ISBN: Printed in the United States of America . RAISE YOUR VOICE—2ND EDITION ▫ 15 the hard rock singers. Once I discovered rock . Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition, by World Renowned Glass Shattering Vocal Coach Jaime Vendera, is totally revised and expanded with all new pictures. Raise Your Voice, by glass shattering vocal coach Jaime Vendera, is considered by 2 edition (November 2, ); Language: English; ISBN

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Raise Your Voice, by glass shattering vocal coach Jaime Vendera, is considered by many to be the "Singer's Bible. ISBN, , Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition is a page vocal training manual for rock singing, covering many aspects of voice/singing including health, anatomy, training. download a discounted Paperback of Raise Your Voice online from Australia's leading online bookstore. ISBN: Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition, by World Renowned Glass Shattering Vocal Coach Jaime Vendera, is totally revised .

Raise Your Voice by Jaime Vendera (, Paperback)

I have a great affinity for well-written material; this book is incredibly well-written. Finding it was like finding gold. There are things that are covered that I have never before encountered in my studies at school or in other books. Maybe I have encountered them; if I have they were never explained as fully, practically or as clearly. A perfect example of this is the description of the harmonic cycle in comparison to what the cycle of fifths is. Can you imagine that with two full years of music school and the plethora of books on harmony and theory I have read, I feel like I never understood the why's to harmonic resolution and why certain seemingly unrelated chords work so well together?

Practical knowledge is paramount to me. This book offers real tools, not just how-to's. It makes the proverb give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day, teach him how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime come alive for me with just this one section. I have taught guitar in N.

California for 15 years and have read many excellent pieces on theory—but most were just that—pieces. I love the way this book puts all the parts together so that is understandable. I would like all my students to own and read this book. Clear, understandable, entertaining. The first book from which I really understand why music is as it is, scales are as they are, and so on. I always appreciate getting to the root of problems and understanding them at their fundamental level.

I believe this is the only way to really know what's going on. I've been looking for a book just like that for years. I feel very inspired and want to have a career in songwriting. I actually have wanted to since I was a kid, however, I didn't ever really realize that I needed to truly understand music until recently.

I'd like to get an education in music. This is the best book on music theory I've ever seen. So this is definitely a big help to me. The author can write. Oh, no! The basis is that I make them laugh. This warms them up, and relaxes them so they can listen to what I say without the stress most of them have at school or in college. Wayne Chase blows me away. And to be blown away by somebody who, stereotypically, should be the North American equivalent of a crusty Oxford don droning on and on about things plagal and cadential , was an immense pleasure.

HIs skill is immeasurable. Fundamentals, overtones, ratios. I understand the lot. At one read.

And their importance to the whole. No problem. Go on, ask me a question! The movement of fifths, seconds, thirds.

Bloody obvious. When you know.

And now I know. It puts all that theory that I've figured out the hard way into easy-to-understand language.

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Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition

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We have said that rough-tuning is an inexact process. I needed to understand music from the common man's perspective and this book speaks to me.