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by Sherrilyn Kenyon. 1. Infinity - Sherrilyn KB. 2. Invincible - Sherrilyn KB. 3. Infamous - Sherrilyn KB. Infamous: Chronicles of Nick (): Sherrilyn Kenyon: are available for instant access. view Kindle eBook | view Audible audiobook . This item:Infamous: Chronicles of Nick by Sherrilyn Kenyon Hardcover $ Chronicles of Nick bundle. From #1 New York Times bestselling author Sherrilyn Kenyon come the first three books in the Chronicles of Nick series, now in one.

Even though he wanted to, he couldn't deny it. Ambrose had the same exact blue eyes and dark brown hair he had. The same sneer that he often wore when things ticked him off—the one that got him grounded every time his mom saw it. More than that, Ambrose had the identical scar on his palm that Nick had been given when Xenon cut his hand for blood. So where was his voice-over, telling the audience how he'd screwed up and taken a wrong turn down some suburban street or some such crud?

C'mon, Rod Serling. Don't let me down. I need you to come in and tell me that I'm in a nightmare. Tell me about this new dimension of sight and sound. If it were true, how could he go to Mass all the time with his mom? Shouldn't he burst into flames when holy water touched him? Feel a burning sensation or something when he took communion? For that matter, he'd been an altar boy for years.

But he'd never once experienced the slightest bit of discomfort from any of that. The worst thing that had ever happened to him in church was when the priest had fallen asleep during his last confession—which said it all about how boring his life had been prior to all of this.

Yeah, okay, and then there was the time when he'd tripped going down the center aisle and spilled incense all over the place. But that hadn't been a result of his birthright, unless you counted clumsiness and the fact his thrift store shoes had been too big for his feet.

Ambrose shifted his weight to one leg as his dark scowl intensified. We're evil. We were bred to be soldiers for the darkest of powers. Look, the neighbor's dog is in your trash again. Dude, you're wearing one ugly shirt. Ambrose snorted.

Part of me wants to tell you to just embrace your birthright and go with it. To let the evil have its way and carry you to the Nether Realm for your enemies to use as they see fit. God knows, fighting it never gave me any peace or comfort.

Not once. Just a giant sized ulcer. You want the honest truth? Caring about others has made my entire life suck from beginning to end. When you don't care about anyone or anything, nothing can hurt you. When you do Ambrose sighed. Contrary to what you think, we're all mice lost in a maze. No one really knows what they're doing. You go left for whatever reason, but you don't know if it's the right direction or not until you're either electrocuted or you get the cheese.

By the time you find out which it is, it's too late to turn back. You're either dead or you're fed. There's no third option. Ambrose laughed bitterly. Some days, anyway. I'll tell you the truth. All of it. For better or worse. Let's put the cards on the table and see how we screw things up this time, shall we? Nick wasn't sure if that was a good thing or not.

But either way, he wanted to know exactly what was going on and what he was up against. Ambrose faced him. You, Nick, are the only hope I have of getting it right. I've tried three times before this and each one was worse on the outcome than the last. When I started tampering with our lives, I had more humanity in me. I've all but lost it now. My last attempt burned out something inside me, and I'll be honest, it scares me.

And I don't scare. Not after everything I've been through. But the degree to which I don't care anymore—about anything—is a frightful thing. At times, I want it all to end. Because when it does, my pain will stop and I'll have some degree of peace. It'll seriously suck for everyone else. But like I said, I'm to the point where I really don't care anymore.

I'm holding on to my humanity by the thinnest thread imaginable, and any day now, I expect it to break. God help us all when it does.

While he was jaded and suspicious by nature, there was still a part of him that honestly believed people were good and decent. Most of them, anyway. He glared at Ambrose as he absorbed those words.

Four if you count my original childhood. Did that mean. Ambrose let out a bitter laugh. Not much. Little things. I did.

Then he turned back to Nick. It was a total disaster.

Because of our father, she thought it was a mental defect—schizophrenia to be precise. That first Nick ended up medicated in an asylum with no one to protect him from our enemies.

Worse, without us living at home, Mom never stopped working at her club and she was shot dead during a robbery. Ambrose nodded. I now understand why Savitar sits on his island, away from everything. Who could blame her for that? Hey, hon, guess what? Your son that you nurtured in your body for nine months and then sacrificed your life and dignity to raise is destined to end the world.

There were times when he felt like his mother was looking for a reason to have him committed or institutionalized. Like she feared him becoming his father so much that she was itching for some sign to confirm that he was every bit as violent and awful, and lock him up for it before it was too late and he hurt someone. Whatever you do, avoid creatures named Azura and Noir. Only slavery waits for you there.

And it would give even Quentin Tarantino nightmares. Ambrose gave him an arch stare. There are some memories no one needs to have.

There were plenty more questions he had. And he dreaded the next one, but he had to know. You met Simi at fourteen.

In my original past, I met her just before I became a Dark-Hunter. Thoughts whirled through his mind. Dark-Hunters were immortal warriors who protected mankind from the preternatural evil that preyed on them. While each DH came from a vastly different culture and time, the one thing that united them all was that something horrific had happened to them. Something so bad that they sold their souls to the goddess Artemis for an Act of Vengeance against the one who hurt them. Ambrose hesitated.

It played out for you basically the same way it played out for me and the others. For some reason that is lynchpin event and it never alters. Nick let that rattle around in his head. What would be worse than being shot by a friend? Possible, he supposed. Talon became a Dark-Hunter after his wife died and his sister was killed. Not wanting to think about that right now, he returned to quizzing Ambrose. But the change that concerns us most is that my father died when I was ten. Damned if I know why.

He should be dead by now. The one who reaches ten and lives.

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No wonder he hated him so. Ambrose sarcastically touched his nose to let Nick know that he was correct. One of the beautiful things about us. Until we use our powers, we are invisible to almost all other gods and preternatural creatures.

If they try to see our future, they see one that looks human. Kids, grandkids, the whole package. They have no way of knowing who and what we are until we evolve and flex our powers. But the one thing that has always held true—there can only be one Malachai demon with full powers at a time. Both sides were required to put their soldiers down. One Malachai.

One Sephiroth. They exist in balance and so long as the truce holds, there can be no more than the one. Whatever the cause, something is out of synch here, and no one knows what it is. No one, except you, can kill Adarian, so no one will try for him.

There are many things a lot worse, and those things are after you right now. No one is, except you. Our mutual survival, and saving the people we both love more than ourselves. Nick was aghast at his simple answer. He needed a teammate, not a water boy.

If I use my powers here to fight, that will be three Malachais using power in a single location. Even you know what that means. Most of all, it meant he had a giant target on his back.

Ambrose grabbed him by the front of his shirt and yanked him up from the stoop. You understand? I hate you with a passion that burns brighter than the hottest star in the universe. But the one thing I know is if we die, something a lot worse than us will take our place and the tiny handful of people I still love will suffer unimaginable agony.

That I cannot allow to happen. Even if it means stomaching you for a little longer. We, who were born to end the world, are the only hope there is for saving it. Ambrose shoved him back. I can guide you and advise you. Ambrose laughed. But this particular one that allows me to come back to the past and talk to you, I borrowed.

And I had to bargain hard for it. The demon gave me three chances to set the past right. When I failed and he came for me, I killed him and took his blood. Whatever you do will be my final memory and the rest will be gone forever. Ambrose cursed. Now that was just rude and it thoroughly riled him. Talk about a letdown. You know, I had plans. I was going to be a lawyer. Do some good in the world. His expression turned even colder.

Deep inside you knew who and what they were. What you were in for when you threw in with them.

What to expect. Ambrose narrowed his gaze on him. The kind that tackles you to the ground and kicks your teeth in, and forever ruins your life. A bad feeling went through Nick as everything came together in his mind. As another realization groin kicked him. Probably not even as old as his friend Mark, and definitely not as old as his mother, who was only twenty-eight.

There was only one thing he could think of that would make him do something so drastic in that amount of time.

The wind blew his long coat out from his legs and swept his hair back from his face. A double bow and arrow—the mark of a Dark-Hunter—appeared on his cheek and his fangs flashed in the fading daylight. How was he able to hide his Dark-Hunter traits? For all of us. If banging your head against a brick wall burned a hundred and fifty calories an hour as they said it did, then Nick should be emaciated.

Since when was fifteen too young to date? Heck, for that matter, Kyrian was more open-minded and he really was from the Stone Age, or Iron Age, or one of those boring ages that they tried to force feed him in school.

Nick had to stop himself from rolling his eyes—that was like throwing gas on a roaring fire while wearing kerosene soaked clothing when his mom was in this mood. He sighed irritably. You see what kind of trouble you could get into?

Are you ready to be a father at fifteen? Which, for your information, is the amount of times a day a child demands food. Better not mention that.

So he went in to attack her first argument. Pulling her blond hair back into a ponytail, she glared at him. How dare you make a joke about this. I am not amused.

And that was with no help whatsoever.

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She put her hands on her hips and glared furiously. Nick growled low in his throat. He gave her a sullen pout. She smiled proudly before she turned around to get her shoes from her bedroom. Nick gave her his most charming grin. Everyone else in my class is dating. Even Madaug. She jerked her shoes on. But if you do that again, you will be. Nick snorted. Just what I want to do. Wet my pants in front of my classmates and scream like a girl.

In the end, she lost the fight and laughed. Until his mother stepped back, laughing. Grim, you scared at least ten years off my life. Grim shut the door behind her.

To Nick, he looked like any other young man in his late teens, early twenties, with tousled dark blond hair and gray eyes, dressed in a black hoodie that had a skull and crossbones on the back. Laughing, Grim turned to face Nick. I just love that about her. But not your mom. She honestly believes me to be human. She lacked any kind of ability to sense the preternatural. Death curled his lip. People who cheat Death piss me off. I hate that whole thing Artemis does with bringing the dead back.

That day should prove interesting, given their relationship. Grim scoffed. Knowing better than to answer that sarcastic jab- only a fool lipped off to Death, Nick scratched at the back of his neck. I keep waiting for something to get ahold of you and not let go, but no such luck. Yeah, it ranked up there with root canals and losing limbs. As for the rest, it came and went with no rhyme or reason. But he was always up for learning something new.

Awesome power there, Grim. Just what I always wanted to do. Not everyone gets to rankle Death and live. I relish my role in your world. Grim mumbled something under his breath that sounded vaguely like a threat. Oh, now that sounded like a power he could really use. Finally, a power worth having. You know. Creatures like you. I want to influence others. Grim turned around slowly. Like all the others, it can sometimes come with a devastating side effect.

Alter their fate. Oh goodie. Just what he wanted. It was like giving nuts to a squirrel who had no teeth. Nick let out a heavy sigh.

The problem is every human is different and they react to stimuli in ways unique to them. Before you use them, you have to take time to know your target. Others as the ultimate insult.

Back in the day, rednecks were union coal men from Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and eastern Kentucky- a far cry from the Deep South where most people mistakenly believe all rednecks live. They were from all races and creeds, and proudly wore a red bandana around their neck as a way of identifying themselves to others, and as a mark of solidarity of the working man standing up against the big corporations who exploited them.

Chronicles of Nick

In short, they were folk heroes and admired. Nick widened his eyes. When Grim and Kyrian talked about history, it was interesting. When his teacher did it, it put him to sleep. Grim nodded. Happens a lot with language. The point is, Slim, people have triggers. Words or images that cause a surge of negative emotion to run rampant through them. Whenever you attempt silkspeech, you have to understand how it might adversely affect your target. Or vice versa.

His eyes flashed red, then black. Oh, now that was cool. Grim let out a long breath in frustration before he glanced up at the ceiling. Okay, Death had a point. But what was wrong with that? Nick felt like he had a noose around his neck. Physically and mentally, he was grown, and yet everyone still treated him like a kid.

A fact that was really beginning to annoy him. At his age, his mother had been out on her own with a baby. Kyrian had been a veteran Greek soldier, fighting against Roman occupation. And who knew what all Grim had been in to at his age. Helping pay bills. Doing chores. Watching out for her. Helping Menyara with her car. If you want respect from others, you have to give it. Sobering, he gave a curt nod to Grim. You have my undivided attention.

It mystifies me that something as worthless as you could have any power whatsoever. Blood rushed through his veins so fast that his entire body heated up to the level of molten lava. You about to find out just what I can do. Grim laughed. Even someone with a will as strong as yours can be influenced. Not with your mind, rather with your mouth or actions. That is one power no one is immune to. But I used your triggers to get the response I wanted. The best influence is always the one that goes undetected.

The one that your target thinks was their idea. Kyrian, Menyara and his mom were right. He was way too hotheaded for his own good. Oh happy day for me, eh? Pain exploded down his arm, making him want to pummel the beast with his two-hundred-pound backpack until Stone begged him for mercy. It was Brynna Addams—one of the first friends Nick had made at St. Nick glanced around to make sure no one else had seen him do that. Dead giveaway, man. Sit down before the wings pop out, and we both end up in a real science lab, under the microscope.

After closing the door and dimming the classroom lights, Tendyk turned on the overhead projector that displayed his desktop for everyone in the class to see. Nick sucked his breath in sharply while the rest of the room erupted into chaos. Tendyk almost broke his computer as he fumbled to turn it off. Until Stone laughed again. Who knew that was hidden underneath all those high buttoned shirts and sweaters?

Pandemonium returned as everyone had a foul or gross comment to make. Everyone except Nick and Caleb. Nick was too horrified by how Brynna would react once she found out about it.

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Instead, she loves him more than her own life. Nick's future, therefore, may not follow the usual evil path of previous Malachai, depending on how he lives his life. As the series opens, Nick's Cajun mother works as an exotic dancer, and his father is in prison. The premise of this series is that Nick has the option of making different choices, which may or may not affect his destiny and the future of the world.

Particularly interesting in Nick's case is his relationship with Acheron. Can Nick change his future? Will Acheron make a different decision about Cherise—if and when that occasion arises?

Tune in to the next books in this series for some of the answers. The jocks constantly pick on him for his thrift-store clothing, and he's always getting into fights that start when someone insults his beloved mother. Nick has some friends on the street who are into some shady deals, and one night he goes along with them on a whim.

When they attack an elderly tourist couple, Nick stops them and his friends turn on him. Kyrian sweeps in to rescue Nick, and from that point on, Nick's involvement with the supernatural world is nonstop. In the meantime, a zombie plague has hit New Orleans, and it's centered at Nick's school. The plot follows Nick as he helps his friends catch the zombies while trying to be a good son and make his mother proud of him.

As the story plays out, Nick is approached by several different supernatural creatures, all wanting Nick to choose their side in the battle between good and evil. Some of these creatures are good, but some are totally evil. By the end of the story, Nick is in the supernatural world up to his neck, and he makes a decision as to which side he wants to fight for. Now, he just has to keep his dark side under control. Nick's school has a new principal, who is just as intolerant of Nick as the last one, and a new coach, who seems O.

Coach Devus forces Nick to choose between stealing personal possessions from his schoolmates or being framed for the thefts and going to jail, or worse.

As Nick tries to strategize a way out of his dilemma, he learns new truths about himself; his demon bodyguard, Caleb; and his girlfriend, Nekoda Kody.

He also discovers that he has some magical talents that are in the early stages of development, and he gets some supernatural tutoring from a creature named Grim. Nick's "Uncle Ambrose" appears in a few scenes to drop some clues as to why he is interfering with Nick's life.

By the end of the book, it is clear that both good and evil forces are vying for Nick, and we're not sure at this point who will win. An abomination that should never have been created, and yet, here you are.

Like an unprotected infant who has no understanding of the world that created it. No understanding of the power and destruction you're capable of. There are those born to succeed and those who are determined to succeed. The former fall into it, and the latter pursue it at all costs. They won't be denied. Nothing daunts them. The question is, which side will Nick choose, and what events will drive him toward his final choice s? Ambrose explains that he and Nick are really the same person—with Nick being a version of Ambrose's younger self, before Ambrose made all the wrong decisions that ruined his life.

He explains that both Nick and his father, Adarian, are Malachai demons—the sum total of all evil—and that by law and tradition, only one Malachai demon is allowed to exist at any one time, as a balance to the single Sepherii good demon.

Ambrose warns Nick that the bad guys of the demonic world will try to take him down, because any demon that kills Nick can absorb his powers. As the first chapter begins, someone hacks into the school's computer system and posts obscene pictures of one of Nick's friends.

The perpetrator has also set up a website full of lies and misleading information about other schoolmates.

The plot follows Nick and his friends as they attempt to track down the villain. In the meantime, Nick has a meltdown with his mother about the fact that she doesn't trust him and always sees the worst in him. As the story advances, Nick finds that his dark side is getting harder and harder to control.

At one point, Nick is forced to make a deal with a supernatural creature in order to save Kody's life, and you'll be quite surprised by the identity of the rescuer. Nick has a tough time in this book.In the meantime, Nick keeps having strange and shivery feelings and hearing voices in his head that forecast his death.

Not much. Well at least he knew what was causing that symptom. site Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. For me, the strongest element of this book is the fleshing out of Kody and Caleb's back stories, providing information that explains how past events continue to affect the decisions they make and the emotions they feel today. You can remove the unavailable item s now or we'll automatically remove it at Checkout.