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Fundamental Education. Samael Aun Weor. 4. Teachers should exert themselves to help students to awaken their Conscience. They should direct all their efforts. The Mysteries Of Life And Death. Samael Aun Weor. 2. CHAPTER 1. DEATH. Beloved disciples: I shall speak to you of the problem of death. Death is our crown. Pistis Sophia Unveiled. Samael Aun Weor. Unquestionably, during the Cosmic Manifestation, the Being within each one of us is the multiplicity within the .

Each delicious symphony of the ineffable cosmos, each note, each tender melody hidden within the very pure enchantment of the exquisite fragrant roses of the gardens of Nirvana is the living incarnation of the Word.

The times of the end have arrived! Even so, Amen.

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He who has bled so much for us Behold, the Blessed One is at hand, He comes as an anguished mother in search of her little children Listen you men and Gods: Within the mystery of each profound wave, the adorable One is at hand..

He who makes us kings and priests unto God and his Father. At times, the morning breeze brings us sweet melodies like the murmur of a mother, yet other times so severe like the lightning that terribly flashes within the catastrophic tempest of the furious apocalyptic ocean. He is the Son of Man!

The Intimate emanates from this divine ray. The choir of the Saints resounds and tenderly the Virgins of Nirvana sing. These Virgins are deeply moved when this Ray penetrates the soul of a Holy Man. The ineffable ray Christ penetrates the soul and transforms into Her. He transforms himself into Her and she the soul transforms herself into Him. The Divine becomes human and the human becomes divine. These are the eternal weddings of the soul with the Pascal Lamb. That which we call the Son of Man is the result of these alchemical weddings, of this mixture of Love and Peace.

He is the richest treasure which the Adorable One has brought to us. He is the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, which is, which was and which is to come.

He is the Eternal Beloved, the Elder of Days. The Lord of all adoration wants to dwell within the depths of each soul. In reality, the Beloved One is the Being of our Being that is, was, and is to come. We possess a precious tabernacle the physical body , an anguished soul, and a Spirit the Intimate. This human triad emanated from that terribly Divine Ray Christ who strikes His bell in the infinite space when we come into the world. Each person has his own particular ray that resplendently shines with the power of its glory in the world of the ineffable Gods.

He is the Creator; Fire has the power to create atoms and to disintegrate them, the power to use the Universal Cosmic Powers, etc. Fire has the power to unite all the atoms and create Universes or to disintegrate Universes. The world is a fireball that either burns or goes out according to laws. So, Christ is the Fire. Now, I think that you are beginning to understand why the Astral Signature of Fire, the Flame of the Flames, the Occult, the esoteric aspect of Fire, interests us.

In reality, the Fire is Christic, because it has the power to transform all that is, all that has been, and all that will be. We are interested in INRI. Our Christification would not be possible without INR. Yesterday night I told you that the Intimate Christ, the Cosmic Christ, has to take three steps, from the top to the bottom, through the seven Regions of Universe. It is a pity that the Masonic brethren have forgotten all this. Like in the Dusk or in the East, and in each of these three positions is repeated in the Seven Regions.

When the One unfolds into the Two, from it emerges the Third, and this one is the Fire, and it creates once and again. The Logos creates so!

Pistis Sophia Unveiled

By means of fire, we can Christify ourselves. The birth of Christ in Bethlehem would have been in vain if He was not born within our hearts as well.

As long as we dont make it, we are dead to the things of the Spirit, because He is life, the Logos, the Great Word We need Him to penetrate us so that He can change us radically.

He who pretends to disintegrate the Ego with only the intellect is going in the wrong way. We obviously need to know ourselves if we really want to Christify ourselves. If we want to know ourselves to achieve the Christification, we need to observe ourselves to see ourselves. Only through this path is it possible for us to one day arrive at the disintegration of the Ego.

Even if we had a thousand tongues to speak, and a steel palate we would never end a total enumeration of all our defects.

As I have said, we need to observe ourselves, to know ourselves, because if we observe ourselves we will discover our psychological defects, and then we can work on them. When someone admits that he has a psychology, he begins to observe himself. This, in fact, converts him into a different being.

My dear Gnostic brethren, I want you to understand the necessity of learning to observe oneself, to see oneself. However one must know how to observe, because one thing is the Mechanical Observation, and another thing is the Conscious Observation. Someone who hears of our teaching for the first time would say: "But whats the goal in observing myself? I have seen that I have anger, jealousy. So what? We need to Observe the Observed! The Mechanical Observation of ourselves is never going to take us anywhere.

It is absurd, unconscious, sterile. We need Conscious Self-Observation. Only in this way, indeed we can know ourselves in order to work on our defects. If we feel anger at a given moment, then, let us observe the observed! When we observe the observed, what we saw in ourselves, we will really know whether it was anger or not, because it could have been a nervous syncope that we mistook for anger.

If, suddenly, we were invaded by jealousy, well, let us observe the observed. What did we observe? Maybe our wife was with another man! Or, if a woman, the man was with another woman! And we felt jealous. In any case, in a serene and profound meditation, let us observe the observed to know if, in reality, there existed jealousy or not.

When we observe the observed by means of meditation and the evident self-reflection of the Being, we therefore turn observation into Consciousness. When one becomes conscious of such and such a defect of a psychological type, he can work on it with the Fire.

With Her Flaming Powers, She can disintegrate the psychological defect, the psychic aggregate that we have observed consciously. It is obvious at the same time, that the Essence the Fire bottled up into the psychic aggregate that we are disintegrating will shine, will be freed.

And as we go on disintegrating the aggregates, the percentage of the Essence, which is the Christic Fire, will multiply.

Finally, one day the Fire will shine fully inside ourselves, here and now. We need the fire to burn inside us; only INRI the sacred name written on the cross of the martyr of Calvary can break the psychic aggregates. All those who try to eliminate all their aggregates without taking the Fire into account, are walking down a wrong path, and they are not only heading the wrong way, but are also confusing others.

It is said that Christ was born in the hamlet of Bethlehem about years ago. This is false! Because the hamlet of Bethlehem did not exist at that time. In our body, the head and neck are the Tower because the rest of the body is the Temple, and the Tower is the neck and head.

He who has been able to raise up the Fire in himself, he who has raised it up to his brain, up to the top, in fact, will be able to convert himself into the body of the Chrestos, which is the Fire, the Spirit of Fire.

The Fire, the Fohat, blazing within us will transform us totally. Once the Fire blazes in us, we will be transformed into totally different beings. We will become different beings. Then we will enjoy Full Enlightenment and Cosmic Powers. Thus, once understood, my dear brethren, we must work with the Fire. The word gives power to he who knows; nobody pronounced it and nobody will pronounce it, nut only he who has Embodied it.

Christ, the Spirit of Fire, is not merely an historical personage. He is the Army of the Voice. He is a kind of force that is beyond the Personality, Ego and Individuality. He is a force, like electricity and magnetism, a power, a Great Cosmic and Universal Agent; He is an electric force that can create new manifestations.

When Christ incarnates inside a Man, the latter is transformed radically. He is the Child-God that must be born in each creature. Thus, as He was born in this Universe millions of years ago to totally transform this Solar System, He must be born in each one of us.

Category: Samael Aun Weor Books/Publications (English)

He was born in the stable of Bethlehem, That is to say, He is born among the animals of desire, among the psychological aggregates that He needs to destroy, because only Fire can destroy such aggregates. Thus, wherever these aggregates are, the Fire appears to destroy them, to reduce them to cosmic dust, and to set the Soul, the Essence, free. How can He free the Soul, if He does not penetrate profoundly into the human organism?

The Fire, the Christ, the Logos, can penetrate profoundly into the human organism in order to burn the rubbish that we have inside ourselves.

But we need to love the Fire, to worship the fire, to render cult to the Flame. The hour has come to understand that only Fohat can transform us radically. The Christ inside ourselves works by breaking the root of evil. INRI destroys the psychological aggregates. This is great! It reduces them to ashes, but it is necessary to work with the Fire.

This is why, in our works of Concentration, we must invoke the Igneous Serpent of our magical powers, because only with the Fire can we eliminate all the undesirable elements that we carry within ourselves. The lunar coldness will never be able to eliminate the psychic aggregates. We need the flaming powers of the Logos.

We need the INRI to transform ourselves. Yes, my dear brethren that are gathered together with me tonight: do understand that we are in the Holy Week, and the Holy Week has seven days. The days were: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday Unfortunately, this calendar was altered by medieval fanatical people.

Christ must burn first of all in our human body. Later on, the flame must be deposited in the depths of the Soul, and at last, in the depths of the Spirit. These Three Steps through the Seven Spheres are profoundly significant. The Flame must appear in the Physical Body, must advance into the Vital Body, must continue its way through the Astral Path, must continue its journey through the World of the Mind, must arrive at the Sphere of Venus in the Causal World, must proceed through the Buddhic or Intuitive World, and finally, on the seventh day, it will arrive to the World of Atman, the World of the Spirit.

Obviously the whole Cosmic Drama, as it is written in the Four Gospels, must be lived inside ourselves, here and now. This is not something merely historical; it is something to be lived here and now. The Freemasons know them. These are the three Traitors that delivered the Christ for 30 Coins of Silver. The 30 coins represent all the vices and passions of humanity They exchange Christ for a few bottles at the bar. They exchange Christ for the brothel or for the Procustess bed.

They exchange Christ for money and riches, and for the sensual life. They sell Christ for 30 coins of silver. Dear brethren, remember that a multitude of people asked for the crucifixion of the Lord. All the multitudes yelled out, "Crucifixion!

These people who demand the crucifixion of Christ are inside ourselves here and now. I repeat, here and now! These are the psychic, inhuman aggregates that we carry inside us. They are the ones that cry, "Crucifixion, Crucifixion, Crucifixion. Who whipped Him? Are they not the same multitudes we carry in our interior? Who are the ones that spit on Him?

First of all, it is necessary to understand in depth what the COSMIC

Are they not the same psychic aggregates that personify our defects? Who crowned Him with a crown of thorns? Are they not the devilish creations that we have engendered?

The account of Christic history is not of yesterday, but of today. It is the present, not merely the past, as the learned ignoramuses think. However, those who understand, they will work for their Christification.

The Lord is taken to Calvary, and on top of the majestic summits of Calvary will say: "He who believes in me will never walk in darkness, but will have the Light of Life. I am the Bread of Life. I am the Living Bread. He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day.

I say unto you, in the name of Truth and Justice, that on the third day after this He will be raised up, resurrected in the Initiate in order to transform the Initiate into a perfect being.

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He who achieves this will in fact become a God, terribly divine, beyond good and evil. Thus the Christ, our Lord, the Spirit of Fire, descends and wants to come inside each one of us to transform us, to save us, to eliminate all those psychic aggregates that we carry in our interior, to make out of us something different, to convert us into Gods. We need to learn to see Christ, not from a merely historical point of view, but as the Fire, as a present reality, as INRI. Those twelve apostles are inside ourselves here and now.

Not the Judas that renders Christ for 30 silver coins.

It is a different Judas. A Judas who understands profoundly the Ego. This is very profound. He teaches us the Pure Science, unknown to the scientist that only know all those corrupted theories that are today in fashion and tomorrow pass into history. Pure Science is completely different! Only Matthew can instruct us in this.These are the eternal weddings of the soul with the Pascal Lamb.

Every time He comes to the world, the multitudes rise against Him. He was the prophet Enoch about whom the Bible speaks. He was the prophet Enoch about whom the Bible speaks.

Each one of the constructors of the universe is a Living Flame, a Living Fire. Krishnamurti - Freedom From The Known. All kabalists base themselves in the Tarot. All kabalists base themselves in the Tarot. Do you think, in fact, that Christ can be accepted by so many millions of humans who live in the world?