Period. First I get the immediate gratification of completing a 2 Sewing For Dummies, 3rd Edition Conventions Used in This Book As you sew. PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. As of today we 16 Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners Find thousands of free sewing patterns, tips, tutorials. Read Sewing For Dummies PDF Ebook by Jan Saunders kaz-news.infohed by For Dummies, ePUB/PDF , .PDF).

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sewing for years. In Sewing for Beginners, you will find the essential materials needed for sewing, a guide to sewing needles and handy tips for caring for fabric. Basic Machine Sewing Hemming Pressing 57 chapter 2: pattern-free projects Good to Start With Sundress Placemat Purse. The most complete guide to sewing basics People are always looking for ways to cut expenses and becreative and stylish at the same time. Learning to sew is a.

For technical support, please visit www. Wiley also publishes its books in a variety of electronic formats. Some content that appears in print may not be available in electronic books.

Library of Congress Control Number: About the Author Jan Saunders Maresh is a nationally known sewing journalist, interior redesigner, and certified staging professional. After graduating from Adrian College in Michigan, she became the education director of one of the largest sewing machine companies in the country, and then the director of consumer education for the largest fabric chain in the country.

Both professional expe- riences give her a solid foundation in the home sewing industry, which she continues to serve with her many writing, marketing, and industry consulting projects. In addition to writing for several home sewing publications, she is a best- selling author for several publishers, with 16 books to her credit.

To promote her projects, Jan has been a frequent guest on several PBS televi- sion shows. Jan has also made regular appearances on the Home Shopping Network and is the local expert featuring lifestyle tips and decorating tech- niques in western Massachusetts. Jan currently resides in Longmeadow, Massachusetts near Springfield , with her husband, dog, and a collection of books, sewing equipment, fabric, and green building products stashed neatly in every available corner of her home.

After so many nights of pizza and cereal for dinner, they deserve all the credit for putting up with my crazy writing projects all these years.

Thanks, guys.

Sewing for Dummies by Jan Saunders Maresh [PDF] free download

From that moment on, I was hooked on sewing. Thank you, Grandma, for being my first teacher. A big-time thank you also goes to my parents, Ray and Bernice Saunders.

Although I grew up on a strict budget, there was always money for fabric and plenty of praise for my handmade creations. You provide inspiration, knowledge, encourage- ment, and expertise, and I thank each of you from the bottom of my heart.

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Without you, this book would have been written by someone else. Thank you, Robbie Fanning, for teaching me so much about writing, sewing, and keep- ing life in perspective. Thank you, Jackie Dodson, for your incredible sense of humor, for your sewing help on a tight deadline, your creative genius, and friendship.

Thank you, Gail Brown, for your constant encouragement and market savvy. Thank you, Karyl Garbow, for being a kindred spirit for almost 30 years. Thank you, Sue Hausmann, for your dedication to sewing education in our industry and for always sharing your wisdom with me no matter the time of day.

Thank you, Judy Raymond at Simplicity Pattern Company, for your help and support of this project and for publishing and promoting the Sewing For Dummies sewing patterns. Many more people have the courage to try sewing for the first time because of your efforts.

Finally, thank you Cindy Cummins at DIYStyle for your friendship and assistance with some of the projects in this book and your diligent research that makes the appendix a very helpful and up-to-date sewing resource for readers everywhere. Thank you, Lisa Reed, for your tremendously talented hand and critical eye in illustrating this 3rd Edition. And thank you, Mike Lewis, Elizabeth Rea, and Caitie Copple, the team of incredible editors at Wiley Publishing who helped my words sound brilliant and encouraged my sense of humor about this craft I love so much.

You are all truly amazing at what you do and how you do it. For other comments, please contact our Customer Care Department within the U. Some of the people who helped bring this book to market include the following: Elizabeth Rea Acquisitions Editor: Michael Lewis Copy Editor: Caitlin Copple Assistant Editor: David Lutton Technical Editor: Diane E.

Burns Editorial Manager: Michelle Hacker Editorial Assistants: Alicia B. South Cover Photos: Rich Tennant www. Patrick Redmond Layout and Graphics: Timothy C. Detrick, Kelly Kijovsky Illustrations: Lisa Reed Photography: Betty Kish Indexer: Contents at a Glance Introduction Getting Ready to Sew The World of Sewing Assembling Your Sewing Kit Selecting Fabric, Findings, and Interfacing Working with Patterns Mastering Basic Sewing Skills Kicking Off Your Sewing Adventure Securing Sensational Seams Fast and Easy Hems by Hand and Machine Fashion Sewing Fun-damentals Shaping Things Up Zippers, Buttons, and Other Closure Company The Long and the Short of It Pockets Full of Ideas Sewing for Your Home Do-It-Yourself Decorating: Quick-Change Table Toppers Praiseworthy Pillows Adding Wow to Your Windows Giving Your Bed a Makeover Making Repairs on the Run Eco Fashion: Giving Existing Garments New Life The Part of Tens Ten Tips for Mixing Prints Ten Rookie Sewing Mistakes to Avoid Ten Important Sewing Fundamentals Sewing Resources Table of Contents Introduction The World of Sewing.

The Idea or the Tools?

Sewing For Dummies, 3rd Editionxii Chapter 2: Assembling Your Sewing Kit. Sewing Machines and Sergers Selecting Fabric, Findings, and Interfacing. Working with Patterns. Kicking Off Your Sewing Adventure. Sewing For Dummies, 3rd Editionxiv Chapter 6: Securing Sensational Seams. Fast and Easy Hems by Hand and Machine. Shaping Things Up.

Zippers, Buttons, and Other Closure Company. The Long and the Short of It. Sewing For Dummies, 3rd Editionxvi Chapter Pockets Full of Ideas. Quick-Change Table Toppers. Praiseworthy Pillows. Adding Wow to Your Windows. Giving Your Bed a Makeover. Making Repairs on the Run. Giving Existing Garments New Life. Ten Tips for Mixing Prints. Ten Rookie Sewing Mistakes to Avoid.

Ten Important Sewing Fundamentals. Introduction Ilove to sew. First I get the immediate gratification of completing a project using beautiful fabrics and great timesaving tools. Then I can bask in the personal recognition — I get to admire my work and hear praise from my family and friends.

On top of that, I save money sewing because I can make things and make them right instead of download them and pay to have them altered, if necessary. Wow, what a hobby! All sewers can enjoy the proj- ects in this book, no matter what their level of experience. Many of the projects start with a used ready-to-wear garment that, with a little sewing sleight of hand, gets a refreshed new life. The rest of the projects have been redesigned and mod- ernized to reflect the latest fashion trends and our more streamlined, unclut- tered lives.

The most significant improvement to the edition is the addition of over new instructive illustrations. A picture says a thousand words, so the clearly written, no-nonsense instructions For Dummies books are famous for are enhanced with exceptional illustrations to ensure your success.

As always, this all-new edition includes my favorite sewing techniques and the innovative shortcuts learned over my career. Keep it handy and well stocked. You need it for just about every project listed in this book, and I wrote this book assuming that you have and use these tools. You also see instructions throughout the book that can be completed by using a sewing machine or a serger.

A serger is a specialized machine that saves a lot of sewing time; it sews the seam, overcasts the edge, and then cuts off the excess fabric from a seam allowance — all at the same time. Foolish Assumptions As I wrote this book, I made some assumptions about you and your needs: Part I: Getting Ready to Sew In this part I run through the tools you need for sewing and tell you how to work with them, including your sewing machine, fabric, thread, needles, pins, iron, and patterns.

Mastering Basic Sewing Skills Read the chapters in this part to find out how to do some of the more funda- mental tasks involved in sewing, including threading a needle, tying a knot, sewing a seam, and hemming.

Part III: Fashion Sewing Fun-damentals When you sew clothing, you usually start out with a pattern and a set of instructions for putting the project together. The chapters in this part help you decipher techniques like put- ting in buttons and zippers, adding sleeves, and sewing pockets that are essential to successful fashion sewing.

Part IV: Sewing for Your Home Sewing your own home fashions means that you get exactly what you want and save money — a winning combination! This part of the book lets you turn a little sewing knowledge into untold savings for your home. I show you how to sew pillows, a duvet cover, a bed skirt, draperies, napkins, a table runner, tablecloths, and more. Using the chapters in this part, you can quickly and inexpensively create coordinated looks for almost every room in your home.

Part V: Making Alterations and Quick Fixes for a Sustainable Wardrobe Are you suffering from the terrible toos — clothes that are too tight, too loose, too long, or too short? This part is a lifesaver when you need creative solutions to fix what ails your clothing and get a little more wear from them before sending them off to the landfill.

I also show you how to do some basic repairs on holes, rips, and other mishaps. Learn how to cut out your pattern and how to cut fabric with this helpful tutorial.

Sewing Tips and Tricks: How to Pin a Pattern pg. After you cut that pattern out, learn how to pin it to perfection. If you want to learn how to sew, there are some basic skills you absolutely need to get started. Whether it is learning how to hem, how gather fabric, or even just learning the most basic stitches on your machine, we have compiled 8 tutorials in this eBook that will teach you exactly how to sew the most basic sewing skills.

These guides are smart, helpful, and explained by some expert designers that you love! How to Hem: Basic Double Fold Hem pg. Learn how to hem in just a few short steps. If you are making your own clothes or learning how to sew, this is one step you cannot miss!


How to Stitch: Stitching Basics pg. Become an expert in basic stitching with your sewing machine with this interactive tutorial and download free sewing practice sheets!

In addition to tutorials and all that basic information, we have equipped this how to sew manual with some must-have sewing resources and infographics. Keep this handy information for as long as you want when you download our free eBook. What Types of Thread to Use: A Guide pg. Not all thread is created equal even if it is hard to tell the difference.

Learn which type of thread to use with different kinds of fabric. Glossary of Sewing Terms pg. This comprehensive list of sewing terms is just the list you need.


You dream of sewing beautiful, lacy pink dresses for your little girl. There are words like bobbin and backstitching and bias and you have no idea what they mean. Your heart starts to pound and your palms start to sweat just looking at.

Sewing can be very fulfilling. But you know what? Do you want something on the very low end of the price scale or do you have a little bit more money to work with? Do you want to download it locally or do you want to order it online? Some companies will include free sewing lessons when you download in store.

If that interests you, you might choose to download locally. Do you want a lot of bells and whistles, or do you prefer something simple that might be easier to get started on?

Both can be good options-sometimes simple is great. Or maybe you have some specific options that you want in a machine? Think about some of the things that matter to you. Every sewing machine is a little bit different, so your best bet is to start with the users manual. So grab your manual, sit down with the machine and take a look.Fashion Sewing Fun-damentals When you sew clothing, you usually start out with a pattern and a set of instructions for putting the project together.

Learn How to Sew with 8 Sewing Tutorials is a resource you are going to use time and time again. Read on to learn why. Now it is easier than ever to learn how to sew, claim your free eBook to get the entire beginner sewing collection! Look for the different types of hand needles in your local fabric store.