current units: This is because Texas has changed the way it calculates economic impact.

To make matters worse. But Sauber team principal Monisha Kaltenborn In a statement the governing body said: The Daytona provides tailored insurance solutions to clients operating the fans for many decades to come. Tatuus has been There are also additional safety features to the Mazda Road to Indy single seater ladder in designing and manufacturing racecars since When Integro approached us.

This is a new approach for Integro. Dan Andersen. The live event will be held on February It will have more power as partners is exciting and I know they will over the USF Ellis Both the Sprint and Xfinity series Clowes has built an unrivalled reputation for providing will then travel to Las Vegas services in the motorsports sector internationally.

CEO at Ellis Clowes. The tracks put a lot of accelerate our growth. It is a full carbon is expected to begin in June with car deliveries also picked up two new single seater contracts in the United States monocoque built to the latest FIA F3 test taking place in the autumn. Cosworth data system. The efficiency of conducting place. The Xfinity Series races.

We provide everything from single cabinets to a total design. USA sales vacmotorsports. PA S54 and MORE! Paul Hembery. You know. Hembrey says: I mean. The 10th team [in the championship]. The consumer. Pirelli is once again at the centre of a media of sport. Which sometimes makes you It pushes you actually well informed.

It pushes you try and understand what they are going to download.

Hembery wonder. In the paddock there are the brand in the spotlight. Then entertainment from the road car business.

No matter what item you go to download exceeds the cost of the tyres. Formula 1 obviously works for Pirelli. But that presence]. But yes. Suspension travel is essential. But then. British Cycling. He will report directly to its future in F1. North Africa at Continental. Frye has race team Michigan base. For Hembery this new era has already started well.

We need to be able to test in a correct running of the business while Digby and detailed manner. But Dirk Rockendorf is the new marketing the body which oversees drag racing in what happens with a tyre war is eventually somebody gets the director for Kumho Tyre in the the US.

Because currently we have zero will continue to manage the main kilometres testing on not just the current cars. Formula 1 before. Day was previously at Supercars Board and Commission at the man says. But Hembery believes there are inherent company Hulman Motorsports. Todd Kelly and Tim or not. The outfit is called practicalities and what platforms can we test on. PR and sponsorship. Sedran was recruitment and training of volunteers. It happened in European market.

Formula 1 is still the pinnacle. Hembery says the firm is pumped up about Rockendorf previously worked as head initiatives. For more on this go back to Le Mans with the own decision to leave Nissan to www.

In her new role Ozment Ryan worked at McLaren for 30 years and for all they have achieved. She was formerly financial intervention in February. Dooley has no previous motorsport Pinsonneault will serve as national race competition director. Riley sat alongside banned from all its competition While the LMP1 Darren Cox and Nissan control of the operation when driver Pat Moss and the pairing in September for his part in car was generally seen have now parted company Mike Carcamo came in as team were hugely successful between an altercation between Scott as a failure.

Australian Grand Prix. On top if this. He is now professional racing drivers. They will has been signed up by the Manor F1 platform from which the team can make report to Global Communications team as its new sporting director. Since then he has year as it has secured an engine deal after serving as an outside agency run the Von Ryan Racing squad in the with Mercedes. Or has your motorsport company recently taken Cox said of his departure: Then email with your information to to leave Nissan was not an easy one.

I have and chief communications officer. Connect with TE to learn how our high-speed connectivity solutions for autosport applications can give your team the winning edge at te All Rights Reserved The ASDD connectors were developed to bring high density and high performance into the smaller wire sizes racing teams prefer ASDD Series connectors are setting the pace for reliable connectivity in harsh autosport environments Featuring conductive black zinc nickel coating It latest products and establishing long-lasting Williams at ASI showcases the cars.

As such. A major highlight of Autosport International and cutting edge technical expertise of the Autosport International provides a platform in is a tie-up with Williams that brings all motorsport industry and it is unlike any other for industry professionals to meet in a business. Asia an America. For the first time ever. The car will be reunited with driver.

The company. Key attendees in continues to be the premier show for exhibitors Williams will bring a selection of its Formula Global engineering. Among them will be what some consider celebrating its centenary.

Autosport will host insightful interviews with well-known International is ideally located and the event motorsport personalties. ATL is set to showcase a wide tests. In addition This year. The CP features an integral pad retainer. AP Racing two-piece aluminium alloy body and benefits applications. Within a customer code area CCA. CP and CP Old Hall Performance returns to Autosport with triple high-pressure injection.

Thanks to its ducted The CP is a four-piston caliper that features but is suited for rear applications. The stainless steel. It will have operate at temperatures of up to degC.

It exceeds stringent FIA specifications for logger. This includes a radical superior dynamic performance and increased asymmetric design concept as well as ducted air stiffness. This area will run for applications. This year. The EC 50 is the first seat insert of its kind data logger with dual 4GB capacity.

The caliper has a forged Of similar design. Laser marking provides an numerous examples of its offerings on display To meet FIA regulations the EC 50 was shown indelible mark. Optional extras include dry-bleed AP Racing has also announced new calipers for fittings and a body Thermo-Sensor. It manages fluid transfer systems for not only racing cars Old Hall Performance fuel injection for engines up to eight cylinders but also aircraft. Based in Illinois. Featuring innovative Radi.

Both calipers air cooling feature. ATL supplied every winning team International again next year to launch its it works on engines with up to 12 cylinders at the 24 Hours of Le Mans race including the recently homologated and FIA-approved seat with low-pressure injection. The caliper is suitable for The performance and is designed to operate with the benchmark for value and efficiency.

The company include the following: It offers a complete line the innovative EC 50 to the public and affords production engineers and managers stand to of standard rod end and spherical bearings. EC 50 can be moulded by Old Hall suppliers of lasers and accessories. The pistons and wear plates are made cooling and a monobloc aluminium body. Built around a radical asymmetric design CAL technology. The new caliper features stiffer aluminium alloy body. Company is another company which has Autosport Engineering will mark the first Getting Technical been present at every Autosport International time that Old Hall Performance will showcase In addition to Autosport Engineering.

Dave Greenwood Email: Units Norwich Road Ind. SPA Systems will be using the show to promote its new fire suppression kit 92 www. It can reigniting and neutralising any remaining fuel it The entire trailer can be raised or lowered be towed on a B and E driving licence. SPA also offers a duel-system for the engine Trailers. For decades DMS has trailers in that all four corners can be lowered Championship in International to showcase its range of lead-acid hydraulic cylinders are deployed.

All stands include carpet. This means that only one nozzle range of Lithium batteries. The regulations Lithium batteries have become increasingly Useful information state that the system is deployed in both the popular during the past three years as they Ticket prices: SPA of the most imposing exhibits at Autosport The living quarters include lockers.

DMS has also found an or call internal chamber system that forces whichever increasing demand for the lithium batteries suppressant has been selected at high-speed in light aircraft applications. The SPA Systems are now available for teams and lithium-ion batteries for racecars and This has the advantage over hydraulic tilt to run trials in preparation for the World Rally motorcycle-engined cars. The Novec is one of the only trailers currently available that the F35 will be shown to the public and is works quickly to knock down the fire then the that can accommodate a GT-sized racecar and ideal for customers who need light and practical F suppresses the fire preventing it from sleeping quarters for three people.

The New Systems with the APS technology particular attention paid to minimising the The outer body is made of insulated have undergone an extensive testing. Built and designed in-house by Turatillo toilet. Turatillo has used filmed plywood area and fully suppress the fire.

The quarter turn game changer: The G57 has the VdeV championship. The G Each of these batteries The new car is aimed at open a new. Cadwell Park and Bedford Autodrome. As a business. Oulton Park. MSV says. There are over 60 eager to expand into Europe and had targeted buildings.

French facility will serve customers throughout northern Europe uniquely long 1. The centrepiece of also plans on holding four race days a year. The G57 strictly pre-determined safety cell. MSV has expanded its business outside its The driving facilities will include a number of home country with the acquisition of a French circuits as well as a m asphalt oval track.

Motor Sport Vision chief executive Jonathan Palmer says his new this will be the five mile circuit. Add to this the The additional integrated PT probe allows fact that it is a cost effective solution. Suitable for universal use. Maximum flexibility for connection to Sales manager for Specialty Fasteners. It eliminates help maximise downforce and lower the reducing parasitic drag.

It is flush with the bottom of the tightest-fitting aluminium bellhousings. The Type AT is a combined pressure integral silicone hose and fluid coupling request with specials also available.

The Type AT supports reliable monitoring of low Motorbase said: This allows for smooth and safe water the benefits the new system brings. It is now With its 5. The kit is designed the pitting and scratching of gear sets.

It can be not increase drag or reduce horsepower. The company says it reduces operating temperatures more than some other Clearance to fly low brands. The additional ground clearance is used as a retro-fit option or an entirely new Even after six hours of driving it maintains achieved through a smaller ring gear and package.

The flexibility it of system design and real-time monitoring of offers is great. It is a Global Media Award straight away. SW3 3TQ then. British Touring Car Championship regulations. SW3 3TQ and then in too. The S cars were supposed to do Advertising Racecar Engineering.

Although due care has been taken to ensure that the content of this publication is accurate and up-to-date. The French manufacturer are on the schedule. The series are at The cars are low-cost. That ill-feeling was further extended too high. The WTCC must stay strong. He thinks that News distribution of options.

Contributors Mike Blanchet. The publisher welcomes unsolicited manuscripts and illustrations but can accept no liability for their safe return. Danny Nowlan. Having achieved a head-start. Jubilee House. Racing alongside third of that for an S car. As I have written before. As Puig stated: By accepting advertisements in this publication. Chelsea Magazine time as the rivals waited for the regulations to be finalised and under the radar the drivers into the WTCC.

The racing was not of the highest is no need for more manufacturers in the series. Head of business development was already well aware of the decision having committed to Each was clear. Alessandro Mariani. November Kent Science Park Sittingbourne. This was customer racing need a stable grid. Lotti was completely unconcerned. They just calibre.

Chelsea Magazine it then dominated the races. Overall wins at the Nurburgring 24 hours. Ricardo Divila. All rights reserved. The Those involved in setting up the touring car series. Mark Ortiz Photography The Frenchman runs a customer team in the series and as recognised entity.

There has been ill. TCR was chelseamagazines. Citroen into national series. Unless otherwise stated. No doubt he. There are a number FIA to decide what to do with his regulations.

Eric Jacuzzi. Apply that same theory to TCR. TMG can As an award-winning service deliver performance and supplier. Toyota Allee 7. TMG already pro- value to motorsport teams vides bespoke solutions to from different disciplines.

Germany covers ship-winning experience to engine. RaceCar Engineering Jan Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Management Training: Mitchell Phoenix Newsletter Jump to Page. Search inside document.

Cooling has been a challenge with the new power units since Sidepod area with bodywork removed. Ameer Sh.

Jeff Hawkins. Arsenij Kroptya. James Donnelly - Mitchell Phoenix. Santiago Urgiles. Ashlin Augusty. Owen Jones. Infogain publication.

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Jakeson Caouette. Lucas Monte. More From espguy3. Popular in Motorsport. Hector Silva Millan. Addo Emmanuel Antwi. Ricardo Hulett. Pedro J Medina Villanueva. Anonymous 7ivu4E. Action Sports Timing. Anonymous dYDY4Eha. Matthew Stephen Brueck. Adi Wibowo. Lotus F1 Team. Joseph Rodgers. Ricardo Candea. As for the rest, a yawning gulf exists, which F1 would do well to look to Indycar and Considering the vast sums sloshing about for amazingly has not been exploited by the especially Japanese Super Formula, which surely some , fundamental and relatively inexpensive multifarious agencies that exist for just such a tops the lot in single-seater colour schemes.

Bold opportunities to appeal to fans are being missed.

RaceCar Engineering Janpdf

Just kids identity? The wow factor so beloved of agents particular because of its futuristic looks. This is colouring-book blocks of blue and yellow; no flogging expensive properties also applies to racing especially relevant, as to casual followers F1 cars fading or blending, no artistic attempt whatsoever. Such allegiance is much in appearance for a long time. Maybe the grey, albeit with black and a welcome bit of red, easier to achieve when the car looks the part, regulations will help in this direction, but regardless decorates the McLarens.

Without a major grabs attention, and allows the marketing and of this, much could be done. Marussias Which leads me on to some more innovative should also be reflected in appearance. With one race still to go by mainly dull and uninteresting liveries, at the time of writing, and the top drivers inexplicable really considering the and constructors championship positions amazing graphic tools and materials all sewn up, why not have a bit of fun to available today.

It seems that since the lighten matters? Here are just a few tongue tobacco companies stopped sponsoring in cheeks ideas motor racing the imagination has Pastor Maldonados onboard radio disappeared from the grid. Older transmissions to continuously play The followers of F1 can surely remember the Laughing Policeman Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha once-familiar red and white Marlboro song for providing so much fun for us.

But why are modern F1 colour schemes so boring? There are no dramatic Gitanes- is awful; a four-year-old could do better. Maybe Rosbergs crash helmet should sport Viking Ligiers now, either, in their white-outlined French a major sponsor acquisition for will bring horns, to reinforce his new aggressive self.

Gone, too, is the could do with greater distinction between them, or during the more boring races. While outside of the tobacco Silver Arrows they may be, but the Mercedes a royal coat of arms should be displayed; corporations, the bright green and blue 7up Jordan W06s come across on-screen as grey, not helped for him being, well, just so very British livery enhanced what was already a notably pretty really by the rather insipid aquamarine flashes about everything.

Formula 1 machine. I could go on, but I hope the of Petronas. The A bit silly? Of course. But, after all, its meant stands out most; but it is part carbon-black now Martini livery of Williams has presence and history to be show business, isnt it? This year it has mainly been Ferrari and team in three distinct eras and the So when Paddy Lowe, executive director technical specifically Vettel. Its actually interesting to note that cars became the dominant force on all of the Mercedes AMG F1 team, describes the W06 the red cars of Ferrari have always been the nemesis three occasions.

In the s its cars clinched the Hybrid as a fantastic car, it almost sounds like of the Silver Arrows in grand prix racing; it was true European Championship, in the s they raced a massive understatement. But a second The reality is that the Mercedes team did not expect organisation at Mercedes AMG F1 in Brackley, consecutive world championship victory for the to achieve the same level of dominance in England, did not expect to have a strong car, though.

We didnt know how the Using the W05 as a basis there could be few other that reveal the level of that dominance. Clearly there was a Silverstone in the early months of few were was almost in a different class to the rest of the lot of scope for improvement relative to the first year, surprised to see a design that carried over many Formula 1 field. Indeed, no car has ever scored more especially for the teams where they had not done features of the title winner. Its easy to find gains when you can We set our normal objectives over the winter with more podium finishes in a single year is the see the benchmark; as a result of that we expected a in terms of target lap times, but in terms of Mercedes AMG F1 W05 Hybrid of As Racecar much higher level of competition in and we did championship objectives the aim was simple; to win, closed for press there was one race still to go in the not expect to show the dominance of again, Lowe says.

Overall the car is a real evolution of the season, and the likelihood is that the W06 will eclipse but the statistics show that its been a very similar 14 car, so we just set out to go round the loop and that record, and equal the record for the most pole year.

The main difference is that last year there was a do another iteration on everything. With such a new 8 www.

If you go back 15 years Not all of the design concepts from the W05 a lot about how to do it better. We managed to find that would be an amazing level of reliability, but could carry over, sometimes because better quite a few gains, in packaging particularly, and we these days that is only just about acceptable. Its solutions had been found, while other solutions pushed the engine a bit harder.S54 and MORE!

PA It introduced the term gain and we knew we needed the bigger first iteration of its spec VJM08 at the second tunnel. An X-Y plot of oil pressure against rpm. Toyota Allee 7.