The set of all first elements in a relation R, is called the domain of the relation R Functions A relation f from a set A to a set B is said to be. Relations and Functions: Basics. A. Relations. 1. A relation is a set of ordered pairs. For example,. A = {(-1,3), (2,0), (2,5), (-3,2)}. 2. Domain is the set of all. LECTURE NOTES ON RELATIONS AND FUNCTIONS. PETE L. CLARK. Contents. 1. Relations. 1. The idea of a relation. 1. The formal definition of a.

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Sets, Relations and Functions. After studying this lesson, you will be able to: ○ define a set and represent the same in different forms;. ○ define different types. circles, angles, equations, functions and many more. Often, objects of . of A is also an element of B. The relation ⊆ is called the inclusion relation. D. So, A ⊆ B . Chapter 3 Graphs and Functions in the Cartesian Coordinate System a relation in which two ordered pairs have the same first coordinate and different.

Reflexive Relation: Symmetric Relation: A relation R in a set A is said to be an equivalence relation if R is reflexive, symmetric and transitive.

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Equivalence Classes: Every arbitrary equivalence relation R in a set X divides X into mutually disjoint subsets Ai called partitions or subdivisions of X satisfying the following conditions: A B is said to be a function if every clement of A is correlated to a Unique element in B.

A function: The composition of function: Hence, A is merely a subset of the natural number set working space. Thus, the natural number becomes the universal set of A. Cardinality of a set A is defined as the number of elements present in that set.

Thus, the cardinality of A is denoted as n A.

If A is a set representing the first 10 multiples of 8 and B represents the first 10 multiples of 5. As A and B has same cardinality but elements are different so they are equivalent sets and not equal sets.

A and B has only one element in common.

No set A or B has all the elements of the corresponding set i. A does not have all elements of B simultaneously B does not have all elements of B, hence they are not subsets. The total number of subsets of a set is given by the formula where n is the number of elements in the set itself. It is defined as a set containing all the subsets of a given set.

Roster form: The general notation in which we write the elements of a set without repetition of an element such that each element is separated from each other by a comma ,. Set-Builder notation: The descriptive style of writing a set in small phrases is called set builder notation.

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It is read as x is to x is a set where x is less than 13 and x belongs to the set of natural numbers. Union of 2 sets represents all the elements present in the two sets combined under a single set.

Repeated elements are represented only once.

Intersection of 2 sets is the representation of all the elements common in the 2 sets under a single set. It is denoted by.

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For example, the intersection of A and B is represented by. The complement of a set: Complement of a set is defined as the elements of all the set present in the universal set but not in the given set represented as a single set.

It is denoted by A-B where A and B are sets. A relation is defined as the common link in between two set of elements or in other words relation is a linear operation that describes the relationship between two sets based on certain rules.

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A relation between A and B is represented as R: The cross product between every element of the first set to every element of the second set is called the Cartesian product. It is denoted by x. In Cartesian product, the number of elements in the final set formed is m n where m is the number of elements in the first set and n is the number of elements in the second set.

For illustration: If suppose 9,b is a member of the Cartesian product then we cannot represent 9,b as b,9. Reflexive relation: Symmetric relation: In question No. What is the relationship between the following sets?

As per question No. TV set is available to 70, 50, 20, 50 families one set is available to , , , 46 families and two or more sets are available to 10, , 84, 94 families. If four members a, b, c, d of a decision making body are in a meeting to pass a resolution where rule of majority prevails list the wining coalitions.

Out of a total population of 50, only 28, read Telegraph and 23, read Times of India while 4, read the both.

How many do not read any paper? A 3, B 2, C 4, D None Find the number having all the three. Determine the complaints about all the three. Out of total students 45 passed in Accounts 50 in Maths.

Find the number who passed at least in any one of the subjects.No set A or B has all the elements of the corresponding set i. What is a set? Following data is obtained but the Manager is not sure whether these are consistent. In a group of 20 children, 8 drink tea but not coffee and 13 like tea.

For example, if we consider a and h we see that there is a path from a to d and from d to h and therefore a, h is in the composition of S and R.

What is the composition of S and R i. Its inverse is a binary relation on the same set. Empty Relation: